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US & Israel begins 10th joint ‘Juniper Cobra’ military exercise

Juniper Cobra is a 5-day joint military exercise conducted every other year between Israel and the United States to strengthen US Armed  Forces-IDF military cooperation against regional threats, promoting long-term security.



The 10th annual Juniper Cobra exercise between the IDF and the United States Europe Command (EUCOM) began on Tuesday, with hundreds of US troops landing in Israel to take part.

The drill will take place between March 3rd and March 13th, will be the largest IDF and USEUCOM joint exercise taking place this year with over 2,500 US troops participating in several different locations- in Israel, Europe and the United States. Continue Reading »

US deploys advanced THAAD missile defense system in Israel

Coming after Iran’s foreign minister said Tehran could not rule out a possible  military conflict with Israel, the U.S. Army said its decision to rapidly deploy its most advanced air and missile defense system to the Jewish state is “a demonstration of the United States’ continued commitment to Israel’s regional security.”

By Reuters


The US Army has deployed its most advanced air and missile defense system to Israel for the first time, US and Israeli military officials said on Monday.

As part of a joint drill involving more than 200 Israeli and American troops, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system was deployed at the Nevatim Airbase, and will soon be transported to an undisclosed location in southern Israel. Continue Reading »