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Republican lawmakers delay Biden’s refunding the Palestinians

The Congressional Republicans noted how, “Since 1993, the US government provided more than $6.3 billion to the Palestinians… (but) US programs have not just failed but have been counter-productive, with the money facilitating terrorist incitement and making its way to terrorists.”



Congressional Republicans put a hold on $75 million of the newly reinstatedUS aid to the Palestinians, two sources in Washington confirmed on Thursday.

On March 26, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) sent Congress a “program narrative” of about $75m. in Economic Support Funds (ESF) for programs in the West Bank and Gaza that would begin 15 days after the notification was received. Continue Reading »

USAID terminates Palestinian projects as ‘Pay to Slay’ continues by PA

Expressing deep concern over funding cuts, former USAID Mission Director Dave Harden thinks the U.S. administration “demonstrates again a lack of nuance,” relieving Palestinian leadership of all responsibility for preferring to continue policies that finance terror.



The US Agency for International Development (USAID) will end all its projects in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on January 31 following the US administration’s decision to cut funding to the Palestinians, Dave Harden, former USAID Mission Director and Managing Director of the Georgetown Strategy Group, said on Thursday.

Critical graffiti on a USAID Advertisement by unappreciative Palestinians saying, “We don’t need your aid,” West Bank, Jan 2007 – Photo: Wikimedia,David Lisbona

Expressing deep concern over the move, Harden told The Jerusalem Post that the US administration “demonstrates again a lack of nuance, sophistication, and appreciation for the complexity of the situation.” Continue Reading »

Largest military aid package to Israel in US history delayed by White House


Whereas US Ambassador Dan Shapiro said the US aid package demonstrates US commitment to Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region, President Obama is delaying the signing of the agreement due to a conflict with the US Senate, that thinks it’s inadequate.

By Itamar Eichner


US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said that the US will be singing its largest ever aid package to Israel, and that the aid package will cover all of Israel’s security needs until 2029.

He was speaking at the opening of the 15th World Summit of International Institute for Counter Terrorism at the Herzeliya Interdisciplinary Center on Sunday. Continue Reading »

US Federal grant of $100,000 goes to Hamas fundraising front


USAID, an American taxpayer-funded organization, gives a substantial grant to a known Hamas linked fundraising group banned in Israel and the UAE for channeling financial assistance to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

By Ari Yashar


The US Agency for International Development (USAID), a taxpayer-funded aid organization, is giving a $100,000 federal grant to an Islamic charity banned in Israel for giving aid to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

Grant information on the USAID endowment reveals the massive allotment to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) will be given in 2016 for various foreign projects.

IRW was banned in Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2014, after investigations revealed it was a fundraising front for Hamas, channeling its donations to funding attacks and paying terrorists. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Daily Portrays US as ‘Occupier’ “on the Ruins of the Original Inhabitants”


Official PA daily also demonizes Republican Presidential candidates as ‘inane,’ ‘aged teenager’, ‘ swindler’ and ‘rabid’, despite the U.S. having given them over $1.5 billion in aid, [that most was skimmed and stolen].

By Tova Dvorin


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has demonized its largest donor, Palestinian Media Watch reports Friday, after a columnist for its main publication painted America as an “occupier.”

“It is possible that the US is the biggest settlement country, since it was established on the ruins of the original inhabitants, wiped out millions of them, enslaved millions of Blacks, and today enslaves millions of Hispanics in the same manner,” columnist Hafez Al-Barghouti wrote in official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida. Continue Reading »