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Hundreds of Palestinians drown at sea attempting to flee Hamas’ Gaza

After Gaza regime’s war against Israel, more & more Gazans are attempting to flee Hamas’ authority through Egypt, where a recent boat sinking near Malta saw over 500 people go missing or die en route to Europe.

Elior Levy



With Gaza under an Egyptian-Israeli blockade, scores of Gazans are forces to find original ways of fleeing the coastal enclave – usually through underground tunnels into Egypt and then on boats to Europe where they hope to attain refugee status. Palestinian media publishes firsthand accounts of the periling and dangerous journey.

En route to Europe (Photo: AFP/ MOAS ? HO)

En route to Europe – Photo: AFP/ MOAS ?

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UN to evaluate UNWRA’s definition & exploitation of Palestinian refugees


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Fleeing Palestinians from Syria seek refugee status in Thailand


A year after hundreds of Palestinians fled Syria for Thailand, the UNHCR has yet to grant refugee status. Too busy investigating Israel, perhaps?




Dozens of Palestinians stranded in Thailand after fleeing war-torn Syria a year ago on Thursday petitioned the United Nations to speed up the process of granting them refugee status.

Civilians clean a street from rubble of damaged buildings at the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk

Civilians clean a street from rubble of damaged buildings at the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, south of Damascus, February 12, 2014. – Photo: Reuters

The Palestinian petitioners, most of them children, gathered outside the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Bangkok in a bid to draw attention to their increasingly desperate plight in the kingdom.

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Syrian Palestinian: ‘I Want Israeli Citizenship’


No Flotillas, No ‘Peace Convoys’, no pro-Palestine activists even planing help, as the Arab states, Hamas and even Palestinian Authority seem uninterested in Palestinian starvation and suffering in Syria.

Only Israel seems to have been helping.

By Israel Today Staff


Refugee camp resident in Damascus living under ‘suffocating siege’ says Mahmoud Abbas and the Arab world to blame for starvation.

Palestinian in Damascus: ‘I Want Israeli Citizenship’ – Screenshot

Two thousand Palestinians have been killed in Syria’s ongoing civil war, a drop in the bucket compared to the 120,000 estimated overall deaths. But many of those Palestinian casualties are the result of starvation, and many are children. Continue Reading »

More ‘Palestinian Refugees’ Starve to death in Syria With no Flotillas on the Way

Since the Al-Yarmouk camp is besieged by the Syrian army for months, with the death toll up to 48, no world outrage or assistance since Israel can’t be blamed or demonized.

By Ari Yashar



The Al-Yarmouk “Palestinian refugee camp” in southern Damascus has been under an ongoing siege by the Syrian army. An opposition group said Saturday that two more starved to death in the camp this weekend, bringing the death total to 48.

The Syrian Revolution General Commission (SRGC), a coalition of rebel forces, said the camp of roughly 20,000 descendants of Arabs who left Israel during the 1948 war ran out of food and medical supplies after 180 days of siege by President Bashar Assad’s forces. Continue Reading »

Libyan coastguard shoot boat with fleeing Syrian Palestinians


An Action Group in Syria said 70 refugees survived the attack of the 374 Palestinians that were aboard the boat, which left the Libyan port of Zwara late Thursday.

The PA reported 32 refugees died.



Hamas called on Palestinians fleeing Syria to come to the Gaza Strip instead of risking their lives at sea while searching for asylum, on Tuesday.

Syrian and Palestinian refugees at Catania harbour in the island of Sicily October 8, 2013.

Syrian and Palestinian refugees at Catania harbour in the island of Sicily October 8, 2013. – Photo: REUTERS

The call, which was made by Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, came after the Libyan coastguard opened fire at a boat carrying 374 Palestinian refugees from Syria.

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Palestinians in Syria allowed to Eat ‘Cats & Dogs’

Under siege & starving, since PA President Mahmoud Abbas refused to assist fellow Palestinians from the al-Yarmouk camp in Syria, the local imam has given them permission to eat cats and dogs.

By Dalit Halevy



In his Friday sermon, an imam at the Palestinian Al-Yarmouk camp south of Damascus gave local residents permission to eat dead cats and dogs. The camp has been under siege for three months, the humanitarian situation there has severely deteriorated and the supply of food has not been steady, reports Shalom Toronto.

FSA fighters in Yarmouk camp – Reuters

Palestinians in Syria are, generally speaking, loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s regime, but gunmen from the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) entered the strategically located Yarmouk camp in large numbers, prompting the Syrian army to attack the camp. Continue Reading »

The Forgotten Refugees of 1948: Jews Exiled From Muslim Lands



The int’l community as well as mainstream media gushes over refugees, except when those refugees happen to be Jewish.

By Noah Beck



June 20 was World Refugee Day, dedicated to nearly 60 million people worldwide who were forcibly displaced by conflict or persecution. One group of refugees rarely acknowledged is the Jews who were indigenous to Muslim lands but compelled to flee around the time when the State of Israel was established.

Jewish Refugees – Israel Today


A Google search for “1948 refugees” produces about 6 million results. All but a few (at least through page six) are about the Palestinian Arab refugees, as if they were the only refugees of 1948. Continue Reading »

Syrian regime accused of firing chemical weapons on Palestinians

Opposition fighters report 22 killed in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus from gas inhalation.




Syrian opposition activists say that the military has used chemical weapons against the Al Yarmouk district of Damascus, an area of the city comprised predominantly of Palestinian refugees, Israel Radio reported.

A Free Syrian Army fighter in Yarmouk refugee camp

A Free Syrian Army fighter in Yarmouk refugee camp – Photo: REUTERS

Palestinian sources said that 22 people have been killed in the area, most from inhalation of poisonous gases.

In what was considered a significant tactical and moral victory, forces battling to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad captured the Yarmouk region this past December.

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The makings of the world’s preferred refugees

Unlike other refugees, be they Syrian, Libyan, or Sudanese, the Palestinians have their own funding, their own set of rules & qualifications, and even their own int’l agency to perpetuate the largest fraud and parasitic organization on the planet, the UNRWA.



For millions of refugees, World Refugee Day is a day like any other. From Mali to South Sudan and from Myanmar to Haiti, countless men, women and children will once again awaken today to an uncertain future.
Palestinian girl at UNRWA school [illustrative]

Palestinian girl at UNRWA school – Photo: Ali Hashisho/Reuters

They are aided in their perilous journey by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), which works with governments to advocate and seek asylum for all refugees.
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UNRWA Billions to Palestinians refugees at the expense of all others worldwide

1. Palestinians, unlike any other refugee population in the world, pass on their refugee status from generation to generation.

2. Palestinians, unlike any other refugee population in the world, maintain their refugee status even when gaining citizenship in another country.

3. UNRWA’s facilities have been used by Palestinians as a launch-pad for terrorist activities.

4. UNRWA’s ambulances have been used by terrorists to shield their murderous activity from Israeli reprisal.

5. UNRWA’s educational facilities have been used to teach children to glorify martyrdom, extolling the virtues of jihad.

By Yoni Dayan


The time has come to admit the truth: The world cares more about the life of a Palestinian than the life of a Syrian, Sudanese, Kenyan, Colombian or Congolese. Continue Reading »

Future Palestine refuses to accept Palestinian Refugees as citizens of new state


The Palestinian ambassador unequivocally says that Palestinian refugees would not become citizens of the sought for UN-recognized Palestinian state. “They are Palestinians, that’s their identity,” he says. “But … they are not automatically citizens.”

By Annie Slemrod of The Daily Star


BEIRUT: Palestinian refugees will not become citizens of a new Palestinian state, according to Palestine’s ambassador to Lebanon.

Ambassador Abdullah with Palestine’s symbolic U.N. seat in the foreground. - Photo by Mahmoud Kheir, The Daily Star

Ambassador Abdullah with Palestine’s symbolic U.N. seat in the foreground. – Photo by Mahmoud Kheir, The Daily Star

From behind a desk topped by a miniature model of Palestine’s hoped-for blue United Nations chair, Ambassador Abdullah Abdullah spoke to The Daily Star Wednesday about Palestine’s upcoming bid for U.N.

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Israel’s Envoy seeks solution to end UN’s flawed Palestinian refugee status


Israel’s envoy to the UN Ron Prosor: The real obstacle to peace is right of return for Palestinian ‘refugees’, not settlements, adding, the transfer of status through the generations is “misguided.”



NEW YORK – At a small conference at the Harvard Club in Manhattan on Thursday, a host of dignitaries and experts, including Israel’s envoy to the UN Ron Prosor, addressed the UN’s classification of Palestinian refugees as the principal stumbling block to a peace agreement between Israel and the PLO.

Daniel Pipes

Dr. Daniel Pipes, a leading international expert on the Middle East, opened the conference, declaring that the Palestinian refugee situation is broken, sick, and detrimental to all involved.

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Hamas Reports: 885 Palestinians killed in Syrian conflict

Lebanon’s ‘Daily Star’ reports that 20,000 Palestinian refugees from Syria fled to Lebanon.



Eight hundred and eighty-five Palestinians have been killed in Syria since the uprising against President Bashar Assad erupted nearly two years ago, Lebanon’s Daily Star, citing a Hamas spokesman, reported Friday.

A Palestinian refugee camp in Syria [file photo]

A Palestinian refugee camp in Syria – Photo: Khaled Al Hariri/Reuters

According to the report, based on Hamas figures, a further 20,500 Palestinian refugees from Syria remain trapped in Lebanon, including at least 3,500 who fled last month following a fierce outbreak of violence in the Yarmouk refugee camp outside Damascus.

Syria hosts an estimated half a million Palestinian refugees, and both Assad’s government and the mainly Sunni Muslim rebels have enlisted and armed Palestinians as the uprising has developed into a civil war.

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‘Palestine’ says “NO!” to UNRWA request to accept Syrian Palestinian refugees

Palestinians don’t want Palestinian refugees as Gaza & Ramallah both refuse UNRWA’s request to ‘help their brothers’.

Past calls to come to ‘Palestine’ were empty promises of help; were only made to rattle Israel.

By Aviel Schneider


The Palestinian governments in Gaza (Hamas) and the so-called “West Bank” (Mahmoud Abbas) have refused to take Palestinian refugees from war-ridden Syria.

Recently, the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which was created to handle the issue of Palestinian Arab refugees, asked the Palestinian governments to allow their brothers from Syria to enter.

Palestinian Arabs in Syria have had to flee their refugee camps under attack from Syrian rebels who view the Palestinians as supporters of dictator Bashar Assad. Continue Reading »