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Palestinians arrest peaceful Arab for hosting Jewish Knesset Member in Hebron

Because Muhammed Jaber, “a man of peace and coexistence” from Hebron allowed MK Yehuda Glick make a ‘Happy Birthday’ visit, the Palestinian leader’s secret police arrested & jailed him.
– MK Glick:  “His arrest shows that the Palestinian Authority is not interested in dialogue and normalization.”



The Palestinian Authority General Intelligence Service on Sunday arrested Muhammed Jaber, a Hebron resident, several days after he hosted right-wing MK Yehuda Glick at his home.

A senior PA official in Hebron on Monday confirmed Jaber’s arrest to The Jerusalem Post, but said he cannot discuss the details of his detainment. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem Court Grants Palestinians Right to Sue Abbas’ Palestinian Authority

Landmark ruling involves Palestinian plaintiffs coming before the Jerusalem District Court seeking justice from PA law enforcement who were “beating them on all parts of the body, hitting them with lead pipes, extinguishing cigarettes on their bodies, hanging them in torture positions for hours and starving them.”



Fifty-one Palestinians tortured by the Palestinian Authority for cooperating with Israel can sue the PA in Israeli courts for damages, the Jerusalem District Court ruled Wednesday in a blockbuster judgement.

The 1,860-page ruling based on dozens of witness accounts over several years is one of the most bizarre in years as it involves Palestinian citizens coming before the courts of the Israeli “occupation” seeking justice for their mistreatment by their own PA law enforcement. Continue Reading »

Violent protests after detainee beaten to death when in Palestinian Police custody


Hundreds of rioters in Nablus, some throwing stones, marched through the city protesting the death of Ahmed Halawa, who, arrested for the death of two Palestinian Authority police officers, was allegedly beaten to death while in custody.

By The Associated Press


Nablus, the second largest city in the West Bank, was gripped by violent protests on Tuesday after the death of a Palestinian detainee shortly after he was seized by Palestinian security forces.

Palestinian security forces stand guard as riots take place in Nablus – Photo: AFP

Hundreds of protesters, some throwing stones, marched through the city to denounce the death of Ahmed Halawa, who was seized during a police raid that followed the death of two police officers last week.

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Future Palestinian State Highly Likely To Be Oppressive Police State


If Abbas, who’s incidentally, now in his 12th year of a 4-year term as president of the PA, condones extrajudicial killings, arrests journalists who report on corruption, intimidate students with violence, and where embezzlement is SOP, how could one not see a future Palestinian State as an oppressive police state?

By Israel Today Staff


A Palestinian university student has provided further evidence that an independent Palestinian state would be an oppressive police state. In fact, it already is.

PA Police

Earlier this week, Emad Halayqa, a student at Beirzeit University in Ramallah, posted to Facebook that he would far rather be arrested by Israel than by the Palestinian Authority. Continue Reading »

Arrested Hamas activist by Abbas’ PA in Hebron: ‘I wish I’d been arrested by the Jews’


Emad Halayqa, a Hamas-affiliated student union activist at Birzeit University in Ramallah, described his mistreatment by Abbas’ intelligence services on his Facebook page, culminating with a wish that his arrest had been by the Jews instead.



Shedding light on the mistreatment of detainees by the Palestinian Intelligence Services, a Hebron student has publicly announced that he would rather be detained in Israel than in the Palestinian Authority.

Palestinians supporting Hamas chant slogans during a rally celebrating Hamas student supporters winning the student council election at Birzeit University in Ramallah. – Photo: REUTERS

Emad Halayqa, an activist in the Hamas-affiliated student union Kutla Islamiya at Birzeit University in Ramallah, wrote on Monday a post on his Facebook page, describing the way he was treated by the intelligence services. Continue Reading »

Another Palestinian journalist arrested for reporting PA cooperation with IDF




Salim Sweden, a Palestinian journalist who works for the Ma’an news agency, was arrested by Palestinian Authority security forces on Sunday after he reported that the PA provided Israel information which led to the arrest of the gunmen suspected of killing Eitam and Na’ama Henkin on a West Bank roadway last October.
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Hamas orders Palestinians to erase all security camera tapes


PA President Abbas’ office orders all Palestinian security forces to relay any information that could be useful in returning the kidnapped Jewish teens to the IDF.

Islamic Jihad member calls PA coordination with the IDF “akin to betrayal.”

By Daniel Siryoti


The Palestinian Authority security forces and Israel Defense Forces are coordinating their efforts and have a constant open line of communication in the search of the three kidnapped Israeli teens in Hebron, a senior Palestinian security official said.

Sweets are handed out in Gaza to celebrate the kidnapping of three Israeli teens – Photo: AFP

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ office ordered the Palestinian security forces to relay all information that could be useful in finding the kidnapped teens to the IDF.

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Scores of radical Islamists arrested by PA forces in West Bank dragnet


The arrests came after Hizb-ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamic group distributed leaflets condemning PA President Abbas’ NATO suggestion.




Palestinian Authority security forces arrested over the weekend scores of members of the radical group Hizb–ut-Tahrir (Party of Liberation) in the West Bank.

Members of the Palestinian security forces.

Members of the Palestinian security forces.- Photo: REUTERS

The crackdown came after the party distributed a leaflet strongly condemning PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s recent statements to The New York Times, where he said he would agree to the deployment of NATO troops in a future Palestinian state to prevent weapons smuggling and terrorism.

Founded in 1953, Hizb-ut-Tahrir is an international pan-Islamic political group whose goal is to unify all Muslim countries under an Islamic state or Caliphate. Continue Reading »

Abbas’ PA Police Conduct Covert Operation Inside Israeli Jurisdiction

Palestinian Authority forces complete undercover operation to fight crime in ‘no man’s land’ between Jerusalem & Israel’s security fence.

By Tova Dvorin


Without attracting any attention, the Palestinian Authority (PA) Police have been carrying out large scale operations in the police vacuum in neighborhoods north of Jerusalem, according to journalist Baruch Yedid.

Yedid also revealed that the operation was not coordinated with Israeli Police or the IDF – unlike previous operations in Area B which have been prearranged between the PA and Israel. Under the Oslo Accords, Area B refers to territory that is supposed to be under exclusive Israeli security control, while administrative matters are under the PA’s aegis. Continue Reading »

Palestinian protesters play havoc at Israeli-Palestinian peace meeting in Ramallah

Palestinian protesters smash windows and attempted to crash hotel’s conference hall but failed as PA police arrived.



Scores of Palestinian activists on Thursday attacked a hotel in Ramallah where Israelis and Palestinians were holding a meeting to talk about peace.


Chanting slogans against “normalization” with Israel, the attackers smashed windows and tried to storm the conference hall before they were pushed back by dozens of Palestinian Authority policemen.

The meeting, which was held under the motto “Ordinary People Make Peace,” was organized by a group called Israeli-Palestinian Public Negotiating Congress in Ramallah & Jerusalem.

The group is co-chaired by Dr. Continue Reading »

PA Police Reported to be Arresting Israelis in Jerusalem

Palestinian Authority is creating ‘facts on the ground’ in Jerusalem, apparently with government approval.

By Maayana Miskin


Palestinian Authority police officers are arresting Israeli residents in Jerusalem, with Israel’s approval, Walla! news reports.

PA police began a crackdown in the Jerusalem area on Thursday and have reportedly arrested several people, including Arab residents of Jerusalem who hold Israeli ID cards. Arrests have been carried out within the Jerusalem city limits.

Both Israeli and PA sources confirmed the existence of the PA arrest campaign, according to the report.

Among the neighborhoods in which PA police have reportedly been active are A-Ram and Anata. Continue Reading »

IDF Reports Arab from Jenin May Have Been Shot Dead by PA Police

The IDF reported that the Arab resident whom the Palestinian Authority accused the IDF of shooting may very well have been killed by a PA police gunfire.

By David Lev



An Arab resident of a town near Jenin whom the Palestinian Authority accused the IDF of killing may very well have been killed by gunshots fired by PA police. The IDF is investigating the death of the Arab in Qabatiya, south of Jenin late Wedneday, and has found evidence indicating that the Arab was killed by PA gunfire.

The incident occurred as IDF soldiers attempted to arrest security suspects in the town. Continue Reading »

PA Police begin security crackdown on Jihadists in Jenin


Hundreds of Palestinian police officers arrest wanted individuals in & around West Bank city of Jenin including a raid at the home of Jihadist leader Bassam Saadi.

By Elior Levy

The Palestinian Authority is trying to regain control of the problemtic refugee camps in the West Bank. The PA’s security forces began this weekend an arrest operation that concentrates mainly on the refugee camp in Jenin.

Palestinian forces arriving at Jenin – Photo: AP

The operation began on Wednesday, when hundreds of security forces entered the city. During the operation, forces raided the homes of suspects, some of whom are also wanted by the IDF. Continue Reading »

Palestinian journalists protest against continued assaults by Abbas’ security forces


Palestinian journalists plan strike follows incident where PA security officers beat a number of journalists at a rally in Ramallah on Friday.



Palestinian journalists plan to stage a sit-in strike in Ramallah on Sunday in protest against recurring assaults on them by Palestinian Authority security personnel.

PA police stand guard in West Bank

PA police stand guard in West Bank – Photo: REUTERS

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate in the West Bank called on its members to participate in the protest and condemned the attacks as an assault on freedom of expression.

The syndicate called on the PA leadership to punish security officers and policemen who assault journalists.

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Palestinian killed by IDF fire during riot near Mouth Hebron

The Palestinian Security Academy cadet who was shot during clashes with IDF forces in south Mount Hebron, died of his wounds.

Elior Levy

A Palestinian was killed in the village of Dura in the south Mount Hebron from IDF fire late Monday night. A riot broke out on site, in which the Palestinian was shot under unclear circumstances.

A military official confirmed the details and informed that the circumstances behind the event were being examined. Security forces in the area are preparing for further riots in response to the event.

The deceased, Muatez Edris Sharuna, 19, was a cadet in the Palestinian Security Academy in Jericho. Continue Reading »