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Palestinian from Dubai attains Spanish citizenship after discovering Jewish roots

After finding her great-grandmother’s old identity cards in Beirut, Heba was able to seek Spanish citizenship following a 2015 law that allowed naturalization to anyone whose Jewish ancestors ‘fled’ the Spanish Inquisition.



As a UK-based academic who was born in Dubai to a Palestinian father and Lebanese mother, Heba Nabil Iskandarani had plenty of potential national identities.

What she lacked, however, was a passport.

A 26-year-old lecturer in architecture at Birmingham City University, Iskandarani has been stateless for most of her life, possessing only a Lebanese travel document that defines her as a Palestinian refugee.

Heba Nabil Iskandarani’s newly acquired Spanish Passport and her Lebanese refugee Passport.-

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REPORT: Jordanian King Revokes Palestinian Leadership’s Citizenship

According to the Arabic language newspaper, the top Palestinian officials who will lose their Jordanian citizenship included Palestinian autocrat Mahmoud Abbas, Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat and PA official Ahmed Qurei.



The Kingdom of Jordan began the process of revoking the Jordanian citizenship of about 30 Palestinian Authority and Fatah officials and their families, London-based Arabic language newspaper Raialyoum reported Wednesday.

The officials who are slated to lose their citizenship include Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and Palestinian Authority negotiator Ahmed Qurei (“Abu Alaa”).

Fabulist Erekat, Autocrat Abbas, Abu Alaa to loose Jordanian citizenship

The also stated that there would be major changes in the visa arrangements for entry into Jordan of the senior officials, granting them only temporary visitor’s rights. Continue Reading »

Israel revokes citizenship of Palestinian terrorist who planned large-scale attack


Israel’s Interior Minister ordered citizenship immediately revoked to a Palestinian who planned a massive terror-attack on an event hall, planned the kidnapping of an IDF soldier, and worked with Gazans that were in Israel illegally.

By Hezki Baruch


Interior Minister Aryeh Deri ordered on Thursday evening that the citizenship of terrorist Hani Abu Omra be revoked. Abu Omra lives in Tel Sheva. He and his terror cell planned to carry out a large-scale terror attack on an event hall in southern Israel.


Abu Omra has had a temporary resident A-5 visa since 2000, since he is married to an Israeli citizen. Continue Reading »