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19 mile-long stream of Ramallah sewage from Palestinian Authority reaches Modiin Illit


After seeking the source of swarming mosquitoes, a 19-mile long stream of sewage-water from the Palestinian Authority town of Ramallah was discovered stretching all the way to the town of Modiin Illit in central Israel.

By Tal Polon


Residents of the town of Modiin Illit in central Israel have been suffering as of late from incessant attack by mosquitoes that have been swarming the area.

In recent days, a tour of the areas surrounding the town by members of the Association of Cities for the Quality of the Environment – Samaria has led to a discovery of the source of the problem – a 19-mile long pool of sewage water stretching from the Arab town of Ramallah all the way to the town. Continue Reading »

Gaza sewage poisoning its own coastline, now threatens Israel’s


Palestinian political infighting is keeping Gaza’s electricity off which fails to run their water treatment plants, so Hamas is dumping the enclave’s sewage into the sea, now threatening the Israeli coastline.

By The Associated Press


Each day, millions of gallons of raw sewage pour into the Gaza Strip’s Mediterranean beachfront, spewing out of a metal pipe and turning miles of once-scenic coastline into a stagnant dead zone.

The sewage has damaged Gaza’s limited fresh water supplies, decimated fishing zones, and after years of neglect, is now floating northward and affecting Israel as well, where a nearby desalination plant was forced to shut down, apparently due to pollution. Continue Reading »

Hamas’ neglect of Gaza sewage is ticking timebomb for Gazans, Egypt & Israel


With large-scale diversion of financial aid to Hamas leaders’ personal accounts or terror tunnels, the lack of sewage treatment could contaminate Gaza’s drinking water or cause a regional cholera or typhoid outbreak, then direct fault at Israel.



Gaza could be a ticking time bomb of disease for the region if a serious sewage issue is not fixed, an Israeli environmental group warned on Thursday.

Gidon Bromberg, founder and Israel director of EcoPeace, told The Jerusalem Post that although there is a sewage treatment plant in the Gaza Strip, it does not have enough electricity to run. Continue Reading »

Gaza facing sewage and water crisis if hostilities continue

UN aid NGOs cite health and safety concerns as lack of water treatment leading to sewage on the beach & 90% undrinkable water. Agencies see serious immediate concerns should situation not stabilize.

By Reuters


GENEVA – Hundreds of thousands of Gazans are without water after Israeli air strikes have wrecked the water and sewage system and threatened the entire strip with a water crisis within days, aid agencies warned on Tuesday.

Aid agencies say that IAF bombardments of the Gaza Strip are responsible for an imending water and sanitary crisis in the Strip. (Photo: EPA)

Aid agencies say that IAF bombardments of the Gaza Strip are responsible for an imending water and sanitary crisis in the Strip. – Photo: EPA

The eight-day assault has caused massive damage to infrastructure and destroyed at least 560 homes, the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) said. Continue Reading »

Hamas turning Gaza into cesspool of sewage and garbage

Closed Sinai smuggling tunnels force Hamas to buy imported fuel from Israel, so Hamas shuts-down water treatment facility to cut costs.



GAZA – This summer, access to the cooling waters of the Mediterranean is gradually being closed off to Gaza’s 1.8 million residents, due to pollution stemming from fuel shortages that have halted work at sewage treatment facilities.

gaza beach

Palestinian children swim where sign warns against swimming on a beach in Gaza – Photo: REUTERS

Baha al-Agha of the Gaza Environment Quality Authority said about 100,000 cubic metres of untreated waste water are being pumped into the Gaza shore daily. Continue Reading »