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Israel confiscates Hamas cash given to Palestinian terrorist’s family

Continuing the policy of subverting payments to terrorist families, Israel police and intelligence units seised illicit funds after attaining information regarding monies transferred from Hamas to east Jerusalem family of terrorist who murdered 8 students.



Police and the Shin Bet raided the home of a terrorist’s family that received funds and support from Hamas, police said on Wednesday, after a joint operation conducted in the morning.

The raid was the result of a covert operation in which police and intelligence units gathered information regarding money that they say Hamas gave to the family of Hisham Hussein Abu Dhaim, who carried out the deadly terrorist attack on the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem in 2008, in which eight students were murdered. Continue Reading »

Israel’s anti-PA, Pay-to-Slay bill goes to final vote in Knesset

Israel’s Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee votes on a bill meant to discourage Abbas’ Palestinian Authority from continuing to reward terrorists with pensions.
– Defense Committee chairman Avi Dichter, “Israel will no longer be a pipeline for transferring money to terrorists.”



A bill meant to discourage the Palestinian Authority from continuing to pay terrorists can go to a final vote, after the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee authorized it on Monday.

The legislation requires the government to deduct the amount that the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists from the taxes and tariffs Israel collects for the PA, and is backed by MKs from the coalition and much of the opposition. Continue Reading »

Exposed: IDF arrests Gazan who asked to be shot to get monthly stipend

After approaching the border fence with Israel, Bana entered the closed military zone and called out to the IDF soldiers to shoot him after they fired ‘warning-shots’ into the air. Instead, he continued on to get arrested, refusing Hamas’ beckoning to return to Gaza.

By Israel Today Staff


A Palestinian man from Gaza has been arrested after approaching the border fence with Israel and demanding that the IDF soldiers guarding it shoot him so he could collect a monetary reward from Hamas.

Mustafa Bana was among the thousands of Gazans who violently rioted along Gaza’s security fence last month.

Gaza protesters approaching Israel’s security fence.

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Defiantly Abbas vows to pay jailed terrorists directly from PA coffers

Senior officials at Palestinian autocrat Mahmoud Abbas’ office said the decision was part of Abbas’ sworn ‘policies of rejectionism,’ crafted in response to President Trump’s policies on Jerusalem.
• In 2017, the PA spent $358 million ‬for “pay to slay” to the families of terrorists killed or jailed for carrying out attacks against Israel.

By Daniel Siryoti and Shlomo Cesana


The Palestinian Authority announced Wednesday that it will begin making direct payments to terrorists imprisoned in Israel, despite the United States’ efforts to curb what has been criticized as “pay to slay” benefits.

Last week, the U.S. government passed the Taylor Force Act, which suspends some financial aid to the Palestinian Authority over the stipends it pays the families of terrorists killed or jailed for carrying out attacks against Israel. Continue Reading »

US Senate passes Taylor Force Act to end Palestinian funding to kill Israelis

Taylor Force Act ends U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority until ‘Pay to Slay’ [Jews] payments end, but has three exceptions: childhood vaccination programs, to East Jerusalem hospitals, and the PA-Israel-Jordan water project.

By Elad Benari


The Senate on Friday gave final approval to the Taylor Force Act which would cut United States funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it continues to pay terrorists and their families.

The bipartisan bill was approved as part of a $1.3 trillion spending package to stave off a U.S.-wide government shutdown.

Abbas’ pensions to terrorists – updated 2017

The legislation, named for U.S. Continue Reading »

Letter from Brit-Israeli terror victim prompts probe into UK funding Palestinian terrorism

With British taxes used to fund monthly stipends to the 2 jailed terrorists that stabbed her 13 times, Kay Wilson admits, “I used to take pride in the fact that I would describe myself as a ‘British-born’ Israeli. I feel no pride about that now.”



BERLIN – Kay Wilson, who barely survived a Palestinian terrorist attack, prompted MP Stephen Twigg, chairman of International Development Committee in the UK Parliament, to conduct talks with fellow lawmakers about the misuse of British funds to support Palestinian terrorism.

The Jerusalem Post obtained a copy of Wilson’s letter on Thursday and conducted an interview with the British Israeli on the parliamentary action and the chances of the UK replicating the American Taylor Force Act, which would bars US funds for the Palestinian Authority that are used for terrorism. Continue Reading »

US Congressional Committee Targets Hamas, Unanimously Approves Taylor Force Act

The Taylor Force Act earned unanimous bipartisan support from House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday, now proceeding to the House of Representatives for a full vote, with the bill also introduced in the Senate.



WASHINGTON – The House Foreign Affairs Committee approved legislation that would compel the Palestinian Authority to end its program of compensating the families of convicted terrorists for their crimes.

The legislation, titled the Taylor Force Act, earned unanimous bipartisan support from committee members on Wednesday. It now proceeds to the House floor for a full vote. Parallel legislation has been introduced in the Senate. Continue Reading »

Taylor Force Act expected to pass with bipartisan support to end Palestinian ‘Pay to Slay’

The bill, named after an American Army veteran murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Tel Aviv last year, expected to pass having bipartisan congressional support, is aimed at slashing financial support that goes directly to convicted murderers’ monthly pensions, or monthly stipends to the families of killed terrorists.
– WATCH Ambassador Danny Ayalon’s informative video of what this bill entails.




WASHINGTON — A congressional bill that would compel the Palestinian Authority to end its compensation program for the families of convicted terrorists in Israel with the threat of an aid cut will reach a critical vote in the House Foreign Affairs Committee next Wednesday. Continue Reading »

Abbas says “No” to Tillerson, “No” to Trump. ‘Pay to Slay’ (Jews) will continue


Palestinian autocrat Mahmoud Abbas refuses to stop paying families of terrorist, jailed or killed, who murdered Jews, explaining how the payments to the murderers (and attempted murderers) is ‘a national and moral duty.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Fatah Revolutionary Council, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, met at the Palestinian Authority presidential headquarters in Ramallah to discuss the latest developments in the efforts to achieve reconciliation with the Hamas terrorist organization.

According to the official PA news agency Wafa, Fatah leader and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said at the meeting that Jerusalem was “the eternal capital of the state of Palestine.” Continue Reading »