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Dead Sea Scrolls to be Palestinian’s next religious ‘theft’ at UNESCO

Complicit in the theft of religious heritage sites, UNESCO happily ascribed to the ‘Palestinians’, Christianity’s Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem in 2012; the agricultural terraces of Battir, site of the ancient Jewish fortress at Betar, in 2014; Judaism’s Tomb of the Patriarchs in 2017, but their most egregious abandonment of their responsibilities, in 2016 UNESCO ignored the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.



The next “prize” the Palestinians will likely claim as their own at UNESCO will probably be the archeological site of Qumran and its Dead Sea Scrolls, Shimon Samuels of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said on Wednesday. Continue Reading »

Germany: Dead Sea Scrolls Aren’t Israel’s

Based on UN and UNESCO resolutions against Israel’s/Jewish claims to historical sites, the German government decided not to recognize the Dead Sea Scrolls as Israeli property, prompting the Israel Antiquities Authority’s refusal to send them to a scheduled 2019 Frankfurt exhibit, without the customary governmental ‘Immunity from Seizure’ guarantee.



Uwe Becker, the deputy mayor of Frankfurt, expressed outrage on Thursday over the German government’s decision not to recognize the Dead Sea Scrolls as Israeli property, prompting the cancellation of a slated 2019 exhibit at the Bible Museum in Frankfurt.

“If Germany is unwilling to clearly express the legal status of the fragments of Qumran as Israeli world cultural heritage goods, it would dramatically change the coordinates in our German-Israeli relations. Continue Reading »

Palestinians now seek ownership of Dead Sea Scrolls via UNESCO


After repeated successful Palestinian inspired resolutions at UNESCO that ignored Jewish ties to the Temple Mount, Western Wall and Jerusalem, the Palestinian are now going after the Dead Sea Scrolls.



The Palestinian Authority is preparing to lay a claim to the Dead Sea Scrolls at the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Israel Radio reported on Saturday night.

ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY researchers utilize advanced technology to piece together thousands of fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls. - Photo: ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY

ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY researchers utilize advanced technology to piece together thousands of fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls. – Photo: ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY

“This is another provocative and audacious attempt by the Palestinians to rewrite history and to erase our connection to our land,” Ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen said. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Digital analysis brings charred Leviticus scroll back to life


view videoThe burned scroll from the 1st centuries C.E., found to contain Torah verses that are identical to modern versions, was deciphered using unprecedented digital technology by American researchers along with a team from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

By Yori Yalon


Cutting-edge digital technology has brought a charred ancient Torah scroll dated to the first centuries C.E. back to life, and revealed that the scroll contains chapters from the biblical book of Leviticus.


Ein Gedi Scroll, also known as the Leviticus Scroll, is most ancient Hebrew scroll since the Dead Sea Scrolls. – PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY PROF SEALES ET AL.

Continue Reading »

Waiting 45 years for the technology Israel deciphers 1500 yr-old biblical scroll

view videoDiscovered in Ein Gedi back in 1970, an ancient Hebrew bible scroll dating to 500 CE, has finally been deciphered thanks to the collaboration of cutting-edge Israeli and American technologies.

By Eliran Aharon


Cutting-edge technology has for the first time allowed scholars to read the most ancient Hebrew scroll found since the Dead Sea Scrolls, Israeli and US experts said on Monday, AFP reported.

An Israel Antiquities Authority worker displays a scroll (L), found in 1970, along with other findings, that are yet to be analysed, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem July 20, 2015. – Photo: REUTERS/Amir Cohen

The charred piece of parchment from the sixth century CE was found in the ashes of an ancient synagogue at Ein Gedi, on the shores of the Dead Sea, in 1970 but until now has been impossible to read. Continue Reading »

Israel Antiquities Authority & Google launch Dead Sea Scrolls digital library

Using NASA & Google technology, the new website allows visitors to read the fragments, text search in Hebrew & English translation, as well as place the specific scroll at the site where it was first found.


The Israel Antiquities Authority and Google Israel launched the Dead Sea Scrolls digital library on Tuesday.

Dead Sea Scrolls digital library

Dead Sea Scrolls digital library.

The library, stored on Google servers, will eventually hold all of the tens of thousands of fragments of the scrolls in very high resolution. For now, some 4,000 scans of infrared photographs taken right after their discovery in the 1950s have been uploaded, as well as 1,000 new scans done in a lab specially constructed for this task by the Antiquities Authority. Continue Reading »