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French envoy to Israel chides Deputy minister Michael Oren on Twitter

After French Ambassador to Israel Hélène Le Gal Tweets, ‘Shame on you Oren. You didn’t read the resolution.’ for his condemnation of French support of UN’s resolution on ‘international protection’ for Palestinians, she ‘liked’ Emmanuel Navon‏’s tweet that said, “The draft resolution was wrong, one-sided and unbalanced.”

Itamar Eichner


Deputy Minister Michael Oren got into an exchange of condemnations on Twitter with the French ambassador on Saturday after France voted in favor of a Kuwait-proposed resolution draft on “international protection” for the Palestinian people.

“Praise for the US for vetoing Security Council resolution on Gaza that didn’t mention Hamas and condemned the IDF for defending Israel. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu Told French President Macron: Israel Won’t Tolerate Iranian Bases in Syria, Lebanon

During a two-hour meeting in Paris with French President Emmanuel Macron, Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu declares very clearly that Jerusalem will not allow, under any circumstances, for Iran to establish ground or air bases for their soldiers in Syria, or Lebanon.



PARIS – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Israel opposes the US-Russian-brokered cease-fire in Syria because it perpetuates Iran’s military presence in the country and told French President Emmanuel Macron that Iran wants to establish air, land and sea bases in Lebanon, something Jerusalem cannot tolerate.

The warning came during a two-hour meeting the two leaders held in the Élysée Palace, after a ceremony earlier in the day marking 75 years since the roundup and deportation of more than 13,000 French Jews during the Holocaust. Continue Reading »

French President Macron vows NOT to recognize ‘Palestine’


France’s new liberal president said he would rather maintain a good relationship with the State of Israel than “undermine stability” and recognize ‘Palestine.’

By Israel Today Staff


Palestinian Arabs probably celebrated the victory of Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential election last week.

After all, his opponent, Marine Le Pen, made abundantly clear her frustration with, if not outright disdain for, the Islamic world.

Supporters of Macron celebrating his victory at the Louvre on 7 May – Photo: Lorie Shaull/Wikimedia

But there was another aspect to the election for Palestinians, who have in recent years tried to get France to take a central role in the Middle East peace process, confident that the liberal European power would be among the first to openly embrace a Palestinian state. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem residents receive French voting info addressed to: ‘PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES’


French expatriates, dual-citizens now living in East Jerusalem and Judea & Samaria expressed their contempt Thursday, after receiving official voter information letters addressed to them in the “Palestinian Territories.”



French-Israelis living in the West Bank and east Jerusalem expressed outrage Thursday, after receiving voter information letters addressed to the “Palestinian Territories.”

“I was in shock,” said Dina Cohen, a resident of Kochav Ya’acov, a settlement close to Jerusalem. “This letter is like a slap in the face.”

Some French residents living in Jerusalem neighborhoods such as Gilo and Har Homa also received letters addressed to the “Palestinian territories.” Continue Reading »

French Presidential candidate: Wrong time to recognize Palestinian state


French independent presidential front-runner Emmanuel Macron said he is against BDS, against boycotts and said such anti-Zionism leads directly to antisemitism.



PARIS – French independent presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday that recognizing a Palestinian state at this stage would serve nothing.

Emmanuel Macron – Photo: Pablo Tupin-Noriega/Wikimedia France

The important task now is to create an atmosphere that will enable a peace process to be launched, the 39-year-old said in an interview on the Jewish community Radio J station in Paris.

Less than two weeks before the first round of elections, French voters seem increasingly indecisive about which candidate to choose. Continue Reading »

French doctors and press team visit Israel to learn emergency protocols


French doctors, accompanied with journalists, tour Israel’s emergency underground hospital at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center to learn about emergency protocols enacted when dealing with mass casualties.

By Israel Hayom Staff


A delegation of French doctors arrived in Israel to learn about emergency protocols for hospitals in situations of mass casualties and terrorist attacks, French media reported.

The doctors and the accompanying press team visited the ninth floor underground at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, where there is a sheltered emergency room. The Israeli medical staff explained to their French counterparts that all 800 patients in the hospital, along with the medical equipment, can be relocated to the underground sheltered floors in less than an hour. Continue Reading »

France mulls adopting Israeli-style administrative detention to deter terrorism


A French opposition MP, who’s a top counter-terror expert, advocates adopting a controversial Israel-style administrative detention to deter terrorism, as France is faced with new terror threats.



A top French counter-terror expert dropped a political bombshell Wednesday saying “we need to have administrative detention” and adding that he will visit Israel’s detention center at Ofer Prison as a potential future model.

The official, French opposition MP Georges Fenech made the surprising comments at the IDC Herzliya Conference on Counter-Terrorism on the university’s campus.

Fenech, who heads the French Parliamentary Special Commission into terror attacks in France, said “I know as a judge that it is hard” to reduce civil liberties. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem rejects French ‘peace’ initiative ahead of FM visit to Israel


Prior to the French FM’s visit with PM Netanyahu on Sunday, Dr. Dore Gold, the Foreign Ministry director general, explains Israel’s opposition to the French initiative.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A top Israeli official on Friday reiterated the country’s opposition to a French attempt to resurrect the peace process with the Palestinian Authority (PA), ahead of a visit by France’s foreign minister on Sunday.

Paris will hold an international ministerial meeting on May 30 to try to revive peace talks that have been frozen since a US-brokered initiative was torpedoed by the PA in April 2014, when it signed a unity agreement with Hamas. Continue Reading »

Ultimatum to Israel: Enter Peace-talks With PA or France Recognizes Palestinian State


French Foreign Minister says his gov’t will formally recognize the State of Palestinian if efforts in coming weeks to break the Israeli-Palestinian deadlock fail.

News agencies


France will recognize a Palestinian state if its efforts in coming weeks to try to break the deadlock between Israelis and Palestinians fail, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Friday.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius – Photo: AFP

“France will engage in the coming weeks in the preparation of an international conference bringing together the parties and their main partners, American, European, Arab, notably to preserve and make happen the solution of two states,” he said.

Continue Reading »

France’s PM Valls condemns BDS for turning ‘Criticism of Israel into anti-Semitism’



The French government firmly condemns boycotts of Israel, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls this week said, warning against the phenomenon of organizations criticizing Israeli policies turning to anti-Semitic activities.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls leaves after a speech to present a plan to fight racism and anti-Semitism at the Prefecture in Creteil near Paris April 17, 2015. – Photo: REUTERS

Valls made his statement Wednesday in response to a question from French MP Meyer Habib, who pointed out the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel is active in France despite laws against boycotts, and called for better enforcement. Continue Reading »

French Special Police Forces’ Unit Chief Said His Commandos’ Methods Learned From Israelis

French intelligence officials received pertinent intel from a foreign spy service regarding the whereabouts of Abu Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the architect of last week’s Paris atrocities.



Jean-Michel Fauvergue, the commander of the RAID special police forces unit which carried out the raid in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis on Wednesday, said that many of the methods used by his charges were learned from their Israeli counterpart.

Jean Michel Fauvergue, head of the RAID special police forces unit, poses in Bievres, outside of Paris. – Photo: AFP

In an interview with the French-language daily Le Figaro, Fauvergue said that the operation, which resulted in the deaths of two terrorists and the arrest of five others, took seven hours. Continue Reading »

French PM Jumps After Netanyahu’s Skepticism: ‘Don’t Prejudge My Peace Proposals’

view videoWATCH as Netanyahu tells his Cabinet Ministers how again int’l peace proposals are forced on Jerusalem, pushing Israel to indefensible borders



Following earlier comments made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu critical of international efforts to restart the stalled talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius urged Israel not to prejudge his efforts and warned of the dangers of a continued stalemate.

fabiusFrench Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius gestures during a press conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah June 21, 2015. – Photo: ABBAS MOMANI/AFP


Fabius is on a two-day visit to the Middle East and made the comments at a news conference in Ramallah. Continue Reading »

French cable car company quits Jerusalem project

Decision to drop out of the agreement was made ‘to avoid any political interpretations’ that may result in legal charges by Palestinians.


PARIS – For political reasons, the French company SAFEGE has withdrawn from the Jerusalem cable-car project, which is largely located over the Green Line.

THE SAFEGE FIRM built this experimental transport system in Châteauneuf-sur-Loire, in northcentral France. – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

After two years of involvement in the project during the feasibility-study stage, the company decided to forgo any further participation, Le Figaro. The decision was made “to avoid any political interpretations,” a representative of SAFEGE’s parent company, Suez Environnement, told the newspaper. Continue Reading »

Israel advises France on strategy before resumption of P5+1 nuclear talks

Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister travels to Paris in attempt to ‘amend loopholes’ in current Iran deal, as French official openly admits Netanyahu overplayed his hand in Congressional speech.

By Reuters


Top Israeli envoys were sent to confer with French officials on Sunday about preventing what Israel considers an unfavorable nuclear deal with Iran after tensions surfaced between France and the United States over negotiation strategy.

Strategic Affairs Minister Steinitz and Prime Minister Netanyahu – Photo: Ohad Zwegenberg

Though France has demanded more stringent restrictions than other Western delegations during talks with Iran, one French diplomat played down Israel’s sway in Paris, saying that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had overplayed his hand in a March 3 speech to the US Congress.

Continue Reading »

France Honors Muslim Who Saved Jews in Terrorist Attack With French Nationality

An official ceremony will be held on Jan 20, giving Lassana Bathily his French passport for his bravery during the hostage taking in the Hyper Casher market.

By Reuters


A Malian Muslim who hid shoppers from an Islamist gunman during an attack on a Jewish supermarket in Paris will be given French nationality, the Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

Lassana Bathily – Photo: Le Parisien

After the gunman had already killed people during a hostage taking in the store on Friday, 24-year old shop attendant Lassana Bathily hid several people.

Bathily saved the lives of six people whom he took to the supermarket’s freezer – sparing them from the scarring scene that was underway. Continue Reading »