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REVEALED: Mossad nabs IRGC operative in Iran before mission to kill US general

The Iranian operative, Mansour Rassouli,  admitted in an audio recording to his Mossad interrogators that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps tasked him with the assassinations of the Israeli Consulate in Turkey, a senior American military general in Germany and a journalist in France.



The Mossad – operating in Iran – apprehended and interrogated an Iranian national who was leading a plot to kill an Israeli diplomat and a US general, sources have confirmed.

An audio recording released on Saturday showed a photo of Mansour Rasouli admitting he had been ordered to establish a cell to assassinate a worker at the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul, a US general stationed in Germany and a journalist in France. Continue Reading »

German Chancellor Merkel: EU must deal with Iran’s ‘aggressive tendencies’

After having met with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Germany’s chancellor said definitively, “Iran’s aggressive tendencies must not only be discussed, but rather we need solutions urgently,” acknowledging their roguish presence in Syria, in the war in Yemen and Iran’s activities with regard to Israel’s security.

By Reuters


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday said European countries shared concerns over Iran’s ballistic missile programme and called for solutions to its “aggressive tendencies” in the Middle East.

“Iran’s aggressive tendencies must not only be discussed, but rather we need solutions urgently,” she said after meeting Jordan’s King Abdullah in Amman. She announced 384 million euros ($445 million) of aid to Jordan this year. Continue Reading »

U.S. Supreme Court to hear restitution arguments on Hamas suicide attack in Jerusalem


The high court said it would hear plaintiffs’ arguments seeking Iranian artifacts to cover a $71.5 million judgment, since Iran funded the two consecutive suicide bombings that were carried out in 1997 by Hamas terrorists at the Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem.



The Supreme Court will hear the restitution case from a 1997 Hamas bombing in Jerusalem in which survivors are seeking Iranian artifacts to pay a $71.5 million judgment.

The high court said Tuesday it would hear arguments and determine the outcome of the case during its next term, which begins in October.

Mahane Yehuda Market.

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US Supreme Court Ruling: Iran to pay terror victims $2.65 billion


Landmark ruling forces frozen Iranian assets to compensate families of American victims of Iranian sanctioned terrorism, including deadly Hezbollah attacks.

By Tova Dvorin


The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of American terror victims on Wednesday, awarding over $2 billion in Iranian assets to the families of victims murdered in Iran-backed attacks.

Iranian flag – Thinkstock

The court doled a heavy blow to Iran’s central bank, Bank Markazi, by a 6-2 ruling, Reuters reports.

Tehran had appealed a 2014 New York Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding the legality of a 2012 law, which stated that the frozen funds should go toward the $2.65 billion judgement the families won against Iran in a US federal court in 2007. Continue Reading »