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WATCH VIDEO: 2 Israeli-made Orbiter 3 tactical drones shot down in Libya

Contrary to agreement with Israeli manufacturer not to sell any UAVs to a 3rd party, the 2 drones were part of a 3-unit ‘gift’ by Turkey to the UN-recognized Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA).



Two Israeli-made Orbiter-3 tactical drones were shot down in Libya by troops allied with strongman Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA).

The two drones were shot down at the end of July. One was recovered by troops some 40 km. southwest of the Libyan capital of Tripoli in the small town of al-‘Aziziya, while the other was recovered in the Sidra district, home to the war-torn country’s largest oil depot. Continue Reading »

REPORT: ISIS now targeting Libya as jumping-point for its eventual invasion of Europe

The UK newspaper Telegraph, reports ISIS jihadists are planning to “flood Libya with militiamen from Syria & Iraq, who will then sail across the Mediterranean posing as migrants on people-trafficking vessels.”

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UN Warns Libyan Weapons Smuggled to Gaza & Syria

A U.N. panel reports weaponry from Libya is spreading “at an alarming rate” across North Africa to Gaza & Syria.

By Chana Ya’ar



A United Nations panel says weaponry from Libya is spreading across North Africa to Gaza and Syria “at an alarming rate.”

The five-expert committee said in a 94-page report sent Tuesday to the U.N. Security Council that illegal transfers of arms from Libya to armed groups and terrorists have been proven.

The arms trafficking violations involved more than 12 countries and included light and heavy ordnance, such as portable air defense systems, mines, explosive materials, ammunition and small arms. Continue Reading »

Egyptian Report: Hamas refused to smuggle missiles with tracking devices


The espionage components detected inside the rockets were of an unknown source, and expressed fears that Egyptians working in the arms smuggling trade may be targeted, an Egyptian news website reported Monday.

By Israel Hayom Staff



Hamas refused to receive a shipment of missiles that were smuggled into the Gaza Strip from Libya across the Sinai desert, after it was discovered that they contained espionage and surveillance devices which would enable Israel to track the missiles, an Egyptian news web site reported Monday.

Assorted collection of mortars and shells. Photo: Reuters

The site, Youm7.com [Seven Days] quoted “informed sources” close to the people smuggling the weapons shipment across Sinai, saying that 28 long-range missiles were moved during the past few days from Libya via desert routes until it got to the mountainous areas in central Sinai.

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Egypt Security busts massive explosives caché headed for Gaza, largest one yet

Truck carrying a full ton of explosives, the largest single haul discovered by Egyptian Police, was intercepted.
A total of 5 tons of explosives as well as disassembled rockets & automatic weapons were seized in the past 3 months, according to local media reports.



Egyptian authorities have seized a record 1 ton of explosives bound for the Palestinian Gaza Strip, a security official said Sunday.

Weapons seized by the IDF - IDF Spokesman

Weapons seized by the IDF from global jihad insurgents in Sinai during a bust last summer. August 5, 2012. Photo: IDF Spokesman

The official, who requested anonymity, said the explosives were seized when a suspicious-looking lorry was searched at a checkpoint between mainland Egypt and the Sinai Peninsula, which borders Gaza and Israel. Continue Reading »

Egypt intercepts 108 explosive warheads from Libya via Sinai & onto Gaza

Egyptian security officials confiscated trucks carrying a variety of small-arms ammunition and 108 explosive warheads for Soviet-designed Grad rockets, that were smuggled from Libya.

By the Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


Egyptian security officials said Wednesday that authorities have confiscated trucks carrying explosive warheads and a variety of small-arms ammunition smuggled from Libya.

Grad rockets are fired at Israel by Palestinian and Sinai-based terrorist groups. [Illustrative] – Photo: Reuters

They said authorities seized the pickup trucks, carrying some 108 warheads for Soviet-designed Grad rockets, near Marsa Matruh, 430 kilometers (270 miles) northwest of Cairo on the Mediterranean coast.

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Porn director behind the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ that sparked anti-U.S. protests in Muslim World

Ties found between ex-convict, Christian charity  & insurance salesman, who produced the film over a belief that radical Islam threatens the world; cast & crew believed they were participating in film on ancient Egypt, had no idea of its Islamophobic nature.


A schlock softporn director named Alan Roberts has been identified as the director of the film that ridicules Muslims and the prophet Muhammed and has incited violent protests across the Middle East, according to a report by Gawker published Saturday.

A screenshot of the film 'Innocence of Muslims.'

A screenshot of the film ‘Innocence of Muslims,’ which incited protests throughout the Muslim world.

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Obama vows continued cooperation with Libya, Romney states the obvious: American leadership ‘sorely needed’

Romney releases statement critical of Obama administration’s response to attack on Libyan consulate that killed 4 American diplomats


U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday condemned Tuesday’s attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, but emphasized that the U.S. would continue cooperating with the Libyan government.

Obama meeting with State Department personnel

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, meets with State Department personnel in the courtyard of the State Department in Washington, Wed., Sept. 12, 2012. – Photo by AP

“The United States condemns in the strongest terms this outrageous and shocking attack,” Obama said in a televised statement from the White House Rose Garden. Continue Reading »

U.S. ambassador to Libya and 3 staffers murdered in Benghazi by rocket attack

Libyan leader Mohammed Magarief apologizes to U.S. in live TV broadcast; Obama Strongly condemned the “outrageous attacks”

By Reuters and DPA

The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other embassy staffers were killed Tuesday night in a rocket attack that targeted the envoy’s car in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi.

Christopher Stevens.

Christopher Stevens, U.S. ambassador speaks to local media at the Tibesty Hotel where an African Union delegation was meeting with opposition leaders in Benghazi, Libya, April 11, 2011.- Photo: AP

A Libyan official told Reuters on Wednesday that “the American ambassador and three staff members were killed when gunmen fired rockets at them.” Continue Reading »

After Film Sparks Deadly Protests, Israeli Filmmaker goes into Hiding

An Israeli filmmaker went into hiding after his movie, which places Islam in a negative view, sparked protests against U.S. diplomatic missions.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


An Israeli-American filmmaker went into hiding Tuesday after his movie, which provides a negative view of Islam and its founder, the Prophet Mohammed, sparked violent protests yesterday against U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt and Libya, which resulted in the death of four Americans.

People shout and hold slogans in front of the U.S. embassy during a protest in Cairo

People shout and hold slogans in front of the U.S. embassy during a protest in Cairo – Reuters

Sam Bacile, a 56-year-old California real-estate developer, produced and directed the two-hour controversial film, titled “Innocence of Muslims,” The Wall Street Journal reported. Continue Reading »

Govt. Cover-Up over Fate of Secret Libya Mission, Historian Says

The fate of 23 operatives on a secret mission in Libya remains unknown, government says. Historian: it’s a cover up.

Two weeks ago the Defense Ministry submitted a report in the decades-old case of the “23 on the boat” that said the fate of 23 Palmach fighters sent on a mission to Libya remains unknown. However, historian Aryeh Yitzchaki tells Arutz Sheva that the fighters’ fate was known from the beginning – but was covered up by those in power.

The mission, in May 1941, involved sneaking Palmach fighters to Tripoli on the British ship Sea Lion. Once in the Libyan capital, the young soldiers were meant to blow up explosives factories and attack Nazi troops, in an attempt to hurt the Nazi war machine. Continue Reading »

Egypt forces seize missiles, grenade aunchers in Sinai raid

Raid comes a month after rockets believed to have been smuggled from Libya were fired from Sinai toward the Israeli resort town of Eilat.


Egyptian security forces seized near the Libyan border on Thursday dozens of heavy weapons allegedly bound for the Sinai Peninsula to stir up trouble ahead of upcoming presidential elections, a police official said.

Sinai - Reuters - May 10, 2012

An Egyptian watch tower is seen close to the construction site of a fence on the border between Israel and Egypt along Israel's Highway 12 near Eilat - Photo by Reuters

Authorities uncovered the munitions – including 40 surface-to-surface missiles, 17 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortar rounds, automatic rifles and around 10,000 artillery shells – in three vehicles near the Mediterranean resort city of Marsa Matrouh, some 430 kilometers (270 miles) northwest of Cairo, the official said.

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