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Israel’s 2017 budget to cover new light rail train between Haifa – Nazareth


Government approves 12 billion NIS ($3.15b) for infrastructure facelift, added health care, improved education and boost in small and medium businesses for northern Israel.

By Chana Roberts


As part of the 2017-2018 budget, the Israeli government is set to spend 12 billion NIS to give northern Israel a facelift.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon (Kulanu) have proposed a plan outlining changes for the north, including upgrading schools, and building a light rail train between Haifa and Nazareth.

 Nazareth at night - Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Nazareth at night – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Jewish National Fund will also help to fund the projects, investing 3 billion NIS. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu acknowledges Israel is active in Syria


Prime Minister Netanyahu said the IDF is working to keep Iran from opening yet another front against Israel, in the Golan Heights.
• Opposition leader Herzog accuses Natanyahu of diverting funds meant for the Negev & Galilee to West Bank settlements.

By Attila Somfalvi


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted on Tuesday that Israel operates in Syria. “We’re operating in Syria from time to time in order to stop the country from becoming a front against Israel,” he said at the Galilee Conference in Acre.

Netanyahu at the Galilee Conference – Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

“We’re operating against another terror front that Iran is trying to build in the Golan, and in order to thwart the transfer of particularly deadly weapons from Syria to Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Israel’s 2nd international airport to be built in Galilee


The new airport, to be located at Ramat David, was chosen because it had an infrastructure already in place to support a large new airport.

By Ilan Gattegno


The government recently approved plans to construct a new international airport in northern Israel, ending a 15-year-long search for a complementary airport to Ben-Gurion International Airport, which is already nearing operational capacity.

The Ramat David air base may become Israel’s second international airport in 2019 [archive] – Photo: Ancho Josh / JINI

The new airport will be located in Ramat David in the Galilee and will be the second largest airport in the country.

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130,000 Israelis travel northwards for Rosh Hashanah holiday

Hundreds of extra police were called to cover key traffic areas while some 38,000 vehicles jam Israel’s motorways north with even more expected into the evening.

By Ynet



Israel’s roads and highways withstood heavy traffic Wednesday afternoon, as families travelled great distances to meet their relatives for celebrations to welcome the Jewish year 5775.

Headed north for the holiday. (Photo: Ido Erez)

Headed north for the holiday. – Photo: Ido Erez

According to authorities, some 130,000 travelers took to the open road from central Israel to the north in 38,000 vehicles, headed for Rosh Hashanah celebrations of honey and apples.

Police said that on most holidays, some 50,000 vehicles head for the north between 7pm to midnight. Continue Reading »

Kinneret allergy afflicting water-sport enthusiasts at Sea of Galilee

Spray getting into vacationers’ eyes & lungs at Lake Kinneret is making them ill, then disappears after 2-3 days.



Vacationers and water-sport enthusiasts at Lake Kinneret have been complaining of rashes, sneezing, tearing eyes and breathing difficulties. The phenomenon even has its own name: Kinneret allergy.

People at Lake Kinneret on the first day of Sukkot.

People at Lake Kinneret last September, on the first day of Sukkot. . Watch out for the spray.- Photo: GIl Eliyahu

Most complaints have come from windsurfers and kitesurfers who get water sprayed in their eyes and lungs. The increase in cases in recent years has made scientists wonder if changes in the lake over the past two decades are responsible.

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Yeshiva Students in the Galilee attacked by Arab Rock-Throwers

Jews being pelted with stones by Arabs are apparently no longer restricted to just Judea & Samaria. Now Arabs in the Galilee are throwing stones at Jews.

By David Lev


Rock attacks by Arabs against Jews are no longer restricted to Judea and Samaria. Last Thursday, dozens of yeshiva students in the lower Galilee were attacked by stone-throwing Arabs as they attempted to visit the tomb of a Jewish sage near the village of Ilabun.

The students had gone to visit the tomb of Rabbi Matya Ben Harash, a Talmudic sage. According to Shaul Pu’a, a student at the yeshiva, some 50 students proceeded from a bus that had brought them to the site to the tomb itself. Continue Reading »

Earthquake shakes Galilee again


After a series of Galilee area earthquakes in October, tremors shake the region again. ‘We felt the ground moving,’ residents said, but is Israel prepared?

By Michal Margalit


A light earthquake was felt Monday afternoon in the Upper Galilee. Director of the Geophysical Institute of Israel, Dr. Uri Frieslander, reported that magnitude of the quake was 3.5 on the Richter scale.

3.5 on Richter scale — Photo: Reuters

The epicenter was documented in the area of Almagor, north of the Sea of Galilee.

Shortly after 3:00 pm, the quake was felt in the area of the Sea of Galilee and Upper Galilee. Continue Reading »

Kiryat Shmona in the Galilee to host auto racing track

Cars will race on the unused runways of Kiryat Shmona’s abandoned airfield with restriction from the Civil Aviation Authority that there will be no damage to the aviation infrastructure.



A court Tuesday paved the way for the opening of an auto racing track in Kiryat Shmona when it rejected a petition to delay a tender issued by the municipality.

Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing driver Takuma Sato of Japan, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

A scene from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, soon to grace Kiryat Shmona. – Photo: Reuters

The ruling culminated a legal saga that began last May, when the city’s economic corporation sought permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to hold car races on the runways of a local airfield that hadn’t been used in years. Continue Reading »

The PM’s Envisioning the Galilee’s future: Connecting the North to the South


PM Netanyahu says Kiryat Shmona is to be linked with Eilat by road & rail, and the Galilee will become a global center for life sciences.

President Shimon Peres calls to establish a university in the Galilee.

By Daniel Siryoti


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No new building for Jews in Galilee


The gov’t is starting new housing construction in the Arab town Sakhnin and selling new apartments in the Arab village of Umm el-Fahm, but there are almost no new housing construction in any of the Jewish communities.

But, in the farming community of Migdal, only 30 housing units for young couples have been allowed in the last few years.

By Emily Amrousi


Not long ago, a police car stood at Migdal Junction near the Sea of Galilee and lay in wait for serious tax defaulters. The offenders were identified by their license plates. A police truck towed away cars that had been confiscated.

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Minor earthquake felt in northern Israel

Earthquake measuring 3.7 on Richter Scale felt north of Metula as well as in Kiryat Shmona and Safed. No injuries or damage reported.

3.7 on Richer Scale Photo: Shutterstock

3.7 on Richer Scale - Photo: Shutterstock

A 3.7 magnitude earthquakewas felt in northern Israel on Wednesday morning. The Geological Survey of Israel told Ynet that the quake’s epicenter was in south Lebanon and that it was primarily felt north of Metula. Israelis reported feeling the quake in Kiryat Shmona, Shlomi and Safed as well. No injuries or damage were reported.

“I suddenly felt the earth shaking below me,” Bracha Cook from Kiryat Shmona told Ynet. “It wasn’t scary, just odd. Continue Reading »