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UNRWA evacuates senior Gaza officials to Israel for their safety

United Nations transfers 10 of its int’l [non-Palestinian] employees of UNRWA to Israel on Monday, to protect them from Gaza’s local staff [terrorists?] following threats and violent acts of harassment, since US fund cuts have led to subsequent layoff plans.

By Elior Levy


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) had evacuated 10 of its international senior employees from Gaza to Israel on Monday, after they were threatened and harassed by UNRWA’s disgruntled local Palestinian staff following the agency’s announcement to cut more than 250 jobs.

Erez Crossing into Gaza – Wikimedia Commons

The agency’s senior officials were rescued and transferred to Israeli territory via the Erez crossing—which remained closed throughout the Jewish holidays but was re-opened by the Israeli security officials following an official request from UNRWA. Continue Reading »

IDF destroys Hamas’ 9th terror-tunnel in Saturday’s retaliatory strike in Gaza

The air strike on the terror-tunnel was in retaliation for the arson and destruction at Kerem Shalom border crossing’s fuel and gas pipes, that serve the people of Gaza, but were set ablaze by Hamas’ ‘March of Return’ protestors.



The Israel Air Force on Saturday evening destroyed a Hamas offensive tunnel that was in advanced stages of building mere meters from the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.

The tunnel, which Hamas had dug in the security parameter, had originated in Beit Hanoun, stretched over a kilometer and was intended to reach Israeli communities such as the Erez Kibbutz. Continue Reading »

Pro-Palestinian NGO press Hamas to open Gaza’s only foot crossing into Israel

Arab rights groups remind Hamas that its “Security goals should not come at the expense of human rights.”



Arab NGOs and rights groups on Thursday called on the Hamas regime in Gaza to reopen the only foot crossing into Israel, after the Islamist movement closed it following an assassination.

Before Hamas took control of Gaza, Palestinian workers in Israel wait at the Erez Crossing to return to the Gaza Strip, July 2005. – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Palestinian NGOs Network,’ a coalition of more than 100 charities and rights groups, demanded the “lifting of restrictions and restrictive measures which violate human rights”, a statement said. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Hamas seals Erez Crossing into Israel to catch assassin


Wafa, the official PA news site reports Gaza’s Hamas-controlled security forces closed all exits from Gaza and are also preventing the enclaves 4000 fishermen from going out to sea, in hopes of apprehending the assassin of a senior military commander.



The Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry closed the Erez crossing until further notice on Sunday, a ministry spokesman said, a day after Hamas accused Israel of assassinating a senior member of its military wing, the Izzadin Kassam Brigades.

“The closure of the Beit Hanoun crossing [Erez] comes as a part of the steps being taken by the security apparatus following the crime of assassinating Mazen Fuqaha,” Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry Spokesman Iyad Bazm said in a statement published on the ministry’s website. Continue Reading »

Israel closes Gaza border crossings in retaliation for Friday’s rocket fire on Southern Israel

Jerusalem notifies the Palestinian Authority of decision that Rafah Crossing to Egypt will remain closed.


Israel has announced it will close the border crossings to the Gaza Strip on Sunday, after a projectile was fired from the coastal enclave toward the Eshkol Regional Council overnight Friday.

A Palestinian worker walks next to a truck loaded with sacks of cement at Kerem Shalom

A Palestinian worker walks next to a truck loaded with sacks of cement at the Kerem Shalom border crossing on its way from Israel to Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Oct. 14, 2014. – Photo: AP

The defense establishment announced Saturday that the Erez and Kerem Shalom crossings will be closed until further notice. Continue Reading »

Hamas still fired rockets at sick Gazans as they entered Israel for treatment



For the wounded Gazans or children with cancer reaching Israel for their medical care, safe travel via the Erez Crossing is often the only chance they have – but this does not stop Hamas from firing rockets at it.

By Assaf Kamer

The Erez border crossing on the border of northern Gaza is the only legal portal for people to travel between Israel and the embargoed Strip. Despite continued rocket fire and IDF attacks over the past several weeks, the Erez border crossing has remained open 24/7, allowing Palestinians with special passes to enter Israel for humanitarian reasons including for medical treatment. Continue Reading »