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Hamas leader seeks “return to calm” with Israel

Misjudging Israel’s response of targeting militant leaders, their homes, and command posts & stockpiles thought unknown to the IDF, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is seeking “a complete ceasefire” with Israel.



Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said on Sunday night that he does not rule out the possibility of reaching a ceasefire agreement with Israel.

In a statement, Haniyeh said that the “return to calm is possible and depends on the commitment of the occupation to a complete ceasefire.”

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh mockingly stands next to his destroyed office building. – Photo: HANDOUT/REUTERS

Haniyeh said any ceasefire should also include the weekly protests along the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel, also known as the Great March of Return. Continue Reading »

Abbas looks ‘irrelevant’ with absence in Gaza funding, now Hamas cease-fire

The United Nations, Egypt and Qatar are determined to achieve some sort of normalization in Gaza with or without Abbas’s consent; having reached the conclusion that Abbas is not going to change his position regarding Hamas, all three now negotiate directly with Israel and Hamas with his exclusion.
• In the eyes of many Palestinians, Abbas is the ‘bad guy’ who is punishing Gaza, while others, even Israel, are trying to end the crisis.



As Hamas celebrated its “victory” after Tuesday’s ceasefire with Israel, with Israel, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is increasingly finding himself irrelevant on issues concerning the Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

After IDF jet destroys Hamas HQ in Gaza, erroneous claims of ceasefire emerge

Qatar owned Al Jazeera Media Network reports an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire has been reached between Gaza’s ruling party, Hamas, and Israel.
– Only one snag: Israeli source says the report is incorrect.
– WATCH: IDF jet destroys Hamas HQ in Gaza

By Elad Benari


The Al Jazeera network reported on Thursday evening that an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire had been reached between Hamas and Israel and added that it came into effect at 10:45 p.m.

An Israeli source clarified, however, that the report is incorrect.

Earlier on Thursday evening, Israeli fighter jets leveled a five-story building in the Rimal neighborhood in northern Gaza. Continue Reading »

Hamas Chief Reports Talks With Israel Going Well – Jerusalem Refutes Report of Talks




Is a long-term truce between Israel and Hamas in the offing?

Khaled Mashaal, the head of the Palestinian Islamist movement’s political bureau, confirmed on Friday that the two sides are engaged in indirect discussions on a possible cease-fire in the South.

Continue Reading »

Report: Netanyahu Hasn’t Sanctioned Ceasefire Talks Between Israel & Hamas

Contrary to news reports originating in the Arab media, a senior Israeli official  asserts Prime Minister Netanyahu has not authorized any contact, or negotiations, with Hamas.

By Cynthia Blank


Israel denied reports circling the Arab world on Monday of long-term ceasefire discussions being held in Qatar’s capital of Doha on behalf of the Jewish state and Hamas.

One report suggested former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair had passed a document to Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal regarding a long-term ceasefire with Israel in return for a removal of the IDF’s blockade of Gaza.

Large issues concerning a “peace deal,” such as the status of Jerusalem, would be postponed and not addressed in the ceasefire deal Blairsupposedly presented. Continue Reading »

Turkish official: Hamas leadership negotiating long-term ceasefire with Israel

Senior adviser to Turkish PM  Davutoglu verified that Gaza leaders are negotiating a lifting of Israel’s blockade of the strip.

By i24news


A long-term ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza-based Palestinian Islamist group Hamas is currently being negotiated, a senior Turkish official said on Sunday.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 21.58.58

Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal (right) with Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (left)- i24news

“Gaza is heading towards a comprehensive agreement on the issue of lifting the blockade and opening the [border] crossings in a long-term ceasefire deal with Israel,” said Yasin Aktay, a senior adviser to Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

“The issue was discussed during [Hamas chief] Khaled Meshaal’s visit to Ankara last week,” he added, noting that Meshaal discussed the detail of an agreement mediated by former British prime minister and Middle East Quartet envoy Tony Blair. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Jets Strikes Gaza in Response to Rocket Fire ‘Ordered by Meshaal’



Unnamed Israeli security source claims the  rocket attack which broke ceasefire, was ordered directly by Hamas head Khaled Meshaal.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Israeli Air Force has struck terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire this afternoon, following Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s order to strike back hard against the perpetrators.

Sources in Gaza reported at least one IAF strike on an open area, which did not cause any injuries. It is possible the target was the site from where the rockets were launched, although this has not been confirmed.

According to Palestinian Arab media reports cited by Walla! Continue Reading »

Ceasefire over: IDF reports that Hamas used humanitarian ceasefire to kidnap soldier

2 IDF soldiers killed in incident in which 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin was kidnapped
  •IDF: Suicide bomber attacked IDF forces working to clear tunnels
  •Hamas: Attack took place before ceasefire – event still ongoing.

By Yoav Zitun


An IDF soldier was kidnapped by Gaza terrorists, the IDF said Friday, with a senior official blaming Hamas for using the ceasefire to take the soldier hostage. Two other soldiers were killed in the incident.

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin

Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin – Photo: Ido Erez

It was cleared for publication that Givati Battalion Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin (23) from Kfar Saba was missing and feared to have been abducted Friday morning during clashes in the Gaza Strip near Rafah. Continue Reading »

In a UN Security Council statement, the council urges a ceasefire between Israel & Hamas


British Foreign Secretary William Hague also called on both parties for a cease fire, but reiterated that Israel has the right to exercise self-defense.

By i24news


The UN Security Council on Saturday called for a cease-fire between Palestinians and Israelis.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague speaks during a press conference in Baghdad on June 26, 2014 ( Ali al-Saadi (AFP/File) )

British Foreign Secretary William Hague speaks during a press conference in Baghdad on June 26, 2014 – Photo: Ali al-Saadi -AFP/File

“The Security Council members called for de-escalation of the situation, restoration of calm, and reinstitution of the November 2012 ceasefire,” the Security Council said in a statement.

Meanwhile, British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Saturday also called for a cease-fire but added that “Israel has the right to defend itself” against rockets from Gaza. Continue Reading »

Egypt & United States, past cease-fires brokers, unable to help this time

Those countries that helped Israel & Hamas end previous conflicts may not be able, or eager to do so now.


WASHINGTON (JTA) — Escalations between Hamas and Israel are nothing new. What’s missing this time, analysts say, is the alignment of outside interests that has resolved such fights in the past.

Egypt’s government lacks the influence over Hamas of its predecessors and the United States is in hand-washing mode on the Middle East, said Ami Ayalon, a former chief of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service.

“In the past, Egyptians could play a major role and America had an interest” in pressing for cease-fires, Ayalon told JTA.

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Islamic Jihad threatens to break Ceasefire

Islamic Jihad has put Israel on warning that it intends to break the ceasefire on missile attacks if its leaders are banned by Israel from entering Gaza.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Islamic Jihad has placed Israel on warning it will break the ceasefire on missile attacks if its leader is banned from entering Gaza.

Israel has been spared rocket and missile attacks since the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire took effect on November 21 after the IDF’s Pillar of Defense campaign and the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system pushed the de facto Hamas regime into a position of having to back down or face a massive ground incursion. Continue Reading »