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2nd time Turkish students detained at Auschwitz for Nazi salute


The two Turkish students could face 2 years each in prison for public promotion of Nazi symbols.




Two Turkish tourists were detained by guards at the Auschwitz museum for appearing to make a Nazi salute.

The entrance to the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz

The entrance to the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz. – Photo: Reuters

The tourists, a man and a woman, both 22, were taking pictures of each other in front of the gate to the former Nazi death camp under the iconic sign “Arbeit macht frei,” or “Work makes you free,” and allegedly raised their right hands in the gesture of a Nazi salute. Continue Reading »

UN Secretary-Genera Ban Ki-moon visits Auschwitz

UN chief pays tribute to Holocaust victims during his first visit to Polish memorial site of former Nazi death camp.

Ban vows to safeguard the testimonies of survivors.



UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the site of Nazi death camp Auschwitz on Monday to pay tribute to Holocaust victims.

UN chief Ban pays tribute to Holocaust victims at Auschwitz 17, Nov 2013

UN chief Ban Ki-moon pays tribute to Holocaust victims at Auschwitz – 17, Nov 2013 – REUTERS Screenshot

Ban Ki-moon visited Auschwitz, the first of two camps set up in neighboring towns Oswiecim and Brzezinka. He walked under the inscription “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work makes you free) above a gate which prisoners passed on their way to their barracks. Continue Reading »

US Holocaust museum agrees to return barracks to Poland

The barracks were borrowed by the Holocaust Museum in 1989. In 2003, Poland passed a law that historical artifacts cannot be loaned for more than 5 years.


WARSAW, Poland — The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington will return a section of wooden barracks which was given on long-term loan by the Auschwitz Museum 24 years ago.

Auschwitz Barracks - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Auschwitz Barracks – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The barracks, the centerpiece of the U.S. Holocaust Museum’s permanent collection, will be replaced by another set from Birkenau, which will be owned by the museum.

The exhibition containing the barracks, half of a wooden building in which Jewish prisoners slept while imprisoned in the death camp, will be closed for five months beginning on Tuesday to allow for the removal of the old barracks and the installation of the new ones.

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Russia to donate $1 million to Auschwitz conservation fund


24 countries have contributed thus far. Germany has contributed $80 million, followed by the U.S. with $15 million. Poland, where the camp is located, has promised about $13 million, according to Polskie Radio.


Russia will contribute up to $1 million to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation for the conservation and maintenance of the site of the former Nazi concentration camp.

Auschwitz beds for 6-8 people – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Russia’s pledge was reported Tuesday by the Polskie Radio website, which cited a statement issued by the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. Support for the project, the statement said, is “a common moral duty as it serves the mission of preserving the memory of the huge number of victims of the Nazi camp and of other crimes against humanity.”

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Auschwitz youth center to receive $1.3 million donation from Volkswagen

Volkswagen, which used concentration camp prisoners during the Holocaust, says work at site is an ‘important undertaking’ for staff & company.


Volkswagen said Tuesday it was donating $1.3 million to the Auschwitz International Youth Meeting Center.

Volkswagen Type 82E

Volkswagen Type 82E Photo by Wikipedia Commons

The automaker made the announcement at a meeting at the company’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn said in a statement that the money will be used for educational work and modernization of the facility.

He said Volkswagen has been involved with the center, an educational site located next to the Nazi death camp in Poland, for more than 20 years. Continue Reading »

14 Muslim Clerics from 10 counties including the PA, to visit Auschwitz

Islamic clerics will visit Nazi’s Auschwitz death camp as part of an anti-genocide, Holocaust awareness program.

By Arutz Sheva staff


Fourteen Muslim clerics from around the world will visit the former Nazi German Auschwitz death camp in southern Poland next week as part of a Holocaust awareness and anti-genocide program, organizers said Friday.


Auschwitz – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

“This is an opportunity for imams who are influential in their communities to look at the Holocaust first hand and to go to Auschwitz, to see what that kind of hatred led to,” Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich told AFP on Friday. Continue Reading »

Arab Youth Discuss Holocaust’s Impact After Visiting Poland

Scores of Israeli Arab youths in the National Service participated in a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony, then discussed the sad events and its relevance to Israeli Arabs.

By David Lev

Dozens of Arab youths in the National Service (Sherut Le’umi), who serve as counselors in the No’ar Oved Ve’lomed youth group (associated with the Labor Party), participated in a Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony on Sunday night. After the ceremony, the youths discussed the importance of the Holocaust to the Jewish people – and its relevance to Israeli Arabs.

Israeli youth at Auschwitz

Israeli youth at Auschwitz – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Many of the youths had recently returned from a trip to Poland, where they visited the concentration camps and learned first-hand about the Holocaust. Continue Reading »

IDF officers in Auschwitz: ‘Witnesses in uniform’



Members of Israel’s IDF delegation visit concentration camps, meet with German soldiers to discuss Judaism, politics, Islam in Europe. Major Rabinstein, ‘We had to salute while German anthem was playing; this was not easy’. 

By Aryeh Savir, Tazpit


Unique delegations of IDF officers, dubbed “Witnesses in Uniforms,” continue to fly to Europe. These delegations consist of some 180 IDF officers from various units, including reservists. The delegations visit the concentration and death camps, the ghettos and the old communities of the destroyed European Jewry.

‘Completely different experience.’ Auschwitz – Photo: Reuters

These trips are preceded by extensive studying and preparation that the delegation members undergo, including a tour of Yad Vashem. Continue Reading »

Synagogue near Auschwitz may Collapse

The head of the Jewish center in nearby Oswiecim reports that the only shul near the former Nazi death camp may give way if sloping ground beneath it isn’t reinforced.

Associated Press


An official says the only synagogue near the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz may crumble if the sloping ground it stands on is not reinforced soon.

Entrance to Auschwitz death camp Photo: AFP

Entrance to Auschwitz death camp – Photo: AFP

The Lomdei Mishnayot Synagogue is the only one still in existence in Oswiecim, the southern city where Nazi Germans ran the Auschwitz camp during World War II. It was rededicated in 2000 to try to rekindle the Jewish life that was vibrant in the city before the war. Continue Reading »

Holocaust survivors protest for 3rd year against Allianz golf tournament

The Germany-based insurance group had Nazi connections during World War II, insuring Nazi facilities such as death camps like Auschwitz, the survivors say.



NEW YORK  — Holocaust survivors for a third straight year protested outside a golf tournament in Florida sponsored by Allianz because of what they deem the insurance firm’s restitution failures.

David Schaecter, David Mermelstein & Joe SachsThe survivors gathered outside the Allianz Golf Championship in Boca Raton over the weekend demanding that Allianz pay some $2 billion that the survivors say is owed to Nazi victims in unpaid claims, the Sun Sentinel reported.

“Not only haven’t I seen any money, this is already 70 years,” said David Schaecter, 83, a Holocaust survivor from Miami who is the president of Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA. Continue Reading »

Pole seeks fate of Auschwitz suitcase owner

A Polish citizen decides to trace surviving relatives from a picture he took of suitcase left by Holocaust victims at Nazi death camp, solving Jewish siblings’ 70-year mystery

By Ynet


Harry Grenville and his sister Hannah didn’t know what had happened to their parents during World War II for nearly 70 years. That uncertainty came to an end last month following an initiative of a Polish citizen who visited the Auschwitz concentration camp museum.

According to a report in London’s Times newspaper, the Polish visitor photographed a vast pile of suitcases left by victims murdered in the Holocaust, each of which had a name and serial number painted in white letters on the front. Continue Reading »

Hungarian Holocaust Denier is First to be Ordered to Visit Auschwitz

Court orders 1st Hungarian convicted under new Holocaust denial law to visit Yad Vashem or Auschwitz.

By Elad Benari, Canada


The first Hungarian convicted under a new Holocaust denial law has been given a suspended 18-month jail sentence and has to visit Budapest’s memorial museum, Auschwitz or Yad Vashem, a court ruled Friday.

AFP reported that in addition to visiting Budapest’s Holocaust Memorial Center three times the man, Gyorgy Nagy, has to write down his thoughts. Alternatively he can go to the Auschwitz former death camp in Poland or the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem.

The sentence, which also bans the unemployed computer technician from attending political rallies or events, is the first conviction since a new law came into force in 2010. Continue Reading »

Hamas outraged at Palestinian official’s Auschwitz trip

Hamas official expresses the Islamic militant group’s official position: That Holocaust ‘is a big lie.’



Gaza’s ruling party, Hamas, has criticized a Palestinian official for visiting a memorial at the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz and paying respects to its 1.5 million victims there, most of them Jews.

Auschwitz death showers – Photo: Phillip Pasmanick


Hamas official Fawzi Barhoum, expressing the Islamic militant group’s position, claimed Wednesday that the Holocaust “is a big lie.” He said last week’s visit to the Auschwitz by Ziad al-Bandak, an adviser to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, went against Palestinian public opinion. Continue Reading »

Auschwitz to ban football items during Euro 2012

Museum says visitors to Nazi death camp during the EU Championship will not be allowed to enter with accessories likes scarves, trumpets, banners and flags

Death Showers -Photo: Phillip Pasmanick

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum says visitors, who will tour the Nazi death camp during the European Championship will not be allowed to enter with stadium accessories likes scarves, trumpets, banners and flags.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Photo: Shutterstock

Auschwitz-Birkenau - Photo: Shutterstock

Auschwitz is located in Poland that is co-hosting the tournament with Ukraine. The Euro 2012 runs from June 8 to July 1.

The state-run memorial museum has posted visiting guidelines for the duration of the tournament on its website Thursday. Continue Reading »

China’s prime minister visits Auschwitz

Wen Jiabao pays visit to death camp during official visit to Poland; says ‘the tragedy of Auschwitz is the tragedy of all humanity’


China’s prime minister paid homage on Friday to the victims of the Nazi Auschwitz death camp, saying lessons drawn from it should help build a safer world.

Laid yellow and red flowers .  Auschwitz death camp Photo: Shutterstock

Laid yellow and red flowers . Auschwitz death camp - Photo: Shutterstock

Wen Jiabao paid the visit to the Auschwitz memorial on Friday, following two days of political and business talks with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and President Bronislaw Komorowski in Warsaw

At the memorial in southern Poland, Wen walked through the former camp’s main gate and laid yellow and red flowers at the Death Wall where the Germans executed masses of people during World War II. Continue Reading »