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Israel caught between Pompeo’s ‘no’ and Croatia’s deadline on F-16 jets sale

U.S. demands Israel remove all its sophisticated electronics and radar system avionics it added to the US made F-16 fighter jets it bought from Washington some 30 years ago, but the Israeli technological upgrades were crucial in Croatia’s decision to purchase the fighters from Israel over models directly from the U.S.

By Associated Press


Croatia on Thursday urged Israel to overcome a rare disagreement with the U.S. and confirm whether it can carry through on a deal to sell 12 used F-16 fighter jets, adding that otherwise the purchase will be annulled.

Croatia’s Defense Ministry said it needs an answer from Israel by January 11. Continue Reading »

Israel top contender to replace Bulgaria’s aging MiG-29s with IDF F-16s

In order to improve compliance with NATO standards, Bulgaria’s Parliament approved a plan to buy IDF F-16 jets in a $2 billion deal.



Israel is in the running to replace Bulgaria’s aging MiG-29s after Sofia gave the green light to replace its Soviet-designed jets.

Bulgaria’s parliament approved the plan to buy the jets in June in order to improve its compliance with NATO standards – which it joined in 2004 – in a 3.5 billion leva (NIS 7.4 billion) military modernization project.

US Air Force hosts 2016 Red Flag exercise with the IAF flying F-16i at Nellis Air Base, Nevada.

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Croatia announces purchase of 12 Israeli F-16s with upgraded IAF avionics

Israel Air Force F-16i (Sufa) - Photo Courtesy: IDF Spokesperson's office

Croatia’s acquisition of an Israel Air Force squadron of 12 used F-16 fighters is meant to replace their old MiG-21 jets Zagreb believes will upgrade their defenses against its neighbor, Kremlin-backed Serbia.

By News agencies


Croatia said Wednesday it will purchase upgraded Israeli F-16 fighter aircraft as it seeks to bolster its defenses amid Russia’s arming of neighboring Serbia.

Once formally approved by the government, it will be Croatia’s largest single military deal since it split from Serb-led Yugoslavia in the bloody 1991-95 war.

F-16i -Sufa, Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office

Croatia’s Defense Council accepted an Israeli offer that will replace the country’s aging MiG-21 fighters. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem thanks Tanzania for assisting Israel during UNESCO anti-Jewish resolution


Thanks to Tanzanian President John Magufuli, references to the Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem, during the discussions of the 2nd UNESCO resolution, were more respectful, and Israel was not referenced solely as an occupying force.

By Itamar Eichner


Tanzania, a once unlikely ally, made a significant impact in softening the langauge in a recent United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) resolution disregarding Jewish ties with Jerusalem, which followed another that was passed the previous week.

Due to Tanzanian interventions during the discussions of the second resolution, references to Jewish holy sites in Jerusalem were slightly more respectful, and Israel was not referenced solely as an occupying force. Continue Reading »

Croatian FM: We strongly oppose BDS and reject the idea of isolating Israel


Croatia’s top diplomat Miro Kovac said his country and Israel already work together in areas of defense, security & intelligence, and is now keen to upgrade cooperation in areas of agriculture, water management, tourism, cyber and high tech.



Croatia’s Foreign Minister Miro Kovac unequivocally denied on Monday that anti-Semitism, racism, and extremism are prevalent in his country.

Croatia’s Foreign Minister Miro Kovac and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. – Photo: KOBI GIDEON/GPO

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Kovac – who is his country’s first government minister to visit Israel since Croatia won accession to the European Union in 2013 – said: “I strongly reject any perception of anti-Semitism. Continue Reading »