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Video Report: West Bank Palestinian demonstration against Abbas gets violent


view videoTensions rise in West Bank refugee camps over the Palestinian Authority’s control, which is causing concern, as the future of Mahmoud Abbas’ authority remains in limbo since demonstrations and armed clashes have broken out.





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Palestinian killed after throwing IED at IDF soldiers in Qalandiya

IDF forces responded by return-fire after encountering scores of Palestinians shooting & throwing improvised explosive devices at them  when unit entered refugee camp to arrest wanted suspect.

By Yoav Zitun


IDF forces killed a Palestinian Tuesday morning and lightly wounded another during a violent confrontation in the Qalandiya refugee camp north of Jerusalem.


Rioting Palestinians [file] – Photo: AP

The army reported that scores of Palestinians approached the soldiers, shooting towards them and throwing stones and improvised explosive devices.

According to the IDF, the soldiers returned fire, killing one of the Palestinians who had thrown the devices and wounding another. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem riots leaves 35 injured as slain Palestinian youth laid to rest

Riots break out in Jerusalem as Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir, the Arab teen killed in possible pay-back attack for the kidnapping/murder of 3 Israeli teens, is laid to rest.

By Hassan Shaalan


Violent protests by Palestinians broke out in Jerusalem Friday as a Palestinian youth some believe was killed by far-right Israelis was laid to rest. Reports from the field indicated that 35 people were lightly injured after heavy clashes with police who initiated riot control measures to disperse the violent crowd.


Jerusalem riots – Photo: AP

Meanwhile, the boy’s father spoke to Ynet and said he demanded Israel find his son’s killer and destory his house, as it did for the killers of the three Israeli teens found dead after being presumed kidnapped since June. Continue Reading »

Investigation: Report received of Palestinian youth shot dead by IDF

IDF investigating report received of shooting near Jalazone refugee camp, north of Ramallah.

IDF source said the preliminary report of the incident “still sketchy”.



The IDF shot and killed Wajih Ramahi, 15, from the Jalazone refugee camp north of Ramallah on Saturday evening, according to B’Tselem.

IDF troops take up position during clashes with Palestinian stonethrowers in Hebron. Sept. 22, 2013.- Photo: REUTERS

IDF troops take up position during clashes with Palestinian stone-throwers in Hebron. Sept. 22, 2013.- Photo: REUTERS

Its spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli said a field worker at the Ramallah hospital where Ramahi was taken reported from doctors there that he had been shot in the back.

The IDF launched an investigation after receiving a Palestinian report via the civil administration about the shooting of a teenager. Continue Reading »

West Bank: Palestinians & Settlers clash = 10 injured

Security forces called in to disperse some 30 settlers & 100 Palestinians who clashed near Binyamin settlement

Itamar Fleishman

Violent riots broke out Saturday as dozens of settlers and Palestinians clashed in the West Bank settlement of Binyamin. Ten people sustained injuries as a result of stone hurling.

Settlers clash with Palestinians in Urif last week – Photo Reuters

The clashes started when settlers arrived at a central junction in the settlement in order to protest the recent incidents stone throwing at Israeli cars in the region. According to settlers, Palestinians from neighboring villages arrived at the scene and began hurling stones and attacking them with sticks. Continue Reading »

Al-Jazeera reporter in Sakhnin assaulted by Assad supporters

Dozens of Arab protesters who support the Syrian president assault an Al-Jazeera reporter & his his crew during Land Day procession in Sakhnin.

Channel 1 journalist, and 2 others were lightly injured.

By Hassan Shaalan


A scuffle broke out Saturday during a Land Day procession in Sakhnin. Several dozen protesters who support Syrian President Bashar Assad assaulted an Al-Jazeera reporter and his crew.

יום האדמה בסכנין (צילום: מוחמד שינאווי)

Land Day in Sakhnin – Photo: Mohammed Shinawi

The rioters hurled water bottles at the journalists claiming they were fabricating reports about the situation in Syria. The scuffle quickly spread to include other protesters. Three people were lightly injured including a Channel 1 journalist who sustained a minor head injury and was treated at a local clinic. Continue Reading »

British consul general to Israel, flee attacking Ramallah students

Sir Vincent Fean’s lecture at Birzeit University meets students’ fury. Envoy’s car mobbed upon leaving campus, no harm comes to consul or UK staff, only the car.

By Attila Somfalvi


British Consul General in Jerusalem Sir Vincent Fean was attacked Tuesday at the Birzeit University in Ramallah. He was unharmed.

Sir Vincent FeanSir Fean was scheduled to be the university’s guest lecturer on Tuesday, and planned to speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Britain’s policies in the Middle East.

His arrival on campus met with a large student protest. Dozens of Palestinian students heckled the British envoy, chanted and held banners protesting what they said was Britain’s support for the establishment of Israel and its policies. Continue Reading »

Palestinians suggest autopsy showed prisoner died of torture in Israeli jail

Territories erupts after Palestinian detainee’s death in Megiddo Prison Saturday

State autopsy performed in presence of Palestinian pathologist & several family members as other inmates continue their hunger strike

Elior Levy


Security forces and Palestinian youth clashed on Sunday in Hebron and in the Beit Einun village close to Saeer, where Arafat Jaradat resided until he died in Megiddo Prison on Saturday.

פלסטיני מיידה אבן בחברון, היום (צילום: AFP)

In Hebron, Sunday – Photo: AFP

Palestinian sources claimed that Jaradat’s autopsy reveals that he underwent torture, which caused his death.

Jaradat’s body was dissected in the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute in the presence of a Palestinian pathologist, several family members and a legal team from the Palestinian Authority’s Prisoner Affairs office. Continue Reading »

Palestinian hunger striking prisoner jailed for 8 months

Wave of protests in West Bank over the arrest of Samer Issawi who broke his parole terms after his release under the ‘Shalit deal’.

Detained since July, he is expected to be released next month.

Aviel Magnezi


Against the backdrop of West Bank protests expressing solidarity with hunger striking Palestinian prisoners, administrative detainee Samer Issawi was sentenced Thursday to an eight month prison sentence – this for illegally entering the West Bank, thus breaking the terms of his release in the Shalit prisoner exchange.

His retroactive sentence, running from the day of his July 2012 detention, means his release is anticipated for March. Continue Reading »

Palestinians demonstrate violently for imprisoned hunger strikers

About  200 Palestinians throw stones at IDF &  Police during West Bank demonstration in support of prisoners on hunger strikes.

Security forces respond with tear gas. MK Tibi: Region will burn if any hunger-striking prisoner die.

By Elior Levy


Protesters at a Palestinian demonstration in support of prisoners on a hunger strike clashed on Friday with Israeli troops and Border Guard officers.

Stone-throwing PalistaniansThe IDF said that during the protest, held at the Bituniya crossing near Ofer Prison, about 200 Palestinians threw rocks at the soldiers who responded with tear gas during the rally in the West Bank.

One soldier was lightly wounded by stones hurled in his direction. Continue Reading »

IDF goes on High Alert in Judea and Samaria

The IDF & Security Services are on alert in Judea & Samaria and Jerusalem due to intel of another terrorist attack.

By Maayana Miskin


The IDF is on alert in Judea, Samaria (Shomron) and Jerusalem on Friday over threats of further terrorist attacks. There has been increased violence in the region in recent days, beginning with the outbreak of the Pillar of Defense battle with Gaza terrorists.

On Thursday night the IDF conducted an arrest operation, detaining 28 Palestinian Authority residents suspected of involvement in terrorism.

The night before, 55 suspects were arrested, some of them PA members of parliament affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Continue Reading »

As Palestinian protests turn violent, PA leaders seek economic solutions

Violent West Bank demonstrations over unpaid salaries & high prices are largest show of popular discontent with PA in 18 years • Unrest reminiscent of Arab Spring protests as Protesters attack police station and burn tires.

The Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


Palestinian ministers were meeting on Tuesday to discuss ways of easing economic hardships that have provoked growing protests across the West Bank, challenging the Western-backed Palestinian Authority.

Palestinian protests over the high cost of living turned violent in Hebron on Monday. – Photo: AP

Palestinian demonstrators fed up with high prices and unpaid salaries shuttered shops, halted traffic with burning tires and clashed with riot police in demonstrations across the West Bank on Monday in the largest show of popular discontent with the Palestinian Authority in its 18-year existence.

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