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#ShoddyReporting: CNN replaces Israel with Palestine on its map


CNN offers no apology or explanation to reader that asks, “Why is my country erased on this map?”



A CNN Money article on the Middle East dropped Israel’s name from a map of the Middle East that accompanied a story on the turmoil in the region.

CNN Erases Israel From the Map

The article, entitled “Beyond ISIS: 2016’s scariest geopolitical hot spots,” naturally featured the ongoing war in Syria and the image that originally accompanied the article was a map of the Middle East. But the name Palestina, Spanish or Portuguese for Palestine stood in for Israel on the map. Continue Reading »

MAJOR Daily Mail blunder – twice: It claims Israel flooded ‘Gaza’s major West Bank cities’

Unbelievable inaccuracies for UK news media:
1. There are no dams in southern Israel
2. Nablus & Jenin cannot be “two of Gaza’s major West Bank cities.”


British paper The Daily Mail published a story on Monday that originally accused Israel of intentionally opening dams in southern Israel in order to flood Gaza. The only problem is, as writer and Lydia Willgress has learned the hard way, there are no dams in southern Israel.

Screenshot of the original ‘Daily Mail’ article. – Photo: screenshot

Honest Reporting, an NGO that according to its website “monitors the news for bias, inaccuracy, or other breach of journalistic standards in coverage of the Arab-Israeli conflict,” took screen shots of the article before amendments were made. Continue Reading »

Time Inc. forced to retract blood-libel that IDF soldiers harvested Palestinian organs

Shoddy tabloid type report was based on obscure Swedish report, when the author admitted it was not based on any tangible evidence.



Time magazine on Sunday retracted allegations that Israeli soldiers harvested and sold Palestinian organs.

IDF Facebook Page

IDF Facebook Page

The magazine deleted the allegations from a two-minute video on its website about the Israel Defense Forces, writing at the end, “Correction: The original version of this video cited a contested allegation in a 2009 Swedish newspaper report as fact. The allegation has been removed from the video.”

The video (Below), titled “The IDF: A look inside Israel’s powerful military,” said the “IDF is not without controversy,” reporting that “in 2009 a Swedish report came out exposing some Israeli troops of selling organs of Palestinians who died in their custody.”

Continue Reading »

Intelsat Removes Iran’s Channel PressTV from U.S. & Canada

Iran’s national Press TV has a history of notoriously promoting Holocaust denial & giving air-time to neo-Nazi propaganda.

By Gil Ronen


Pro-Israel media activist group HonestReporting Canada welcomed news on Saturday that global satellite communication provider Intelsat had removed Iran’s state-funded propaganda mouthpiece PressTV from its broadcast platform in Canada and the United States.

PressTVThe NGO expressed its concern, however, that PressTV is still accessible over Intelsat’s Galaxy 19 platform.

HonestReporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman issued the following statement:

“Intelsat’s move falls directly in line with other important domestic and international efforts to sanction, isolate, and impede the Iranian regime’s efforts in procuring nuclear weaponry. Continue Reading »