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Ignoring PLO demands, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco will attend Palestinian conference

The three Arab countries, along with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar will each send a delegation to the US planned economic summit in Bahrain that’s dedicated to boosting the Palestinian economy, despite the Palestinian leadership’s boycott of it.
– Jordanian King Abdullah: Jordan needs to avoid ‘being left out.’

By Mohammad Al-Kassim, The Media Line and News Agencies


Egypt, Jordan and Morocco have informed the Trump administration they plan to attend a U.S.-led conference in Bahrain in late June on proposals for boosting the Palestinian economy as part of a coming U.S. peace plan, a White House official said on Tuesday. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s King Abdullah gives annulment notice of 1994 Peace Treaty Annex

Pressured by recent protests, Jordan’s King Abdullah gives Israel formal notice of termination to land leasing rights that allowed Israeli use of Jordanian parcels in the Naharayim/Baqura and Zofar/Al-Ghamr areas.

By i24NEWS


Jordan’s King Abdullah announced on Sunday his decision to terminate an appendix of the 1994 Israel-Jordan/Wadi Araba peace treaty relating to the lease of the kingdoms’ sovereign land to the Jewish state.

Under Annex I (b) and (c) Jordan leased the Naharayim/Baqura and the Zofar/Al-Ghamr areas, formally under Jordanian sovereignty, to Israel for a period of 25 years which was to be automatically renewed for the same period on an ongoing basis. Continue Reading »

German Chancellor Merkel: EU must deal with Iran’s ‘aggressive tendencies’

After having met with Jordan’s King Abdullah, Germany’s chancellor said definitively, “Iran’s aggressive tendencies must not only be discussed, but rather we need solutions urgently,” acknowledging their roguish presence in Syria, in the war in Yemen and Iran’s activities with regard to Israel’s security.

By Reuters


German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday said European countries shared concerns over Iran’s ballistic missile programme and called for solutions to its “aggressive tendencies” in the Middle East.

“Iran’s aggressive tendencies must not only be discussed, but rather we need solutions urgently,” she said after meeting Jordan’s King Abdullah in Amman. She announced 384 million euros ($445 million) of aid to Jordan this year. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s King Abdullah calls Abbas, who joined Hamas in calls for anti-Israel protests


REPORT: King Abdullah of Jordan urged Abbas in a phone conversation Wednesday, to seek calm amid Israel’s reversal on the Temple Mount, and to stop calling for West Bank anti-Israel demonstrations along with Hamas.

By i24NEWS


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called Wednesday for mass protests on Friday, ordering leaders of Fatah’s militia to organize public demonstrations in response to conflict over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Times of Israel reported.

Not long after Abbas’ call, Jordan’s King Abdullah spoke on the phone to Abbas and urged him to calm tensions on the Mount, known to Muslims as Haram Al-Sharif, various Hebrew media outlets reported. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s King Abdullah warns of 3rd world war against “savage outlaws of religion”


King Abdullah: We must act “fast and holistically” to tackle this threat, describing ISIS as “savage outlaws of religion….We are facing a third world war against humanity and this is what brings us all together.” 

News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


Jordan’s King Abdullah warned Tuesday of a “third world war against humanity,” describing the Islamic State group as “savage outlaws of religion,” AFP reported.

Jordan’s King Abdullah in Pristina, Kosovo – Photo: Reuters

During an official visit to Kosovo, Abdullah said both Europe and Islam were under attack from the “scourge” of terrorism, which could strike anywhere and at any time. Continue Reading »

Kerry to meet Abdullah & Netanyahu in Jordan over Jerusalem tensions, without Abbas

US Sec of state will meet separately with Abbas to discuss ways to end incitement to Jerusalem violence.

Abbas spokesman: ‘The Israeli violations are a red line & cannot be tolerated.’ 

By AFP & Reuters



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jordan’s King Abdullah II will meet Thursday to discuss rising tensions in Jerusalem, particularly at the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, the US State Department said.

Clashes in East Jerusalem (Photo: Mohammed Shinawi)

Clashes in East Jerusalem – Photo: Mohammed Shinawi

Kerry was also set to meet separately with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday in an attempt to ease a surge of violence across Israel and Palestinian territories. Continue Reading »

MK Isaac Herzog (Labor) meets with Jordanian king to rescue stalled peace


Jordan’s King Abdullah expressed hope that a way to stop the peace talks from collapsing will be found.

MK Herzog takes the opportunity to apologize for unfortunate death of Jordanian judge, killed by IDF fire.

By Ynetnews


Opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Labor) met Jordan’s King Abdullah II in Amman on Monday to discuss the peace process.

“There is an opportunity that won’t repeat itself to reach an arrangement in the Middle East, and a formula must be found to stop the talks from blowing up,” Abdullah said.

Herzog stressed to the Jordanian king that the Labor party, and the rest of the opposition parties, all support the peace process and understand that this opportunity must not be missed. Continue Reading »

Peace talks with Abdullah in the middle

Kerry’s current peace plan was reportedly proposed by Jordan’s King Abdullah II to President Obama last year in order to keep Jordan from becoming recognized as Palestine.


Since January 8, 2014, the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper has published three reports on the alleged details of the Kerry peace plan.  Al-Quds Al-Arabi is one of the most prominent Arab newspapers and considered a major source of inside information on most Arab regimes. According to Al-Quds Al-Arabi, US Secretary of State John Kerry’s plan revolves around Jordan’s king settling Palestinian refugees living in Arab countries in his kingdom and in exchange he would receive $55 billion for “Jordan’s role in hosting refugees for over five decades”. Continue Reading »

King Abdullah of Jordan agrees to coordinate with Abbas unified response to Kerry


Jordanian Foreign Minister: Establishment of an independent Palestinian state is on Jordan’s national interest.



Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah on Wednesday discussed US Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest proposals for achieving peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

Jordan’s King Abdullah (L) welcomes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Royal Palace in Amman – REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

Abbas said after meeting with the Jordanian monarch in Amman that the two sides agreed on a united response to Kerry’s ideas.

“Kerry is still presenting ideas and we are discussing them,” Abbas said. “He [Kerry] will come soon and we have ongoing meetings with his aides.” Continue Reading »

Hamas’ Mashaal to challenge Abbas for PLO presidency

Palestinian sources as saying Qatar & Jordan are pushing for Mashaal to chair PLO, according to ‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’.



Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is seeking to take over the presidency of the PLO, currently chaired by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, the London-based daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported on Monday.

PA chief Abbas and Hamas leader Mashaal in Cairo - Photo by Reuters

According to the report, Mashaal’s desire to chair the PLO is behind his decision not to stand for reelection to his position as chairman of Hamas’s Political Bureau.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi quoted Palestinian sources as saying several Arab states, led by Jordan and Qatar, are pushing for Mashaal to chair the PLO as a way of getting Hamas to sign the Oslo Accords and recognize Israel.

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Jordan forming int’l bloc to adavnce peace talks

Jordan’s King Abdullah says he is working with European leaders to rejuvenate long-stalled Peace-talks between Israel & the Palestinians.


Jordan is in the process of consolidating an international coalition to kick-start the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the country’s King Abdullah said Sunday in an interview with French publication Le Nouvel Observateur.

Abdullah, Abbas

“We are working closely with several parties in Europe, including France, to put some effective and workable ideas on the table that would enable the US to engage and play a leading role in the peace process soon after the start of the second term of President [Barack] Obama,” Abdullah said in his interview, translated into English by The Jordan Times.

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King Abdullah: Palestinians & Israel to Talk Next Month

In an interview, Jordan’s King Abdullah plans to host talks between Israel & the Palestinian Authority as soon as next month

By David Lev


Jordan’s King Abdullah expects to host talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority as soon as next month, he said in an interview Sunday. Abdullah said that a “window of opportunity” would soon open, and it was necessary to take advantage of it.

Jordan's King Abdullah II

Jordan’s King Abdullah II – AFP/File

That “window” would commence after the inauguration of Barack H. Obama as President of the U.S. for a second term. Abdullah said that Jordan was coordinating with France and other European countries to come up with fresh ideas to implement an agreement between Israel and the PA. Continue Reading »

Abdullah seeking divorce from Palestinians

Analysis: Jordanian King Abdullah wishes to finish what his late father King Hussein began – full separation from the Palestinians.


King Abdullah is seeking to complete the divorce proceedings between Jordan and the Palestinians which his late father, King Hussein, began in 1988.

The separation began in July that year, a few months after the eruption of the first intifada.

King Abdullah of Jordan - Photo: REUTERS

King Abdullah of Jordan - Photo: REUTERS

King Hussein realized back then that it was not in the interest of his kingdom to maintain a linkage to the West Bank, home to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.His biggest fear was that the intifada would spill over into Jordan, where the Palestinian majority would rise against his monarchy.

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