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Assad’s army destroying Palestinian camp to cleanse area of ISIS

UNRWA has expressed shock at the devastation of the once thriving Palestinian suburb of Damascus, with Yarmouk turned into a concrete jungle of destruction.
• Since “it’s [the] Assad regime [and not Israel] let’s keep the focus on ISIS,” an official at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies tweeted cynically.



For a week, the Syrian regime has bombarded the Palestinian refugee camp and neighborhood of Yarmouk in southern Damascus.

Fears have risen about the fate of the thousands trapped between infighting between the regime and armed groups such as Islamic State and Hayet Tahrir al-Sham, which captured most of the camp in 2015. Continue Reading »

US State Dept refuses to declassify UNRWA report asserting agency inflates numbers

Classified by the Obama White House, State Department hold-outs  refuse to turn over ‘unclassified version’ to Congress, knowing report would expose Palestinian myth of the actual number of refugees, lowering ‘official’ 5 million, to mere 10’s of thousands.

By: Adam Kredo


The State Department is hiding a classified report on Palestinian refugees that insiders say could be a game changer in how the United States approaches the situation and allocates millions in taxpayer funds to a key United Nations agency, according to multiple sources briefed on the situation.

As the United States moves forward with a decision to slash funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the agency responsible for providing education and support to some five million Palestinian refugees, officials on Capitol Hill and elsewhere have been pressuring the State Department to declassify a report that is believed to show the actual number of refugees is far fewer than the U.N. Continue Reading »

White Paper: The Case For Dismantling UNRWA

Instead of being a solution for the Palestinian refugee problem, UNRWA has become a facilitator for its eternal perpetuation. Without UNRWA, these Arab refugees, and certainly their children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren, would have resettled in their Arab host countries, or elsewhere in the world, decades ago.

Dismantle UNRWA by 


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: In a surprising change of policy, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has called for the dismantling of UNRWA. Such a move could benefit both Israel and the peace process. The new US administration might change its decades-old policy as well.

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stunned many by declaring that the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) should be dismantled. Continue Reading »

Dore Gold: UNRWA “perpetuates the Palestinian refugee problem rather than solves it.”


More than any other issue, leaving the UNRWA problem intact for yet another generation of refugees undermines any possibility of reaching reconciliation between the parties. You cannot resolve a conflict while feeding UNRWA to perpetuate it at the same time.



Last July, the Middle East Quartet was groping to find an explanation for why the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had not yet been resolved.

Ann Dismorr, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, with a map that shows all of Israel as “Palestine”.- Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

Israel, which had gone through an escalation of knifing attacks on its citizens rightfully stressed in its briefings the twin problems of continuing Palestinian violence and the state-sponsored incitement that promoted it. Continue Reading »

Ignoring all others in Syria, UN organization appeals for donations to assist Palestinians


Unique to only Palestinians, who have their very own UN refugee relief organization, UNRWA seeks $411 million to support only the Syrian ‘Palestinian’ refugees.

By i24news – AFP


The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees on Monday appealed for emergency funds to provide aid to nearly half a million Palestinians affected by the war in Syria.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, said almost all the estimated 450,000 Palestinian refugees still inside Syria are in “critical need” of humanitarian aid in order to survive.

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp - Photo: UNRWA.ORG

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp – Photo: UNRWA.ORG

It said it needed $411 million to support the Palestinians inside Syria as well as 47,000 others who have fled to neighboring Jordan and Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Lebanon constructs ‘security wall’ around Palestinian refugee camp to isolate violence


This week Lebanese authorities began construction on an ‘isolation wall’ to encompass the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp following a wide range of “security concerns.”


The first blocks of an isolation wall were erected around the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon this week, as a plan to build ‘security’ wall and watchtowers around Ain al-Hilweh came into effect.

The security wall forms part of an agreement between Palestinian factions and the authorities in Lebanon in attempt to contain recent confrontations between Palestinians inside the camp and the Lebanese army, Lebanese and Palestinian officials claim. Continue Reading »

The “Other” Palestinians the world couldn’t care less about


Since 2011, nearly 3,500 Palestinians have been killed in Syria, but because these Palestinians were not killed by Israel, mainstream media, ‘human rights’ organizations, or even Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have given them any attention.

The “Other” Palestinians by Khaled Abu Toameh



It seems as though the international community has forgotten that Palestinians can be found far beyond the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. These “other” Palestinians live in Arab countries such as Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, and their many serious grievances are evidently of no interest to the international community. It is only Palestinians residing in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that garner international attention. Continue Reading »

American lawmakers demand UNRWA produce true number of Palestinian refugees


“UNRWA is sort of becoming an entitlement program of the Middle East,” with the US giving hundreds of millions of dollars EVERY YEAR to UNRWA, to provide free education, free health & social services programs to 3rd generation descendants of anyone who once claimed to be a refugee.



WASHINGTON – Longstanding US support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is facing new questions this week, as both houses of Congress work to modify critical funding bills to determine the legitimacy of the agency’s operations.

A Palestinian refugee knocks on the closed gate of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) headquarters with his walking stick.

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Angry ‘Palestinian refugees’ close UNRWA facilities for ending free healthcare

After being required to partially pay for their health care, Palestinians in Lebanon close down 4 UNRWA offices in their 2nd day of protest, demanding 100% free, UN funded treatment.

By Ari Yashar


“Palestinian refugees” living in Lebanon on Friday closed UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) offices across the country in protest for the second day in a row, in protest for being made to partially pay for their health care.

The protest on Thursday shut down UNRWA offices in Tripoli in the north as well as Ain El Hilweh and Mieh Mieh “refugee camps” in the south, and on Friday the UNRWA office in south Lebanon was again shut in protest, reports the Lebanese state-run National News Agency.
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EU bankrolls group holding forum in Tel Aviv on how to destroy Israel as Jewish State

The EU is financing the rabid anti-Israeli organization Zochrot, that’s set to host a conference in Tel Aviv next week to discuss how to flood Israel with ‘Palestinian refugees’, bringing an end to a Jewish state.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The radical anti-Israeli organization Zochrot will host a conference in Tel Aviv next week, thanks to funding from European governments and US organizations.

The event is titled “The Third International Conference on the Return of Palestinian Refugees.” It will focus on how to make Israel give citizenship to all Palestinians around the world, and how such a move would end Israel’s status as a Jewish state. 

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With mere weeks before retirement, Abbas finally seeks to aid Palestinian refugees


After years of saying “No”  PA president Abbas now calls on UN to demand that Israel allows over half a million desperate Palestinian refugees take shelter in Judea & Samaria, while opposition leader Herzog calls on Netanyahu to take in Syrian refugees.



Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on the United Nations Saturday to press Israel to allow Palestinians from refugee camps in Syria to take shelter in the Palestinian territories, whose external borders are controlled by the Jewish state.

Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmouk, Syria – Photo: EPA

“President Abbas has asked the Palestinian representative to the UN to implement as quickly as possible, in coordination with the UN secretary general, measures for the return of Palestinian refugees from Syria to the Palestinian territories,” his office said. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Leaders Silent With Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians in Arab Countries

PA leaders seek “war crimes” charges against Israel at ICC on cynical claims, but when Palestinians are seen as parasites and victims of actual ethnic cleansing & torture in Syria, Lebanon & Iraq, they do nothing.

By Khaled Abu Toameh


It is no secret that most of the Arab countries have long been mistreating their Palestinian brethren by subjecting them to a series of Apartheid-like discriminatory laws and regulations that often deny them basic rights.

Part of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, near Damascus, Syria, after being damaged by fighting. – Photo: RT video screenshot

In countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Syria, Palestinians are treated as second and third class citizens, a fact that has forced many of them to seek better lives in the U.S., Continue Reading »

PFLP Challenges UNRWA’s financial crisis as conspiracy to eliminate refugee problem.

Radical terrorist group plans to increase their protests, accusing UNRWA of ‘extorting Palestinians, pressuring them to accept political solutions aimed at ending the refugee problem.’



Palestinians on Sunday stepped up their protests against UNRWA’s threats to halt its services due to a severe financial crisis facing the international agency.

Palestinian policemen loyal to Hamas guard outside the UNRWA headquarters in Gaza City. – Photo: REUTERS

The protesters are particularly concerned about UNRWA’s threats to delay the opening of the new academic year in its schools in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and neighboring Arab countries. Continue Reading »

Treachery within the PLO? – Senior Fatah Official Murdered in Lebanon

Unknown assassins ambush Colonel Talal al-Ourdouni and his body guards inside of Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, leaving the senior official & a body guard dead.

By Matt Wanderman


A senior Fatah member was killed in southern Lebanon today (Saturday), according to a security official.

Ain el-Hilweh camp in southern Lebanon – Photo: Reuters

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, told AFP that “Colonel Talal al-Ourdouni was shot dead by two unidentified men while he was walking in the southern part of Ain al-Hilweh camp.” He added that Ourdouni had two bodyguards, one of whom was wounded and the other killed. Continue Reading »

Inside the Mid-East: Syrian Palestinians have lost respect for Hezbollah



Beirut, Lebanon—Chain smoking next to his living room window in Beirut’s Shatila refugee camp, Khaled recalled the beginning of Syria’s uprising.  A 21-year-old Palestinian from Yarmouk, a refugee camp established in 1948 to house Palestinians who fled their homes during the Arab-Israel war, he says his father physically restrained him from participating in demonstrations against the regime.

Palestinian and Hezbollah flags.

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