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Germany to be protected by Israel’s most advanced Arrow 3 defense system

Germany gets approval from Jerusalem to obtain Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defense system, one of Israel’s most advanced defensive systems that has yet to be sold to another country.



Germany has received approval from Israel and the United States to purchase the Arrow-3 missile defense system, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

German legislators have in the past pushed for Berlin to buy Israel’s Iron Dome system to ward off aerial threats, but on Monday the head of the German Air Force Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhartz told the Post that the Arrow 3 is the most relevant system for the threats facing the European nation. Continue Reading »

Ukraine asks Israel to mediate with Putin to end the war

“You [Israel] are a unique country. You are the only democracy that has great relations with both, with the Russian leadership and the Ukrainian leadership.”



Ukraine wants Israel to use its tight ties with Moscow to help sway Russian President Vladimir Putin to halt the invasion of Ukraine which began on Thursday morning.

He had been in touch with ambassadors from the European Union and was scheduled to converse with the United States Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk in Tel Aviv – Photo/ TOVAH LAZAROFF, Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post.

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Syrian healthcare workers receive Israeli bought COVID vaccine

In order to secure the release of an Israeli woman who had been held by its longtime enemy, Syria, Israel agreed to purchase the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine for Syrian healthcare workers, in an exchange deal brokered in Moscow.



Syria’s health minister said on Thursday it had received COVID-19 vaccination doses from a “friendly country” and healthcare workers would start receiving inoculations next week.

Hassan Ghabash’s comments, carried by state news agency SANA, did not specify which country provided the vaccines or how many doses had arrived.

Medical worker in Moscow holds the Sputnik V vaccine. – Photo: Mos.ru

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Iranian targets in Syria struck in overnight retaliatory operation

IDF reports ‘dozens’ of Iranian militia targets in Syria were struck in an overnight IDF operation by Israeli warplanes over Damascus, in retaliation for multiple rockets fired by Iranian proxies a day earlier.

By i24NEWS – AFP


The Israeli military said that it had successfully struck over a “dozen” targets in Syria overnight Wednesday in retaliation for Iranian proxy fire a day earlier.

Syria state media reported that at least two were killed in the Israeli attack.

The strikes on Israeli territory early Tuesday morning, which was blamed on Iranian military forces, were reportedly intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. Continue Reading »

UPDATE: Israeli airstrike in Syria killed 12 Iranian Revolutionary Guard Soldiers

Despite Tehran’s denials of Iranian soldiers in Syria, the updated report from a UK-based NGO has 12 Iranian from the Revolutionary Guard killed along with 6 Syrian soldiers and three other non-Syrian nationals in the Israeli airstrike that was carried out by three squadrons of IAF jets.



Twelve soldiers belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps were killed in Sunday’s Israeli airstrikes on Damascus’s International Airport, the UK-based NGO Syrian Observatory for Human Rights charged on Tuesday.

The report said 21 people were killed in total, among them six members of Bashar Assad’s regime forces and 15 non-Syrian nationals. Continue Reading »

Ignoring Russia warning, IDF strikes Iranian targets in Syria, 11 killed

Report: 4 Syrians among 11 reportedly killed in IAF airstrikes on Iranian targets in Syria, including multiple Syrian surface-to-air missile batteries.
– WATCH IAF targets being hit.

By David Rosenberg


A total of 11 people were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Syria overnight, a monitor group claimed Monday morning.

Israeli fighter planes hit a number of Iranian positions in Syria, the IDF said Monday morning, in response to the launching of a surface-to-surface rocket that was carried out on Sunday by Iranian Quds forces operating in Syrian territory.

The targets of the predawn Israeli strikes Monday morning included Iranian weapons depots, an Iranian intelligence site, and a military training camp used by Iranian forces in Syria. Continue Reading »

Russia warns Lebanon over Hezbollah’s violations of Israeli sovereignty

London-based Arabic media outlet reports that the Russian government sent a stern warning to Lebanon to not permit ongoing violations of Israeli territory by a member of its government, Hezbollah, following the IDF’s discovery, and UNIFIL’s verification, of 4 attack-tunnels thus far.

By David Rosenberg


The Russian government has warned Lebanon not to permit violations of Israeli territory by the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, the London-based Arabic media outlet Asharq Al-Awsatreported.

According to the report, Moscow warned the Lebanese government in a letter “not to play games with United Nations [Security Council] Resolution 1701”, referring to the August 11th, 2006 motion by the Security Council marking the end of the second Israel-Lebanon war. Continue Reading »

Abbas Travels To Russia To Sign Accords With Putin

Trade, economic investment and peace talks to accentuate meeting between Russian president and Abbas in Moscow

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow on Monday where the issue of Middle East peace talks will be raised, Russian authorities announced Thursday.

“The two leaders will hold talks concerning key aspects of Russian-Palestinian relations and their future, with particular attention on the trade, economy and humanitarian sectors,” the Kremlin said in a statement according to AFP.

There will also be “an exchange of ideas on the process of Israeli-Palestinian talks and other problematic regional situations,” the statement continued, adding that North Africa would also be on the agenda.

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Jerusalem Barrs Russian Missile Ship from Israeli Port Over Ukraine Crisis

Gov’t official said Israel is striving to maintain its neutrality in mists of the big powers’ confrontation over the Ukraine.



Israel denied a request by Moscow to let a Russian missile boat anchor at Haifa a month ago, making the decision against the backdrop of the crisis in Ukraine, said a senior official in Jerusalem involved in the matter.

 Russian warship, Crimea

Russian warship, Crimea, March 14, 2014. – Photo: Reuters

Israeli officials were worried that allowing a Russian naval vessel to visit Haifa would worsen tensions with the United States. There were also concerns about possible espionage.

The request was handled by the national security adviser, Yossi Cohen.

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Putin signs law outlawing denial of Nazi crimes

Opponents of the new law say Russia’s aim is to silence historians & journalists who dispute the glorification of the ex-USSR’s actions during World War II.

By Reuters



Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday making the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail.

Russian military vehicles rehearsing for Victory Day parade, Red Square, Moscow, May 5, 2014.

Russian military vehicles rehearsing for Victory Day parade, Red Square, Moscow, May 5, 2014. – Photo: AP

The law, described by critics as an attempt to curb freedom of expression to appease conservative Russians, the ex-KGB spy’s main support base, also criminalizes the public desecration of war memorials. Continue Reading »

Putin sends Passover greeting saying Russian Jews make huge contribution

Putin praises the Jewish community’s  work to ‘preserve stability & consensus in the general public and actively participates in the education of the younger generation as well as charity & humanitarian endeavors.’



Russian Jews are making an enormous contribution to strengthening Russian society’s cohesion, President Vladimir Putin wrote in a holiday greeting to the Jewish community.

Rabbi Berel Lazar, a chief rabbi of Russia, at the Kremlin in Moscow.

Putin meets with Rabbi Berel Lazar, a chief rabbi of Russia, at the Kremlin in Moscow. – Photo: Shturem.net

Putin sent the greeting on Monday, the news site shturem.net reported Thursday, after meeting Rabbi Berel Lazar, a chief rabbi of Russia, at the Kremlin in Moscow.

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Russia’s Parliament approves law making Holocaust denial illegal


Under new law, violators found guilty of Holocaust denial could be fined up to $15,000 or imprisoned up to 5 years.



Russian lawmakers approved a bill that would make Holocaust denial illegal.

Holocaust candles

Holocaust candles – Photo: REUTERS

The lower house of the Russian Parliament, or Duma, passed the measure Friday on its first reading, the Voice of Russia reported Monday, making it illegal to deny the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal and punishing the “rehabilitation of Nazism.”

Those found guilty of the crime could be fined up to $8,300 or imprisoned up to three years. Public officials or media personalities would be fined nearly double or face up to five years in prison. Continue Reading »

Expert: Israel’s gas to benefit Europe but won’t eliminate dependence on Russia


With Israel’s 400 billion cu.m. worth of proven gas reserves that are eligible for export, Europe’s dependance on Russia’s gas is not about to end soon.

Although a Europe seeking to diversify its natural gas sources could potentially benefit from turning to the Eastern Mediterranean reservoirs, the continent’s dependency on Russian supplies will remain for the foreseeable future, experts say.
Leviathan gas field - Albatross - 09012012

A drilling rig in the Leviathan gas field in the Mediterranean.- Photo: Albatross

Gas exports from Israel to Europe would be “nice to have, but Europe will remain very dependent on Russian gas, and its dependence will probably grow as its own indigenous supplies dwindle,” Gina Cohen, a lecturer at the Technion’s Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering Graduate Study Program and a consultant in the gas industry, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

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Abbas In Russia for $1Billion Energy Deal for Gaza

Report speaks of Abbas & Russian PM to sign agreement on a $1Billion Mediterranean natural gas project off the Gaza coast.



Moscow  – Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas sought on Thursday to secure a billion-dollar Gaza energy deal during talks with Russian leaders aimed at restoring warmer ties between the two Soviet-era allies.

Abbas and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev were due to sign an intergovernmental agreement that reports said included a $1.0-billion (730-million-euro) natural gas project in the Gaza section of the Mediterranean Sea.

The state ITAR-TASS news agency said Russia’s natural gas giant Gazprom hoped to produce 30 billion cubic metres of natural gas at the site. Continue Reading »

Russian dignitaries to Egypt given red carpet reception


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