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Slovenia’s president corrects his Foreign Minister on Palestinian recognition

Slovenia’s President Bohut Pahor stepped in to reiterate Slovenia’s readiness to recognize a state of Palestine only after it “would help to regulate bilateral issues [between the Palestinians and] Israel, and not aggravate them,” but, “at this moment we have not witnessed such circumstances.”

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Slovenia’s President Bohut Pahor on Friday said the circumstances were not ripe to bestow unilateral recognition on the “state of Palestine”, just days after the country’s foreign minister said they were poised to do so.

Karl Viktor Erjavec, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia – Photo: Raul Mee/Wikimedia (left) and his President, Borut Pahor (right) – Photo: UKOM/Wikimedia

A statement from Pahor’s office carried by local media said the president “supports the diplomatic recognition of Palestine in circumstances where this recognition would help to regulate bilateral issues [between the Palestinians and] Israel, and not aggravate them.” Continue Reading »

France preparing ‘Palestine’ recognition

Following a meeting between French FM Fabius & his PA counterpart in Paris, the French Foreign Ministry released a statement indicating Paris was setting the groundwork for French recognition of “Palestine.”



Indications the French do not intend to bring a Middle East peace resolution to the UN Security Council in the coming months were strengthened Tuesday after Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met his Palestinian Authority counterpart and made no mention of the resolution in a statement after the meeting.

French Foreign Affairs minister Laurent Fabius (R) welcomes his Palestinian counterpart Riyad Al-Malki (L). – Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP

Following a meeting in Paris between Fabius and PA Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki, the French Foreign Ministry issued a statement that indicated Paris was beginning to set the groundwork for future French recognition of “Palestine.” Continue Reading »

Chief Palestinian negotiator recommends retracting recognition of Israel

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat suggests PLO should consider rescinding recognition of Jewish State until “reciprocal recognition” of a Palestinian state is made by Jerusalem. 



Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat released a lengthy report on Thursday, detailing the current state of Israeli-Palestinian relations, and proposing a “comprehensive review” of the status quo.

Saeb Erekat

Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat. – Photo: REUTERS

The 56-page report – dubbed, “Determining Palestinian-Israeli relations: Changing, not merely improving, the situation” – lays out a set of recommendations for the Palestinian leadership, including the possibility of retracting official recognition of Israel.

The top Palestinian official suggests that recognizing a Jewish state – as the PLO did circa 1988 – should be conditioned on a “reciprocal recognition” of a Palestinian state by Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Irish lower house passes non-binding motion recognizing Palestine with Jerusalem as capital

The Irish gov’t said it will take such steps only if coordinated with Ireland’s allies in the EU. A gov’t source reported Dublin fears unilateral moves may be counter-productive.

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The Irish lower house of parliament on Wednesday passed a non-binding motion, proposed by the opposition calling on the parliament to recognize Palestine as a state.

Irish parliament – Photo courtesy: Wikipedia Commons

The motion calls on the government to “officially recognize the State of Palestine, on the basis of the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as the capital, as established in UN resolutions, as a further positive contribution to securing a negotiated two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Continue Reading »

European Move For Unilateral Palestinian Statehood Suffers Setbacks

Following Germany Chancellor Merkel’s decree not to follow Sweden’s lead, French and Dutch leaders oppose their country’s unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State.

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Efforts to secure unilateral recognition of an independent Palestinian state suffered serious setbacks in Europe last week, despite warnings by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that, following Sweden’s decision, far more countries were likely to recognize “Palestine” with or without the agreement of Israel.

On Wednesday, former, and possibly future, French president Nicolas Sarkozy urged members of his UMP party to vote against an upcoming motion in France’s National Assembly demanding Paris follow Stockholm’s example regarding a Palestinian state.

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Sarkozy: After synagogue massacre, ‘No’ to Palestinian recognition

Former French president in a speech to party members, objects to a Palestinian bid to attain statehood through recognition via local parliaments, citing deadly terror attacks and the lack of peace talks.

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Former French president Nicholas Sarkozy urged members of his party to vote against a new resolution which would see France join a string of European nations in symbolically recognizing a Palestinian state.

Former French Presidetn Nicholas Sarkozy (Photo: Reuters)

Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy – Photo: Reuters

Speaking to members of his UMP part this Tuesday, Sarkozy said “I will fight for the Palestinians to have their state. But unilateral recognition a few days after a deadly attack and when there is no peace process? Continue Reading »