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Qatar Airways invites Israeli medical workers to fly for free

Although Israel isn’t on Qatar Airways maps, its CEO said that “healthcare professionals from every country in the world will be eligible for tickets…including our neighboring countries, including the State of Israel.”



Israeli medical professionals can get some of the 100,000 free flight tickets distributed by Qatar Airways, the airline’s CEO Mr. Akbar Al Baker said on Monday night.

Al Baker said that “every single country in the world, including our neighboring countries, including the State of Israel, will be allocated numbers of tickets, depending on population and the size of the country… proportionately to the 100,000 tickets we are offering.” Continue Reading »

After Gulf visit, US rabbi predicts Israel-Bahrain diplomatic ties in two years

Rabbi Marc Schneier, a flamboyant New York religious leader & head of the inter-faith Foundation for Ethnic Understanding predicts “diplomatic relations between Israel and the Gulf [States] within 2 years.”
– The Rabbi also praised Qatar’s ‘dynamic’ leadership for reaching out to Israel, after Qatari diplomat revealed he secretly visited Israel 20 times since 2014.

By i24NEWS


Muslim-majority Persian Gulf kingdoms are waiting for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to make a “bold and courageous” gesture to kick off the process of forging diplomatic ties with Israel, a prominent US rabbi told i24NEWS on Wednesday, fresh from a visit to Bahrain. Continue Reading »

Qatari diplomat in Jerusalem says he secretly visited Israel 20 times since 2014

Qatari ambassador visiting Israel stresses how Qatar is not colluding with Hamas, saying, “If we were helping Hamas, do you think the Israelis would allow us to go in and out? They know we’re not helping Hamas.”

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


Israel Qatar is helping Israel avoid another Gaza war by funneling relief money to impoverished Palestinians, with Washington’s blessing, a Qatari diplomat said on Thursday, in an effort to demonstrate Doha’s distance from Islamist Gaza rulers Hamas.

Qatari envoy Mohammed Al-Emadi interviewed in Jerusalem, on 22 Feb 2018 – Photo: Reuters

Since coming under an embargo last year, imposed by its U.S.-allied Continue Reading »

The tale about a French widow & how the Emir of Qatar funds Israeli war vets


Qatar, which bankrolled Hamas in their war between Gaza and Israel, is now indirectly financing the treatment of the wounded IDF soldiers.

By Marc Femsohn


The chances that a link, however tenuous, exists between the inheritance of a rich French widow, the organization of disabled Israeli veterans and the royal Qatari family is virtually nil, and yet that is exactly what happened with the sale and acquisition of an apartment in a luxury quarter of Paris.

The Paris building in which an apartment was sold by an Israeli war veterans organization to the Emir of Qatar – Photo: StreetView GoogleMaps

The family of the Qatari ruler, Sheik Tamim Ben Hamad Al-Thani, one of the two main sponsors of the Hamas terror organization, has bought an apartment in the upscale 8th quarter of the French capital for the modest sum of 2.5 million euro (about $3 million). Continue Reading »