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Three arrested, $9M Israeli “spy van” confiscated by Cypriot police

Three suspects in Cyprus are charged with violation of privacy laws and intercepting radio communications by using an Israeli-owned “spy van” outfitted with $9 million worth of hi-tech.

By i24NEWS – AFP


Cyprus arrested three people on Thursday as part of a probe into an alleged Israeli-owned “spy van” equipped with advanced surveillance tech, the police said.

The suspects, two men and a woman, all of them Cypriots, are now facing 13 charges related to violation of privacy laws, private data processing and intercepting radio communications.

According to the police, the three suspects, who are employed by the company that owns the van, are expected to appear before a court in the southern coastal city of Larnaca on Friday. Continue Reading »

Hamas rejects military boots into Gaza, claims they’re bugged

Having examined the shoes that entered via Israel’s Kerem Shalom Crossing, Hamas claims the IDF bugged them with electronic chip in order to spy on Gaza terrorist groups.



A Fatah breakaway group in the Gaza Strip claimed its members have intercepted a shipment of military boots equipped with “secret electronic tracking chips,” that were on their way to market, according to a Palestinian news source.

The shipment of suspicious shoes that came through the Kerem Shalom crossing was sent by the breakaway group to Hamas to examine. Continue Reading »

Report: Israeli intel-spies expose Russians using popular software to hack systems

In a NYT report, Israel’s cyber intelligence unit allegedly discovered Russian gov’t hackers manipulated Kaspersky Lab antivirus software, used globally by hundreds of millions of people including the U.S. government, to obtain sensitive info inside the U.S.



Israeli intelligence officials spying on Russian government hackers found they were using Kaspersky Lab antivirus software that is also used by 400 million people globally, including US government agencies, according to media reports on Tuesday.

Israel cyber crime unit situation room – Israel Police Spokesperson’s Dept.

The Israeli officials who had hacked into Kaspersky’s network over two years ago then warned their US counterparts of the Russian intrusion, said The New York Times, which first reported the story. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah reports Israel remotely exploded ‘espionage device’ once discovered


The Lebanese Shiite terror organization claims to have discovered an Israeli surveillance device—disguised as a rock—overlooking Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, which according to their media arm, was mysteriously detonated remotely upon discovery.

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah announced Sunday that it had discovered an alleged Israeli spying device in Har al-Barouk, opposite Lake Qaraoun in the Beqaa Valley.

According to the Al Manar network, the device was remotely detonated by Israel and pieces were scattered throughout the Har al-Barouk area.

Remains of ‘Israeli spying device’ found in Lebanon in December – Arab media

According to Hezbollah’s media arm, fiberglass in the shape of a boulder was covering the device, which was fixed on a rock overlooking the villages in the western Beqaa Valley, including the Beirut-Damascus Highway. Continue Reading »

Google uncovers ‘Israeli’ spy app made to track & hack smartphones


Google discovers what it fears to be the most dangerous android spyware to date, suspected of being created by an Israeli company, that can copy internal memory, messages, call logs, internet history as well as spy on people by remotely activating the smartphones’ camera and microphone.

By Sagi Cohen


Security researchers at Google and Lookout have discovered an extremely sophisticated Android app capable of spying on users by hacking their smartphones’ camera and microphone, as well as track calls, messages, internet history and more.

Called Chrysaor, the spyware seems to be linked to Pegasus, a notorious program that was found to be targeting iPhone users in 2016 and is suspected of having been created by Israeli firm NSO Group Technologies. Continue Reading »