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‘Deal of the Century’ may spur ICC case on Jewish settlements

Analysis: With the Trump State Department’s policy on Jewish settlements a direct contradiction to previous administrations, Israeli leaders may find themselves facing an ICC prosecutor who contends there’s a ‘reasonable basis’ to believe building Jewish neighborhoods is a war crime.

By the Associated Press


Emboldened by a supportive White House, Israel appears to be barreling toward a showdown with the international community over its half-century-old settlement enterprise in the West Bank.

With the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court poised to launch a war crimes probe of Israel’s settlement policies, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday announced plans to move ahead with the potentially explosive annexation of large parts of the West Bank, including dozens of settlements. Continue Reading »

Defense Minister introduces reciprocal measures for ‘violent’ settlements


Defense Minister Ya’alon orders police, military & Civil Administration to prioritize razing structures built illegally without permits & licenses in Judea & Samaria outposts and/or settlements where the residents have a history of violently attacking Israel’s security forces.

By Israel Hayom Staff


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Appeal court returns Hebron house to Jewish settlers

After eviction from disputed home near Tomb of the Patriarchs over “irregularities” in the purchase from Palestinian owners, settlers’ appeal win allows their return to their legally bought building.

Defense Minister still needs to approve re-entry.

By Efrat Forsher

The purchase of a house near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron by Jewish settlers was legal, a military appeals committee ruled on Monday, after the deal was refused approval by the Civil Administration.
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Settlers & Palestinians band together against problematic waste dump

Regional Arabs & Settlers all agree with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel saying their dump is environmentally unfriendly.



Trash issues have trumped the conflict, as settlers and Palestinians band together to protest a new German funded landfill near a nature reserve in Area C of the West Bank.

THE NAHAL MAKOCH Nature Reserve – Photo: Roee Simon/SPNI

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) is leading the battle against the dump, because along with the settlers and Palestinians, it believes that the landfill is environmentally problematic.

The Binyamin Regional Council is also upset that its settlements can not use the landfill, located in their region, precisely at a time when the state has mandated the closure of the dump where they now deposit their trash.

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West Bank: Palestinians & Settlers clash = 10 injured

Security forces called in to disperse some 30 settlers & 100 Palestinians who clashed near Binyamin settlement

Itamar Fleishman

Violent riots broke out Saturday as dozens of settlers and Palestinians clashed in the West Bank settlement of Binyamin. Ten people sustained injuries as a result of stone hurling.

Settlers clash with Palestinians in Urif last week – Photo Reuters

The clashes started when settlers arrived at a central junction in the settlement in order to protest the recent incidents stone throwing at Israeli cars in the region. According to settlers, Palestinians from neighboring villages arrived at the scene and began hurling stones and attacking them with sticks. Continue Reading »

Arab MK after Terrorist Kills Jew: “Settlers have no right to self-defense.”

Arab MK Zahalka refuses to condemn the stabbing to death of a young father of 5 saying ‘Settlers have no right to self defense.’

By Maayana Miskin


Member of Knesset Jamal Zahalka has refused to condemn the murder Tuesday of a young father-of-five. A terrorist stabbed actor Evyatar “Napo” Borovsky to death as he waited for a ride at the Tapuach Junction.

Zahalka, of the controversial Balad party, declined to condemn the slaying during a heated debate with MK Orit Struk and others over a proposal to allow Jews living in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) to shoot home invaders, as is legal elsewhere in Israel. Continue Reading »

MK Strock seeks law to also allow settlers to defend property with live fire

MK Orit Strock seeks equality under the law for settlers who “obey [the] rules of engagement, don’t shoot at burglars, & are forced to absorb heavy losses” whereas other Israelis don’t.



Settlers should have the same right to defend their property under the so-called Dromi Law as Israelis who live within the Green Line, MK Orit Strock (Habayit Hayehudi‏) said Tuesday.

Orit Strock

Orit Strock – Photo: Michal Fattal

Instead, she charged, their rights are restricted by the Israel Defense Forces’ rules of engagement.

She is therefore demanding that the rules be changed to allow settlers to confront “nationalist attacks” against Jewish property with live fire. Continue Reading »

IDF & Police Clash with Settlers Over Demolition of Jewish Outpost

Large numbers of Border Police & IDF troops descended on the community of Yitzhar during the wee hours of Thursday morning to destroy several illegal buildings.

By David Lev


Large numbers of IDF troops and border police descended on the community of Yitzhar overnight Wednesday and destroyed several buildings in a new section of the town, called Haseruga. The government contends that the section is an illegal outpost. The section was established about six months ago, after several attempts to build a community there were thwarted.

Yitzhar, Wednesday night

Yitzhar, Wednesday night
Yitzhar spokesperson

A spokesperson for Yitzhar said that police acted in a brutal and vicious manner, tying up the security guard of the town and confiscating his cellphone – so he could not alert residents to the raid, which took place at 3:30 AM. Continue Reading »

Human Rights group: ‘Police fail to prosecute Palestinian trees vandalism’

Human rights group reports that 162 Palestinian complaints over alleged orchard vandalism by settlers during last 7 years, have yielded only one single indictment.

By Elior Levy


The Yesh Din – Volunteers for Human Rights group leveled harsh criticism at the Judea and Samaria District Police Thursday, saying the department is failing to prosecute cases of vandalism against Palestinian orchards in the West Bank.

Cut Olive trees (Archive) Photo: AP

Cut Olive trees (Archive) – Photo: AP

According to a report by the group, released following the beginning of the olive-picking season, the 162 complaints filed by Palestinians over the past seven years – mostly against settlers – have so far yielded only one indictment. Continue Reading »

Nabed ‘red-handed’ – Settlers attacked cops posing as Palestinian shepherds

Undercover policemen who were posing as Palestinian shepherds were beaten by Jewish settlers with clubs.

Legal aid org: Police treats settlers like ‘worst enemies’.

By Itamar Fleishman


Three young Jewish settlers are suspected of attacking undercover police officers who were posing as Palestinian shepherds. One officer was injured in the incident.

According to police, the suspects punched the officers and attacked them with clubs because they assumed they were Arabs approaching the farm they were staying in. The Mount Sinai farm is located in the south Mount Hebron area.

On Sunday the Jerusalem District Court extended the suspects’ remand until Tuesday. Continue Reading »

In Case it Wasn’t Understood, Israel’s Settlers Are Here to Stay

The aim to expand the existing Jewish settlements in Judea & Samaria, and create new ones, is not  a theological adventure, but is rather a combination of inalienable rights & realpolitik.




WHATEVER word you use to describe Israel’s 1967 acquisition of Judea and Samaria — commonly referred to as the West Bank in these pages — will not change the historical facts. Arabs called for Israel’s annihilation in 1967, and Israel legitimately seized the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria in self-defense. Israel’s moral claim to these territories, and the right of Israelis to call them home today, is therefore unassailable. Continue Reading »

A sheikh, settlers and MPs meet in Hebron Hills tent

Representatives of Hebron’s Jewish community, European parliamentarians accept invitation from sheikh with vision one democratic state for all.



Sheikh Farid al-Jabari of Hebron grew up on stories of close ties between Arabs and Jews.

In keeping with that tradition, he hosted an unusual gathering of Palestinian settlers and conservative European parliamentarians on Thursday afternoon in his large tent, set back from the road in the South Hebron Hills.

Sheikh Farid Al-Jabari greets Gershon Mesika

Sheikh Farid Al-Jabari greets Gershon Mesika – Photo: TOVAH LAZAROFF

In the heat, flies buzzed over plates of grapes, peaches and plums laid out on silver trays on the red oriental carpets that adorned the tent’s floor.

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Israeli security forces evacuate settlers from Hebron house

IDF says that the evacuation of the settlers, who resided in the house for more than two weeks, was completed ‘without any unusual events.’

Israeli security forces on Wednesday evacuated Israeli settlers from a house in a Palestinian neighborhood in Hebron, an affair that sparked controversy across Israel and created a rift in the government.

Border Patrol - Hebron

Border Patrol Police outside of the house in Hebron - Photo by: Emil Salman

The IDF said that the evacuation of the settlers, who resided in the house for more than two weeks, was completed “without any unusual events.”

Earlier on Wednesday, defense officials said that Defense Minister Ehud Barak and a ministerial committee agreed that the house will be evacuated by April 26. Continue Reading »

UN: Settlers taking over Palestinian-owned springs

Report claims intimidation, violence being used to limit Palestinian access to W. Bank springs; IDF rejects claims.


Ein Hagvura natural spring in the West Bank - Photo by Sharon Udasin

Ein Hagvura natural spring in the West Bank - Photo by Sharon Udasin

Amid the sprawling olive groves that surround Ein Al Ariq – or Ein HaGvura – outside of Nablus, Jamal Daraghmeh recalled the days of the 1970s, when he and fellow community members used to come to the basin to collect water for their village drinking needs and livestock.

“We [now] have access only after coordination for the olive harvest, once a year,” Daraghmeh, the mayor of nearby village al Luban al Sharqiya, told reporters during a United Nations field tour of the area last week. Continue Reading »