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Arabs Set E. Jerusalem Police Station on Fire

Jerusalem councilman Aryeh King decries endemic lawlessness rampant in capital this week.

By Ari Yashar


Jerusalem Arabs set ablaze a police station next to the Lions’ Gate in the capital’s Old City on Wednesday.

Aryeh King, nationalist Jerusalem city councilman and member of the municipality’s Emergency and Security Committee, was present at the attack and managed to document it. According to King, police officers fled the scene.

“Unfortunately the prime minister is instructing the authorities to avoid eastern Jerusalem, and these are the results,” charged King.

“Last night the funeral of a terrorist was held there, they marched from the Mount of Olives towards the Lions’ Gate attacking everything in their path and didn’t let Jews pass,” reported King. Continue Reading »

Abbas’ PA Police Conduct Covert Operation Inside Israeli Jurisdiction

Palestinian Authority forces complete undercover operation to fight crime in ‘no man’s land’ between Jerusalem & Israel’s security fence.

By Tova Dvorin


Without attracting any attention, the Palestinian Authority (PA) Police have been carrying out large scale operations in the police vacuum in neighborhoods north of Jerusalem, according to journalist Baruch Yedid.

Yedid also revealed that the operation was not coordinated with Israeli Police or the IDF – unlike previous operations in Area B which have been prearranged between the PA and Israel. Under the Oslo Accords, Area B refers to territory that is supposed to be under exclusive Israeli security control, while administrative matters are under the PA’s aegis. Continue Reading »

Thinking they were Jewish, Arabs attack Palestinian family

Three Arab thugs tried pulling the couple out of the car as they beat them. Luckily, the wife was able to speed away when the attackers paused, hearing Arabic spoken by the couple.

By: Sarah Weiss



A group of Arab thugs attacked a Palestinian family in Jerusalem after they thought they are Jews, the family said in a statement.

Rashuan and Dina Salman - Photo source: .yourjewishnews.com

Rashuan and Dina Salman – Photo source: Your Jewish News

The Muslim family of East Jerusalem, came under attack by three men in the Sur Baher area. However, after the group learned that the family was Palestinian, they fled from the scene.

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Two Arabs held in mezuza theft at Cave of Patriarchs


After multiple thefts & desecrations, a security video at the site caught two Palestinians who were subsequently detained for theft of a mezuza in Hebron.



Two Palestinians were detained for the theft of a mezuza from the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron on Friday.
Mezuzah - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Mezuzah – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Border Police are still looking for more suspects.

The two men were picked up because they were near the cave at the time of the theft. According to the Border Police, they were also seen on a security video of the site.

Friday’s incident follows one that occurred two weeks ago in which three mezuzot were stolen.

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Electricity theft by Palestinians the theme of this year’s Ramadan morality campaign

Palestinian theft of electricity increases debt to Israel by $70 million each year. Palestinian Authority fear Israel will pull plug, sinking them into darkness

The Media Line

RAMALLAH – During the pre-dawn hours in the holy month of Ramadan, while many are preparing a pre-dawn breakfast in preparation of the daylong-fast, others are tapping into the electricity grid. It’s an act that costs the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority (PA) millions of dollars annually.

Electricity on the way to the Palestinians

Electricity on the way to the Palestinians – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Again this year, authorities will treat electricity theft like other personal bad habits rather than as a crime, working to prevent it through an advertising campaign that stresses morality during Ramadan, encouraging citizens to end the costly practice voluntarily. Continue Reading »

Palestinian arrested for stealing monument for Jewish terror victims to erect in Ramallah


Omar Jabar explained to police how his gang planned to place the stolen monument that was erected in honor of the 1989 terror attack on bus No. 405 in his West Bank city’s central square.

Bereaved husband of one of those massacred: ‘No conscience’.

Noam (Dabul) Dvir


Omar Jabar, a 33 year old resident of Abu Gosh, was arrested on suspicion of stealing parts of a monument erected in honor of those killed in the terror attack on bus No. 405 near Kiryat Ye’arim. The Jerusalem Magistrates Court extended his remand by four days on Tuesday. Judge Tamar Bar-Asher Tsaban said Jabar is suspected of defacing a monument, conspiring to commit a crime and stealing property worth more than NIS 500,000 (about $138,000). Continue Reading »

Women Drivers Escape Terrorist Ambush

Jewish women drivers escaped  Palestinian Authority gang’s carjacking attempts.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Palestinian Authority resident criminal gangs continue to target Israeli drivers for theft, and women traveling alone in particular. Two women escaped attempted carjackings at the last minute on Monday evening.

The two told Arutz Sheva their stories.

“At around 9 p.m. I passed through the Hizme junction on my way home, and suddenly I lost control of the car,” one recalled. “There was something on the road that made the car slip sideways.”

She pulled over to see what was wrong, and a car immediately pulled up behind her. Continue Reading »

NABBED: Jerusalem-Arab Indicted in Bedouin Kidnapping Ring

Nadal Tubasi, a 35-year-old Arab resident of Jerusalem, was indicted for kidnapping with the intent to murder or blackmail & extortion.

By Annie Lubin


The Jerusalem District Attorney filed an indictment Wednesday against Nadal Tubasi, a 35-year-old Arab resident of Jerusalem, who is charged with kidnapping with the intent to murder or blackmail and extort.

According to the indictment, filed by prosecutor Aviad Dwek, the accused participated in the kidnapping of Sudanese and Eritreans in Sinai by marauding Bedouins. The hostages were held in harsh conditions and threatened with execution by kidnappers if their families did not pay a ransom. Continue Reading »

What a Surprise for PA Car Thieves: The Driver was a Soldier

Arab carjacking gang received nasty surprise when what appeared to be a female driver was in fact, an armed reserves soldier.

By Maayana Miskin


A reserves soldier reported Saturday night that an Arab gang in Samaria (Shomron) had attacked him, apparently in an attempt to steal his weapon. The incident occurred at the Shavei Shomron junction.

An initial investigation has led security forces to believe that the gang mistook the soldier, who has long hair, for a woman. Carjacking gangs in Judea and Samaria often target female drivers, apparently believing them to be an easier target.

After attacking the thieves realized that the “woman driver” was in fact an armed male soldier, a fact that may have been a factor in his escape. Continue Reading »