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Turkish tourists arrested at Temple Mount after skirmish with Israel Police

REPORT: Three tourists with dual Belgian-Turkish citizenships were arrested ascending the Temple Mount in Jerusalem after violent response when they were refused entry as long as they wore T-shirts with Turkish flag on them.

By Ynet


Three Turkish tourists were arrested on the slopes of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Turkish media outlets extensively reported Saturday. The tourists were arrested Friday for assaulting police officers, it was reported, and were still detained and interrogated.

Turkish paper Daily Sabah reported eye witness accounts purporting the Israel Police prevented a delegation of Turkish tourists—some of them children—to enter the Temple Mount complex. Continue Reading »

Israeli back-packers detained for possession of forgotten bullets: This time in India & Egypt


Young Israelis recently discharged from the IDF are notoriously known for traveling with an unintentionally forgotten bullet in their back-packs. This weekend a recently-discharged soldier at the Taba Crossing to Egypt, and a young woman in New Delhi were both detained for having a rifle bullet in their luggage.

By Itamar Eichner


Over the weekend, two Israelis were arrested abroad—one in India and one at the Taba Crossing into Egypt—for having rifle bullets in their bags.

“R.” was flying to India via Moscow and was detained at the New Delhi airport on her way to Dharamshala. She was going though the security check before her connecting flight when a bullet was found that she had apparently forgotten about from her IDF service. Continue Reading »

After decades of boycott, Egyptian Copts now flock to Israel in the thousands


The visit by Egypt’s Coptic Pope Tawadros II, who went to Jerusalem for the funeral of the Holy Land’s Coptic Archbishop Abraham, was taken as a sign that the late Coptic Pope Shenouda III’s travel-ban was rescinded.

By i24news


Thousands of Egyptian Copts flocked to Jerusalem this year in celebration of Palm Sunday.

The current Copts Pope, Theodoros II – Photo EPA

According to Egyptian media, at least 5,700 Coptic Orthodox Christians have travelled to Jerusalem so far this year, an increase of more than a thousand compared to the Coptic pilgrims who undertook a pilgrimage to the Holy Places of Jerusalem in 2015. Continue Reading »

German returns ancient Roman coin he took from Israel as tourist 25 years ago


German tourist writes to Israel Museum of the Bronze coin bearing an image of Roman Emperor Commodus and the word “Ashkelon” in Greek script: ‘I had to return the unique coin to its owner, the State of Israel.’

By Yori Yalon


A German doctor has decided to return a rare ancient coin he discovered on a visit to Jerusalem 25 years ago.

The bronze coin might have been minted for a special occasion, says Dr. Haim Gitler of the Israel Museum – Photo: Peter Lenny/Israel Museum

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