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Sascha Baron Cohen mocks Mark Zuckerberg in eloquent speech

Addressing the spread of misinformation, hate speech & antisemitism online during his acceptance speech at the ADL’s Leadership Award, the British comedian slammed Mark Zuckerberg for using double-talk & BS about Facebook’s part in the dissemination of hate.

By Noa Amouyal


Sascha Baron Cohen, the mastermind behind Borat, Bruno and Ali G, made a rare appearance as himself when he accepted the Anti-Defamation League’s International Leadership Award on Thursday night.

Speaking at the organization’s Never is Now Summit, Cohen didn’t mince words when he slammed Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Calling the internet the “greatest propaganda machine in history,” he blamed social media for spreading hatred and lies into millions of homes and for re-igniting anti-semitism. Continue Reading »

Sacha Baron Cohen calls out Zuckerberg’s “free speech” as BS

Sacha Baron Cohen, known for pushing the limits of the First Amendment in a series of films & TV programs, takes to Twitter saying, Zuckerberg’s defense of free speech on Facebook is ‘akin to a restaurant owner welcoming neo-Nazis, then allowing them to shout anti-Semitic insults at other patrons.’

Ben Sales, JTA,


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an impassioned defense Thursday of his company’s policy of allowing a wide spectrum of speech on the platform. Speaking at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Zuckerberg invoked the First Amendment and the civil rights movement to defend his refusal to limit inflammatory discourse on his social media giant. Continue Reading »