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Payback: Israeli cyberattack disrupts Iran’s largest strategic port

In retaliation for Teheran’s earlier attempted cyberattack on Israel’s rural water distribution systems, the IDF cyber unit targeted Iran’s largest port operational system, which reportedly caused far more than the 3 days damage previously admitted to by Iranian officials.

By Ynet, Reuters


Israel appears to be behind a cyberattack earlier this month on computers at Iran’s Shahid Rajaee port that caused massive backups on waterways and roads leading to the facility, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

Citing unnamed U.S. and foreign government officials, the Post said the May 9 disruption of Iranian computers was presumably in retaliation for an earlier attempted cyberattack on rural water distribution systems in Israel. Continue Reading »

IDF Thwarts ISIS Attack on United Arab Emirates Airliner

Released: An Etihad Airways’ civilian airplane en route from Australia to Abu Dubi had been targeted by ISIS, but then Israel’s secretive cyber intelligence Unit 8200 stepped in and saved hundreds back in July 2017.

By Tsvi Sadan


The IDF on Wednesday decided to provide a quick glimpse into the clandestine activity of Unit 8200, the Israeli military’s equivalent to America’s NSA. This secretive unit was able to thwart an ISIS attempt to blow up a civilian airplane en route from Australia to Abu Dubi. The IDF referred to a July 30, 2017 news report about Australian police arresting four suspects in Sydney who were planning to “commit a terrorist act using an improvised device.” Continue Reading »

IDF releases first secured military smartphone for the battlefield


WATCH: IDF releases to it’s soldiers a new secure smartphone, the first of its kind, to help them maintain their security on and off the battlefield.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The IDF recently released a new military smartphone, which can support both G4 and military networks.

Using the new smartphones, IDF soldiers and commanders will be able to securely share classified information, as well as footage and visuals from the field. Spoken code, as well as the dangerous need to speak on the battlefield, will become a thing of the past.

Earlier in January, Hamas terrorists managed to hack the phones of dozes of IDF soldiers by posing as women on Facebook. Continue Reading »

IDF Cyber Unit expose 6 additional spurious Hamas ‘women’ on social media


The IDF reports Thursday it’s cyber unit revealed it uncovered 6 more Hamas ‘sock-puppets’, false online identities of young attractive ‘girls’, who are trying to obtain sensitive logistical information from Israeli soldiers on Facebook.

By Yoel Domb


The IDF reported Thursday that they had revealed six more fictitious identities of Hamas operatives posing as young ladies who tried to seduce soldiers in order to obtain sensitive intelligence information.

“We have opened a hotline for soldiers who believe that somebody is trying to seduce them, or if they have received Facebook requests and we are investigating all of these complaints, said Aleph, a senior member of the information security department of the IDF. Continue Reading »

Hamas hacks IDF cell phones by suckering soldiers with phony accounts


After posing as beautiful young women, Hamas operatives successfully hacked IDF soldiers’ cell phones to acquire intelligence by photographing and listening in on IDF forces near the Gaza border.

By Yoav Zitun


As part of the Hamas’ internet espionage activities, the terrorist organization’s cyber collections unit managed to hack dozens of cell phones belonging to IDF combat soldiers in an attempt to gather intelligence for military operations and preparations on the Gaza border.

Investigations by the Shin Bet and the IDF’s Information Security Department and Cyber Defense Unit discovered that dozens of cell phones belonging to soldiers and officers in both active and reserve duty had been hacked by Hamas.

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Netanyahu forced to mediate which Israeli security agency controls state cyber defense

Israel’s Prime Minister is expected to make a decision on the cyber-defense issue this week after procrastinating for months.


The Shin Bet security service and National Cyber Bureau have been waging a months-long battle over authority for protecting Israel’s economy and civilian institutions against cyber attacks.

Cyber defense

An IDF course for cyber-defense in Ramat Gan. – Photo: Alon Ron

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken on the cyber issue as a personal project — the bureau is part of the Prime Minister’s Office, and he has defined cyber attacks as one of the four main threats to Israel.

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Developer of Iron Dome is now developing system to counter cyber attacks on Israel

Father of Iron Dome, Danny Gold & Isaac Ben-Israel are developing a cyber-system that will be able to detect, target then attack hackers.

The project, expected to cost several hundreds of millions of shekels, will be funded by the Israel’s Defense Ministry.

By Assaf Gilad


Danny Gold, who initiated and led the Iron Dome project during his tenure as head of the Israel Defense Forces’ research and development division, is currently promoting a new project for the establishment of a national defense system against cyber-attacks, Calcalist has learned.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Isaac Ben-Israel (Be'er Sheva Municipality Spokesperson's office)

Maj. Gen. (res.) Isaac Ben-Israel – Be’er Sheva Municipality Spokesperson’s office

Gold, who serves today as chairman of the National Cyber Committee at the National Council for Research and Development, is working on the project in conjunction with the National Cyber Bureau, headed by

The project is expected to be implemented within the next three years, at a cost of hundreds of millions of shekels, with the Defense Ministry to foot the bill. Continue Reading »

Israel’s IDF cyber-defense unit hacks Hamas’ websites as military units enter Gaza

Hamas’ official website, along with other Gaza terror sites displays error messages instead of strategic information, due to IDF hacking.




In the past, soldiers fought only by land, sea or air. On Thursday, however, Israel fought Hamas on the cyber frontier as well.


Screenshot of hacked Hamas website. July 17, 2014. – Photo: screenshot

Around the same time that IDF ground troops entered Gaza Thursday night, Israeli hackers took down a number of prominent Hamas and Islamic Jihad sites. The sites either crashed or showed error messages. The sites included Hamas’ official website, Qudstv.ps, along with Felesteen.ps Continue Reading »

Cyber warfare unregulated admits IDF Legal adviser

Because there is no convention or international legislation on how a military unit operates in the digital realm, it is still murky legal ground.


The field of cyber warfare is unregulated, which makes legal advice in this area particularly important, an Israel Defense Forces legal adviser said Monday.

Cyber defense

An IDF course for cyber-defense in Ramat Gan. Alumni of such units formed startups such as Adollam and Aorato. – Photo: Alon Ron

Speaking at the CyberNight conference at the Shamoon College of Engineering in Be’er Sheva, Maj. A., the Military Intelligence legal adviser, described the role of legal consulting in the era of cybernetic warfare, saying that “Although the field is not regulated – and because the field is not regulated – the legal adviser plays a central role.

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1st Hareidi Hesder Yeshiva Combines IDF Cyber-Defense & Torah

Unique ground breaking 4-yr program opened in Jerusalem, integrates 2 years of study with 2 years of service in IDF’s Cyber Defense Unit.

By Ari Yashar


The first hareidi hesder yeshiva has been opened in Jerusalem. The ground-breaking program will combine Torah study with IDF army service.

Last August, the first hareidi mechina, or pre-army preparatory academy, began operating, offering two years of intensive Torah study and preparation for the army, followed by a full three-year service. The hesder program combines military service and Torah study, usually for a period of four to six years. Both options already exist for religious-Zionists, but these two institutions are the first of their kind to cater for hareidi men after they leave high school. Continue Reading »

Ex-IDF hackers run cyber warfare bootcamp



Israeli cyber-tech company Cybergym runs company high-tech representatives  through a gauntlet of scenarios simulating realistic, everyday type cyber attacks.



An Israeli company is using ex-IDF hackers to train companies against cyber-attacks, CNN reported.


Cybergym is using ex-IDF hackers to train companies against cyber-attacks, CNN reported.

In Cybergym, located on a farm between Tel Aviv and Haifa, private companies’ cyber warriors are challenged with simulations of real-world (or real-virtual world) scenarios, designed to train them to contain both state and individual hostile hacking attempts.


View original HAARETZ publication at: http://www.haaretz.com/business/1.567928 Continue Reading »

IDF to redefine cyber defense units as ‘combat’ in new classification of soldiers’ roles


New changes define four categories of soldiers:
1. full-fledged combatants
battle soldiers
3. facilitators of weapons
4. home-front soldiers



In part of an extended process of defining categories of soldiers within the IDF which is near completion, the IDF is expected to define some of its cyber units as attack units.

IDF soldiers engaged in cyber security – Photo: yadlashiryon.com

The IDF spokesman only officially confirmed that defining “who is a ‘combatant'” in the IDF had been “approved and agreed to by [Lt. Gen. Benny Ganz] the Chief-of-Staff” and would be “distributed” throughout “relevant units” in the IDF after an additional approval from Gantz. Continue Reading »

Arab Hackers Attack Israeli Facebook User Accounts

Hackers from Gaza & Tunisia break into the Facebook accounts of about 13,000 Israelis, making a list of usernames & their passwords public.

By Elad Benari


Channel 10 News reported on Monday that Arab hackers had broken into the Facebook accounts of some 13,000 Israelis.

The hackers, from Tunisia and Gaza, made public on Monday evening the usernames and passwords of the accounts which they had broken into. In some cases they changed the profile pictures of the users in question.

Victims of the hacking attack confirmed to Channel 10 that their Facebook account was hacked, with some saying they had thought the attack was a prank by their friends. Continue Reading »

‘Cyber-defense Army’ will help battalion commanders in the field win next war


Within seconds to a minute of the acquisition of target information, it will appear on the DGA map, giving field commanders a full over view of the unfolding situation.


Battalion commanders in the infantry are expected to play decisive roles in future wars, and as such, the army is equipping them with a revolutionary command-and-control system that will give them more independence over their battle arenas than ever before, a senior military source told The Jerusalem Post this week.

An officer speaks on the phone at the new IDF cyber-defense control center.

An officer speaks on the phone at the new IDF cyber-defense control center. – Photo: IDF Spokesman’s Office

The system, called Digital Ground Army (DGA), generates and updates a computer map of all army and enemy locations in a given area.

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