Watch MAGAV Officer Kills Jerusalem Terrorist: ‘Any Officer Would Act in Exact Same Way’


The unidentified Border Guard police (MAGAV) officer recounts the moment the terrorist “noticed us,” and “ran towards us,” as he describes reacting to the berserk terrorist.


After a Hamas-affiliated terrorist from east Jerusalem killed a Border Police officer and wounded 14 others in a vehicular terror attack on Wednesday, the man who took him down speaks out.

terror attack

Border Police officer who shot and killed terrorist in Jerusalem attack, November 5. Photo by ISRAEL POLICE

The Border Police officer who fired at least 10 shots at the terrorist, described the scene as it unfolded: “We noticed a car ram into a number of police officers and civilians near the light rail.”

Understanding “this was a terror attack” he said they started chasing after the perpetrator, as he continued to ram into vehicles and innocent people.”

The team “managed to stop him at an intersection,” whereupon the Shuafat resident, Ibrahim al-Acari, “opened the door of his car” and, equipped with an iron rod and will to kill, he started “bashing cars and bystanders.”

The officer recounted the moment the terrorist “noticed us,” and “ran towards us,” an episode which culminated in the shooting and killing  of al-Acari, when Border Police opened fire to neutralize him.

“There is no doubt in my mind that any officer would act in the exact same way,” the officer said, adding that it was “how we educate and train our officers.”

“We lost an officer and friend,” he said, referring to Border Police officer Jidan Assad, 38, from the Druze village of Beit Jaan, who was killed in the attack. He leaves behind his pregnant wife and young son along with his parents and four siblings.


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