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Qatar to pay Hamas blackmail of $15M/per month to end border violence

Hamas leaders and Abbas’ archenemy Mohammed Dahlan met in Cairo last Friday with Egyptian officials on how to comply and pay Hamas’ blackmail of monthly payments of $15 million in cash to counter Abbas’ ending of electricity funding for the strip and his stopping salaries of ‘state employees’ in Gaza.



In a scene reminiscent of a mafia movie, a vehicle with three suitcases stuffed with $15 million in cash passed through the Erez crossing on Thursday.

News of the transaction was reported by KAN News, which showed a photo of the three suitcases on the back seat of a vehicle. Continue Reading »

IDF confiscates illegal weapons, Hamas money stash in pre-dawn counter-terrorism raid

BUSTED: During joint pre-dawn operations, the IDF forces working with the Shin Bet internal security agency and Israel Border Police nab 10 wanted terrorists, uncover and confiscate an illegal weapons cache, along with tens of thousands of shekels funded by Hamas.

By David Rosenberg


Israeli security forces operating in Judea and Samaria overnight apprehended 14 suspects wanted in Israel for a variety of offenses, including 10 terrorists involved in attacks on Israeli civilians and security personnel.

Guns and amunition confiscated in Samaria – Photo: IDF spokesperson’s unit

The 14 suspects were nabbed in a series of joint pre-dawn operations Tuesday morning involving the IDF, Israel Police, Shin Bet internal security agency, and Border Police. Continue Reading »

Israel invited to join int’l unit to combat terror financing & covert money-laundering




The Justice Ministry on Monday announced that Israel has been selected to join an elite global task force for combating terror financing and money-laundering, with the force’s top officials currently visiting Israel.

Money – Photo: INGIMAGE/ASAP

Joining the group makes Israel viewed as an even more attractive and safe place for investments and increases the cooperation and legal assistance that Israel can expect from other countries, said the ministry. Continue Reading »

Israel’s New 50 Shekel Bill Unveiled

Bank of Israel’s new 50 shekel banknote presented ahead of its entry to circulation, features the likeness of Hebrew poet Shaul Tchernichovsky.

By Ari Yashar


The Bank of Israel on Wednesday released the first samples to the Israeli market of its new 50 shekel (just under $15) banknote that is posed to enter circulation.

New 50 shekel note

Front side of New 50 shekel note – Courtesy of the Bank of Israel

Training was held in Jerusalem to prepare businesses to recognize and accept the bill and to reduce confusion as the bill enters common usage. Specifications were provided so that vending machines and other devices will be calibrated in advance to accept the note. Continue Reading »

Israeli authorities caution public on bitcoin risks, considers regulation



Israel is considering regulating the bitcoin, the Internet’s crypto-currency, and financial authorities are warning citizens that using such decentralised virtual currencies is risky.

Money, money, money: Israel is considering regulating the bitcoin and is warning citizens of the risk of using it – Photo: Reuters

Bitcoins are passed between two parties digitally and can be traded on exchanges for real-world currencies. The bitcoin’s value fluctuates according to user demand but it is not backed by any government or central bank. Continue Reading »

Australia Clamps Down on Hezbollah Money-Laundering Scam & Drug-Running

Australian daily reports how Lebanese terrorist group is working with local organized criminals, as law enforcement launches largest-ever operation.

By Ari Soffer


A major money-laundering operation in Australia is helping to bankroll Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Islamist group which is proscribed as a terrorist organization by Australian government, among others.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah – Reuters

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the money-laundering scam is part of a wider criminal network linked to organized drug trafficking.

The report comes amid Australia’s bigger ever money-laundering investigation, named Project Eligo, which has revealed how 40 separate operations in the country are moving hundreds of millions of dollars offshore. Continue Reading »

Hamas busts Gaza counterfeit ring with NIS 20 million in ‘funny-money’

Hamas authorities in Gaza report the bogus money was confiscated before the counterfeiters were able to put it into circulation.


Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip broke up a counterfeiting ring that had printed millions of shekels worth of fake money, the organization said Sunday.

funny money

Policeman displays fake 100-shekel bills seized in Gaza City. – Photo: AP

Police spokesman Ayyoub Abu Shaar said that authorities uncovered the ring last week when they traced a man trying to use a counterfeit 100-shekel bill last week. The Palestinian territories use Israeli currency for many transactions.


Fake bills and equipment seized by Hamas authorities in Gaza City.

Continue Reading »

Stanley Fischer says Iran Affair Has Little Effect on Israeli Economy

Regarding the Israeli economy, Fischer stated “we recovered from the global economic crisis very swiftly & we have grown at a rate of close to 5% in the past few years.”


At a press conference in Tokyo on Thursday for the annual World Bank-IMF meeting, Israeli central bank head Stanley Fischer said that security threats, including the possibility of a conflict with Iran, have a small effect on Israel’s economy, which he called “good but not in excellent shape.”

Stanley Fischer, Governor of the Central Bank of Israel. – Photo: wiki commons.

“I’m frequently asked about the influence of the security situation on the economy including the tension with Iran,” Fischer said. Continue Reading »

Lebanese Bank in New York Accused of Funding Hizbullah Terrorist Org.

A Lebanese bank in New York is accused of aiding Hezbollah by using funds to finance terror in the Middle East.

By Scott Krane


A lawsuit brought against a Lebanese bank accused of money laundering should be heard in New York, according to a lawyer for victims of rocket attacks in Israel.

Hizbullah demonstration (file)

Hizbullah demonstration – Reuters

Robert Tolchin told the Court of Appeals panel in that a Lebanese-Canadian Bank account that worked with an American Express Bank to wire millions of dollars to Hizbullah agents, thought responsible for the terror attack.

The Lebanese bank’s attorney, Jonathan Siegfried, contested that New York courts don’t have jurisdiction because the suit doesn’t allege injury to a New York plaintiff and doesn’t name a New York-based defendant. Continue Reading »