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Israeli Minister asks Poland to end Holocaust-denial tours by David Irving

Israel’s Minister Naftali Bennett has called on Poland to prevent UK court decreed racist & Holocaust denier, David Irving, from leading a 9-day tour group to Poland in September, with visits to Nazi death camps and the headquarters of SS chief Heinrich Himmler.



Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett has called on the Polish government to refuse British Holocaust denier David Irving entry into Poland following reports that he is scheduled to lead a tour of Nazi death camps in the country.

David Irving, the UK court decreed British Holocaust-denier, racist and anti-Semite is being deported from Canada, 1992.

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Poland demands official apology from Israel, or ‘Feel the Chill’

Polish leaders demand apology after being aggrieved by PM Netanyahu’s comments in Warsaw about the Poles’ complicity in Nazi crimes against Jews, then flabbergasted when newly appointed Foreign Minister Israel Katz supported Netanyahu by quoting former PM Yitzhak Shamir, who said, ‘Poles suckled antisemitism from their mothers’ milk.’

By David Rosenberg


The Polish government demanded Tuesday that Israel formally apologize for statements by the Israeli foreign minister it deemed “racist”, amid a worsening diplomatic row between the two countries.

On Tuesday, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, Szymon Szynkowski, said Israel must “distance itself from their foreign minister’s statement and apologize for it,” the Polish Press Agencyreported. Continue Reading »

V4 summit in Jerusalem nixed after Polish PM bows out over Holocaust remarks

Already aggrieved by PM Netanyahu’s surprising comments in Warsaw about the Poles’ complicity in Nazi crimes against Jews, Poland’s top officials went ballistic after newly appointed Foreign Minister Israel Katz supported Netanyahu by quoting former PM Yitzhak Shamir, who said that ‘Poles imbibe antisemitism from their mothers’ milk.’



An extraordinary summit of four central European countries in Israel meant by Jerusalem to highlight the sub-alliances it is building in Europe – and by those countries as a way to assert their independence from Brussels – was scuttled Monday when Poland decided not to attend because of what it viewed as offensive comments by acting Foreign Minister Israel Katz. Continue Reading »

Holocaust ceremony cancelled after Poland censors speech of Israeli mayor

Polish officials cancelled joint Israeli-Polish Holocaust remembrance ceremony after the Israeli Foreign Ministry recommended to not change speech scheduled to be given by Kiryat Bialik mayor, explaining Israel’s unwillingness to compromise on historical facts.
– Israel’s Foreign Ministry has contacted the Polish Foreign Ministry regarding the incident.



The new Polish “Holocaust law” was felt by Israeli students in Poland Monday, when a joint Israeli-Polish Holocaust remembrance ceremony was cancelled after Polish authorities tried to censor the speech of an Israeli mayor.

Kiryat Bialik Mayor Eli Dukorsky had been set to address a delegation of students from his city who were visiting Poland. Continue Reading »

Argentina newspaper targeted as possible test-case of Polish Holocaust Law

The Polish League Against Defamation was the first to test Poland’s controversial Holocaust law, when it filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Argentinian daily newspaper Pagina 12, even though the article was published before the legislation was passed.



A major Argentinian newspaper has become the first target of Poland’s new Holocaust legislation, which took effect Thursday despite Israeli diplomatic pressure.

World War II atrocity in Jedwabne: Map of the crime scene compiled on the basis of court documents from Poland. The march of the Jews to the barn of Bronisław Śleszyński marked in red – Photo: Poeticbent

The nationalist Polish League Against Defamation organization filed a lawsuit on Friday against the Argentinian daily Pagina 12’s website, which it says used a photo of post-Second World War Polish resistance fighters in a December 2017 article about the 1941 Jedwabne pogrom. Continue Reading »

Provocative Holocaust video pulled from YouTube was offensive to Poles

Over 600,000 sign petition calling for U.S. to cut ties with Poland until the new Polish law that criminalized attributing Holocaust atrocities to Polish state or nation, is rescinded.
• While the new law is contested by Israel and Jews world-wide, a Polish journalist says video “spits in the face of every Pole.”

By Dan Lavie, Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


The Ruderman Family Foundation, a prominent, private Jewish-American Foundation based in Boston, removed a video from YouTube on Wednesday that had sparked outrage in Poland .

The video provocatively used the term “Polish Holocaust,” which is historically inaccurate, to protest a controversial new Polish law criminalizing the suggestion that Poland was complicit with Nazi Germany’s crimes, especially the Holocaust. Continue Reading »

Russia’s Sobibór memorial exclusion by Poland sours Moscow’s relationship with Jerusalem

Israel’s envoy to Russia was summoned by their Foreign Ministry after Poland decided to exclude Moscow from an int’l project to build a museum and memorial site for those murdered at the Nazi extermination camp.
– Moscow perturbed because they expected Jerusalem to intervene on their behalf.

By Itamar Eichner


The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned Israel’s Ambassador to Moscow Gary Koren over the weekend to provide clarifications after Poland decided to exclude Russia from a commemoration project for the victims of the Nazi extermination camp in Sobibór.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova asserted in a television interview in Russia that “Israel’s position—to allow Russia’s exclusion of the project—is bordering on historical betrayal.” Continue Reading »

Poland buys US Patriot defense system, but will produce Israeli missiles locally

Poland set to sign papers for US Patriot defense system but will produce the superior performance “Magic Wand” by  Israeli manufacturer, Rafael, at a cost of $7.6 billion, 10% of the price of its American competitor.

By i24NEWS


The United States has agreed to sell the Patriot missile defense system to Poland, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced on Thursday. The Ynet news site reports that Poland insisted that the system by configured to use the Israeli missile marketed globally under the name “Skyceptor,” due to its superior performance at only 10% of the cost of the American Patriot missile.

“A memorandum was signed tonight that the US government has agreed to sell Poland Patriot missiles in the most modern configuration,” Macierewicz said in a press conference, according to the Reuters news agency. Continue Reading »

Polish gov’t in Israel hold Intergovernmental Consultations to ‘Enhance Strategic Partnership’


Israel and Poland hold “government-to-government” meetings in Jerusalem reaffirming their joint aim of bolstering bilateral relations, enhancing cooperation in the areas of economy, science & technology, cyber, defense & security, and culture.

By Yori Yalon and Israel Hayom Staff


Israel and Poland on Tuesday held a “government-to-government” meeting in Jerusalem, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and attended by senior members of both governments.

Gov't of Poland and Gov't of Israel hold for the 3rd time Intergovernmental Consultations in Jerusalem, 22 Nov 2016 - Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

Gov’t of Poland and Gov’t of Israel hold for the 3rd time Intergovernmental Consultations in Jerusalem, 22 Nov 2016 – Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

The Jewish the Polish peoples “share history and common values that are the cornerstone of the unique ties between the two peoples, based on hundreds of years of common history,” the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement posted on its website. Continue Reading »