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Norway: Boycotting Israel is legal

Although Norway’s deputy foreign minister signed a document asserting boycotting Israel as inappropriate, the country’s Foreign Affairs Ministry proclaimed boycotting goods coming from Israeli settlements was legal.

By Itamar Eichner


Norway’s Foreign Affairs Ministry determined that boycotting products and services coming from Israeli settlements is legal and does not contradict Norway’s international trade commitments.

Nevertheless, the assertion was said to be inappropriate, according to an internal document signed by Norway’s deputy foreign affairs minister published during the weekend.

“The government does not consider boycotting Israel’s product to be helpful in solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” the document said.

The document was sent as response to Tromsø district’s governor’s request to be updated about the juridical examination launched by Norway’s Foreign Affairs Ministry in 2016. Continue Reading »

US District Court allows professors to sue American Studies Association for Israel boycott


#BDSfail: United States District Court for the District of Columbia has allowed four college professors to sue the ASA over its academic boycott policies of Israel.

By Ben Ariel


A U.S. federal court has ruled that four college professors can sue the American Studies Association (ASA) over its academic boycott of Israel, JTA reported on Tuesday.

The ruling was handed down on Friday by the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, according to the report.

The ASA asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit, but the court rejected ASA’s argument that going forward with the lawsuit infringes on its First Amendment rights. Continue Reading »

Ex-Cambridge researcher who boycotted Israeli schoolgirl under police investigation


Former Cambridge professor who boycotted Israeli 13 yr-old schoolgirl, saying won’t help because ‘Jews have become Nazis’, is now being investigated for possible hate-crime.



The British-American Jewish academic who told a 13-year-old Israeli girl that she would not answer her questions for a school project until there is peace in Palestine is under police investigation.

Building at Cambridge University in England. – Photo: REUTERS

The Cambridgeshire Constabulary confirmed on Friday to the London-based Jewish Chronicle that it was investigating a complaint about a comment by archaeozoologist Marsha Levine, a former academic at the University of Cambridge, who told the Jewish Chronicle in response to an interview about the girl’s request that “the Jews have become the Nazis.” Continue Reading »

Former Cambridge researcher boycotts Israeli schoolgirl claiming ‘Jews have become Nazis’


Ex-Cambridge academic refuses to answer 13 yr-old Israeli girl’s question about horses for a school project, instead lectures her about ‘Palestine’.

By The Elder of Ziyon


Dr. Marsha Levine is an expert on the history of the domestication of horses who is (still claims to be) a researcher at Cambridge University – although apparently she no longer is.

Shamir Rabinovitch – Facebook

A young Israeli girl named Shachar Rabinovitch wrote to her for help on a school research project:



My name is Shachar Rabinovitch and I'm from Israel.

I'm doing an assessment for school about horses, and it will be great if you can
answer a few questions that I will ask.
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French High Court Ruling: BDS calls for anti-Israel boycott are illegal


#BDSfail: France’s highest appeals court upholds conviction of a dozen anti-Israel activists who had been found guilty of “inciting hate or discrimination” by promoting the boycott of Israel and of Israeli products.
• Meanwhile in the UK, 340 British academics advocate the academic boycott of Israel.

Israel Hayom


France’s highest appeals court affirmed last week that boycott, divestment, and sanctions calls against Israel are a form of illegal hate speech.

A pro-Palestinian supporter during a BDS rally in Paris [Archive] – Photo: Reuters

The Paris-based Court of Cassation’s ruling came in a case in which it denied an appeal filed by a dozen anti-Israel activists who had been convicted of “inciting hate or discrimination” by promoting the boycott of Israel and of Israeli products. Continue Reading »

The Guardian to publish BDS ad signed by 343 UK professors

Despite that academic boycotts do nothing to advance peace or improve the lives of Palestinians, and numerous  institutions are already reversing this anti-Israel trend, these UK professors prefer the publicity than seeking solutions through dialogue.

By Tova Dvorin

343 university professors from the United Kingdom signed a letter supporting an Israel boycott, and the letter is due to appear as a full-page advertisement in the British Guardian Tuesday.

BDS (illustrative) – Reuters

Simon Johnson, the Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, blasted the professors as being out of touch with academia – and supporting a crackdown on academic freedom.
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Jews Are Once Again Excluded from European Universities

More & more pervasive is the insidious European academic boycott of those hailing from the Jewish State.

By Giulio Meotti


The case of Orange, the French mobile phone company that is considering abandoning the Israeli market, was on the front pages of all major newspapers. But there is a silent boycott of the Jewish State which is more insidious, latent and even more dangerous because it undermines Israel’s cultural superiority and cuts Israel’s link with the rest of the world.

Andrew WilkieIn 2002, the year of the beginning of the academic campaign against Israel, Paul Zinger, the head of the Scientific Association of Israel, revealed that more than seven thousand scientific research projects are sent from Israel abroad every year. Continue Reading »

1,200 academics charge BDS ‘violates the very principle of academic freedom’

1,200 academics challenge boycott of Israel by signing petition that charges BDS being unfairly prejudice and for stifling academic freedoms.

By i24news

After upward of 350 anthropologists from around the world have endorsed a boycott of Israel and its academic institutions, some 1,200 academics signed a pro-Israeli petition calling to oppose such measures.

Boycott Israel, BDS ( Twitter )

Boycott Israel, BDS – Twitter

“We, the undersigned academics, (faculty, full time and part time, academic staff including librarians, researchers, post doctorates, technicians and technologists, administrators, and trustees) vigorously support free speech and free debate but we oppose faculty or student boycotts of Israel’s academic institutions, scholars and students,” reads the petition, posted on the website of the Faculty for Academic Freedom. Continue Reading »

West Bank academics ditch London event rather than acquiesce & hide their identity

Ariel University describes London meeting, in which lecturers were asked not to reveal their affiliation with ‘West Bank’ school, as absurd & hypocritical.


Lecturers from Ariel University refused to attend a London conference after organizers asked them to hide their affiliation with the West Bank institution, according to Israeli media reports.

Ariel U.

Ariel University. – Photo: Moti Milrod

The university issued an official statement on Thursday, after the Times Higher Education Magazine reported on the incident earlier last week.

The event, which took place in September, “is an extreme manifestation of hypocrisy and absurdity,” the statement read. “While the conference organizers are interested in research and researchers of Ariel University, they are trying to ignore the existence of the institution where these studies have emerged.

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Israelis thank US colleagues for fighting academic boycott


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N.Y. Senate: New law penalizes universities that boycott Israel

The new law doesn’t specifically mention Israel, but the bill’s sponsor Senator Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester), noted that academic boycotts of Israel were what inspired him to introduce the legislation.




The New York State Senate approved a bill that would suspend funding to educational institutions that fund groups which boycott Israel.

Bill de Blasio and Sheldon Silver.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, left, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. – Photo: AP

The legislation, approved Tuesday in a 56-4 vote, bans state funding to colleges that fund organizations boycotting “countries that host higher education institutions chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.” Continue Reading »

N.Y. State bill ends funding to schools that boycott academic institutions

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, “Colleges should not use (State) funds to support boycotts, resolutions or any similar actions that are discriminatory & limit academic opportunities.”



WASHINGTON — A bill introduced in the New York State Assembly would suspend funding to educational institutions which fund groups that boycott Israel.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver

The legislation, introduced earlier this month by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and first reported by Mondoweiss, an anti-Zionist news site, would ban state funding to colleges which fund groups that boycott “in countries that host higher education institutions chartered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York.”

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Congress members condemn ASA for unproductive path of boycott

Along with the U.S. Congress, close to 200 U.S. universities and the larger academic groups have criticized the boycott.


WASHINGTON  — A bipartisan slate of 134 U.S. Congress members wrote a letter to the American Studies Association protesting its decision last month to boycott Israeli universities.

 Reps. Pete Roskam (R-Ill.) left & right  Ted Deutch (D-Fla.) - Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Pete Roskam (R-Ill.) left & right Ted Deutch (D-Fla.)  Photo: Wikimedia Commons

“Academic cooperation can be an important tool to help foster peace between Israelis and Palestinians, but you have chosen the unproductive path of isolation,” said the letter dated Friday, initiated by Reps. Pete Roskam (R-Ill.), the chief deputy whip of the U.S.

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American group won’t consider academic boycott of Israel, but the idea raises hackles

Though the MSA won’t consider a boycott of Israeli universities, it will consider a resolution calling on the U.S. State Dept. to oppose the entry of American academics seeking to interact with West Bank & Gaza universities.



WASHINGTON (JTA) — Until recently, the rule of thumb in the pro-Israel community was that the bigger the academic group, the less likely it was to consider a boycott of Israeli colleagues.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor Cary Nelson says if the Modern Language Association adopts a measure on academic freedom in Israel, it could pave the way to a wider boycott of Israeli academia.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor Cary Nelson says if the Modern Language Association adopts a measure on academic freedom in Israel, it could pave the way to a wider boycott of Israeli academia.

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55 U.S. Universities Condemn American Studies Association Boycott of Israel


Along with the 55 condemnations, 4 universities withdrew their membership in the wake of the vote: Brandeis University, Kenyon College, Indiana University & Penn State Harrisburg.


At least 55 American universities and colleges have rejected the American Studies Association membership vote in favor of an academic boycott of Israel.

Boycott Israel illustration.

Boycott Israel sign (illustration) – Photo: Dreamstime

The number was tracked by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.


Afghan protesters set fire to representations of U.S. and Israel flags as they shout slogans during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Jalalabad November 26, 2012.

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