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Under threat of cancelation, Giro d’Italia removes ‘West Jerusalem’ designation

After Israeli Ministers threatened to drop out of hosting the professional cycling race in Israel, organizers of Giro d’Italia remove mentions of ‘West Jerusalem’ from its website, changing it to just ‘Jerusalem’, capital of Israel.
– Ministers Regev and Levin say they are relieved.

By The Associated Press


Israeli officials on Thursday declared victory in a battle over semantics surrounding the upcoming Giro d’Italia, saying it had persuaded the cycling event to remove any reference to “West Jerusalem” from their website.

The Giro, one of cycling’s three major races, will open in Israel next May, with the first day set to take place in Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel’s Prime Minister Personally Meets 3 Millionth Tourist for Tour in Jerusalem

In Photos: Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu surprised the 3,000,000th tourist to Israel, Ioana Isac, along with her partner Mihai Georgescu, in Jerusalem at the Tower of David Museum for a personally guided tour.
– Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, who surprised the couple at the airport, accompanied them on the tour.

By Yossi Aloni


Israel has had a record year for tourism. And on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed his appreciation by surprising tourist number 3 million to arrive in 2017 with a personal welcome to the Jewish state.

Ioana Isac, 31, and her partner, Mihai Georgescu, suspected nothing as they arrived at Ben Gurion Airport from their native Romania. Continue Reading »

Want a ‘Dream Vacation’ in Israel? – Just be the 3 millionth tourist to get it!

Israel’s Tourism Minister Yariv Levin is planning to greet the lucky tourist at Ben-Gurion Int’l Airport in a campaign intended to market Israeli tourism industry worldwide. Minister Levin, ‘Our efforts this year have brought $4.8 billion to Israel’s economy.’

By Ilan Gattegno


On Tuesday, the 3 millionth tourist to land in Israel this year is scheduled to arrive, marking an all-time record high for incoming tourism. The lucky visitor will be given a special prize package to celebrate the event and promote tourism to Israel.

Photos of the tourist’s upgraded vacation will be used to market Israeli tourism as part of a campaign to attract workers to Israel’s tourism industry. Continue Reading »

Likud MK: No Classified Intel Discussed if Arab MKs on Committee

MK Yariv Levin states that ‘no one’ trusts Balad MKs with classified information, even when they’re serving on Knesset committees.

By Hezki Ezra & Tova Dvorin


Any Arab MKs to join the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee in the 20th Knesset will not be privy to classified information, MK Yariv Levin (Likud) stated Thursday.

“The general committee will only hold discussions which do not contain classified information, whereas sub-committees will include classified intel,” he said, during an address at the Israel Democracy Institute in Tel Aviv Thursday.

“If a party insists on an MK being appointed to a committee, whether Jewish or Arab, they will get the spot, as established in the Knesset regulations,” Levin said.

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Likud seeks to legislate Judea & Samaria’s legal status into Israeli law


A draft bill aiming to define the Land of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people is to be presented by Coalition Chairman Yariv Levin. The bill will also seeks to downgrade official status of Arabic as an official language of Israel.

Opposition (Labor) MK Braverman: “This is a disaster.”

By Israel Hayom Staff


After an effort to legally define Israel’s Jewish character in legislation sparked much controversy, Likud has now come up with yet another controversial proposition: Anchor the legal status of Judea and Samaria in a basic law — the Israeli precursor to a constitution, Army Radio reported Monday.

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