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Tunisia, like Lebanon, bans ‘Wonder Woman’ over Gal Gadot’s IDF service


After Lebanon banned Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, a Tunisian court decides to stop screening the ‘block-buster’ movie, also because of the Israeli born actress’s IDF background.

By Roi Kais


A court in Tunisia decided Wednesday to temporarily ban the screening of the film Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, after the film was banned from screening in Lebanon because of the Israeli actress.

Gal Gadot appearing at IDF induction center ‘Bakum’ – Photo: Shaul Golan/Yedioth Ahronoth

The Tunisian court’s decision was made after the Tunisian People’s Party filed a petition against the screening of the film, due to Gal Gadot’s service in the IDF, claiming that she was “a partner to the latest Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.” Continue Reading »

Arabic-language media representatives from Algeria and Tunisia in Israel


Israel’s Foreign Ministry hosts a North African media delegation of journalists & bloggers from Algeria and Tunisia in its 6th such initiative of bringing Arabic-language media representatives to empirically learn the truth about the Jewish State.

By Itamar Eichner


Six North African bloggers and journalists have arrived in Israel as guests of the foreign ministry at the invitation of the Deputy Spokesman for Arab Media, Hassan Kaabiya.This is the sixth such initiative undertaken to bring Arabic-language media representatives to Israel.

North African Bloggers visiting the Temple Mount – Photo courtesy

Until now, journalists from Morocco have come to Israel, but this is the first time journalists from Algeria and Tunisia have paid a visit.

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Tunisian gov’t normalizes relations with Israel for Jewish tourism


The new Israel-Tunisia relations is aimed at bring more Jewish tourists to yearly pilgrimage to the El Ghriba Synagogue.



TUNIS – Mehdi Jomaa, the head of the Tunisian government, urged officials on Tuesday to avoid creating controversy on the coming normalization of relations with Israel.

Tunisian Tourist Minister Amel Karboul says that Jewish pilgrams are key to seeing profits from tourism. (Photo: AP)

Tunisian Tourist Minister Amel Karboul says that Jewish pilgrams are key to seeing profits from tourism. – Photo: AP

The decision was made with the intention to help boost tourism to the country by making it easier for Israeli Tunisian Jews to make the yearly pilgrimage to El Ghriba Synagogue on the island of Djerba where many visit during the May holiday of Lag BaOmer. Continue Reading »