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Caught female terrorists admit to Israel Police they wanted to ‘meet hot martyrs’

Israel’s Public Security Minister notes that while male Palestinian terrorists “do what they do because they were promised 72 virgins,” there is now a new phenomenon, where several female terrorists sought death hoping to get good-looking male terrorists in Paradise.

By Itsik Saban


Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan on Wednesday revealed a new phenomenon, of female Palestinian terrorists who say they want to become shahids (martyrs) so as to meet good-looking male shahids.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan – Photo: Uri Lenz

“There is now a new phenomenon: Once upon a time the [male] terrorists would do what they do because they were promised 72 virgins were waiting for them,” Erdan said. Continue Reading »

Killed Terrorist Died for the Virgins, Not the ‘Struggle’


The butcher’s knife yielding 54 yr-old Palestinian terrorist was a bachelor that never married because he was waiting for his ’72 virgins in Paradise.

By Dalit Halevy


Ibrahim Barda’aya, a 54-year-old single resident of al-Aroub to the north of Hevron in Judea, was recently shot dead by security forces as he attempted to conduct a stabbing attack armed with a butcher’s knife.

The imam of Barda’aya’s mosque Abdullah Azam told the Hamas paper Palestine that the terrorist merited to be a “martyr” and to “marry virgins in Paradise,” reciting the classic Muslim trope used in inciting terror attacks. Continue Reading »

Abbas’s PA Promises Millions of Dollars to ‘Martyrs’ Families

PA gov’t encourages Palestinians to trade their lives for their families’ financial security – $74 million allocated to ‘Martyrs’ families ….compliments of U.S. taxpayers.

By Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvori


The Palestinian Authority (PA) continues to financially support terrorism, and families of terrorists were set to receive a great deal of that financial support, as PA official Rami Hamdallah pledged another $74 million from the PA budget to the families of ‘martyrs’ for the Palestinian Arab nationalist cause.

On Sunday, Hamdallah said that his government will continue to work to protect the rights of family members of the “martyrs” who were killed in the course of carrying out attacks on Israelis and their supporters abroad, and ensure that they “live dignified lives.” Continue Reading »

Catholic Church in Poland Unveils 18th Century Blood Libel Painting

On Thursday for the Catholic Church‘s Int’l Day of Judaism, a controversial picture was uncovered to expose realities of the church’s anti-Semitic past.

By Ari Yashar


The Catholic Church of Poland unveiled a painting on Thursday that had been kept hidden since 2006, after protests from both Catholics and Jews opposed the depiction of Jews murdering Christian children in the classic anti-Semitic blood libel trope.

The painting, an 18th century CE work by Italian painter Charles de Prevot called “Mord Rytualny (Ritual Murder),” has been mounted on a wall at the cathedral in Sandomierz but hidden behind a red curtain for the past 8 years due to its contents. Continue Reading »