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Sacha Baron Cohen turns to FBI with tip to possible pedophile ring

The British comedian, known for his outrageous film characters that mumbles in Hebrew, pretended to be interested in procuring young boys during a shooting and was given a tip by a Las Vegas concierge.



While shooting ‘Who Is America‘ British-Jewish comedian, actor, and director Sacha Baron Cohen chanced upon a possible pedophile ring, Cohen said on Wednesday as reported by the Daily Wire

Having invented a character called Gio, which is as extreme as his other famous characters such as Borat and Bruno, Cohen pretended that, as Gio, he had relations with an eight year old boy and asked if the person with whom he is speaking with might be able to silence the boy. Continue Reading »

Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen’s Israeli alter-ego, Georgia lawmaker resigns

Posing as an Israeli anti-terror commando, Sacha Baron Cohen tricks Georgia lawmaker Jason Spencer to participate in a phony training course and willingly performs a variety of blatantly racist ‘counter-terrorism tactics’ for his new TV series, “Who Is America?”
– WATCH video (it’s as hilarious as it is unfortunate)

By i24NEWS


Republican Georgia State Representative Jason Spencer, who was pranked by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s Israeli alter-ego into baring his buttocks and repeatedly shouting the “n-word” on the provocative new Showtime series “Who Is America?”, announced his resignation following a wave of backlash in response to his embarrassing and offensive appearance on the show. Continue Reading »