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Palestinian vandalize ancient Samaria capital of Israel site, deface Byzantine church


The Samaria National Park (Sebastia), site of the capital of Israel for 150 years, was found with Roman columns broken and turned into roadblocks, uprooted seats in the amphitheater and Arabic graffiti sprayed on many ancient stones.

By Assaf Kama


The Samaria National Park (Sebastia), some 10 kilometers north of Nablus, was found to have been vandalized with graffiti in Arabic, an ancient marble column toppled, a smashed tombstone and the remains of burnt tires discovered. The Samaria visiting and learning center organized a tour of the site for journalists to show the site’s degradation.

Photo: Assaf Kamar

The Samaria Regional Council protested that a Palestinian flag had been hoisted inside the park. Continue Reading »

Arab vandals in Hevron desecrate the Cave of Patriarchs’ mezuzah, steal equipment


Not only was the mezuzah that adorned the main door of the Tomb desecrated by the vandals, but thousands of shekels worth of equipment was stolen from the holy site’s maintenance staff.

By Hezki Baruch


Arab vandals removed a mezuzah from the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hevron on Friday, while the holy site was used by local Muslims for Ramadan prayers.

The mezuzah, which adorned the main door of the Tomb, is believed to have been desecrated by the vandals

A storage shed used by the Tomb’s maintenance staff was also broken into, with thousands of shekels worth of equipment stolen. Continue Reading »

Israel Police Arrested 3 Jerusalem Arabs for Destroying Jewish Gravestones


Israel Police in Jerusalem makes arrests after dozens of headstones & memorials were smashed on the Mount of Olives. 
• One 22 yr-old suspect, denies allegations, but 2 minors admitted to detectives to defacing graves & went on to implicate additional suspects.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Detectives and investigators from the Jerusalem Central Investigative Unit of the Israel Police arrested on Monday three Arab residents of the A-Tor neighborhood in east Jerusalem suspected of vandalizing Jewish gravestones on the Mount of Olives.

One of the gravestones defaced on the Mount of Olives – Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit

The police launched the investigation after dozens of headstones were discovered, smashed.

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Dozen’s of Jewish Graves Desecrated by Mount of Olives Vandals

Even after millions of Shekels were spent on security cameras, Arab vandals again entered, this time destroying the grave-site of the Hassidic leader, the Grand Rebbe of Modzitz, along with dozens of others, including other well-known rabbis.

By Moshe Cohen


Arab vandals destroyed the gravesite of the Hassidic leader, the Grand Rebbe of Modzitz, according to Modzitz hassidim who visited the site. The gravestone of the leader, Rabbi Yisrael Dan Taub, who died in 2006, was destroyed, along with dozens of others, including several well-known rabbis. The destruction took place at a special section of the Mount of Olives cemetery reserved for rabbinical leaders. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Arabs Vandalize IDF Security Checkpoint

Graffiti at the security checkpoint notes that the vandalism was ‘retaliation’ for Israeli security personnel killing wanted Arab terrorist as incitement after funeral continues.

By Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvorin


Masked Palestinian Arabs broke into a IDF checkpoint near the Palestinian Authority (PA) settlement of Beit Furik, northeast of Shechem, after they cut through barbed wire fence surrounding the post.

A video surfaced on YouTube over the weekend showing masked men, who were armed with a chainsaw and hammers, sawing through checkpoint gate, smashing the windows of the armored guard position, and vandalizing the checkpoint. Graffiti at the site read, “Boycott Israel, in memory of the martyr Motazz Washaha.” Continue Reading »

After New Year’s eve vandalism, Germany commits to protect Berlin Holocaust memorial


YouTube Video clearly shows man urinating & others launching fireworks from middle of Berlin Holocaust memorial.



BERLIN – Germany has promised to strengthen security at the Holocaust Memorial in the heart of Berlin after a video published on the Internet showed a man urinating and people launching fireworks from its grey concrete structure on New Year’s Eve.

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

“The incidents are outrageous and to be deplored,” German Culture Minister Monika Gruetters was quoted as saying by Bild newspaper on Thursday.

A foundation that supervises the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, which was opened in 2005, will talk to police and arrange tighter security, Gruetters said. Continue Reading »

4th Time in Month Synagogue Defaced

Synagogue established & frequented by Holocaust survivors is defaced with crosses, sending one member into shock.

By Maayana Miskin



Jews who came to pray at the Haohel synagogue in Bat Yam on Wednesday morning were shocked and appalled to find that it had been defaced for the fourth time in a month.

Vandalism at Haohel synagogue, Bat Yam - Photo Moetza Datit Bat Yam

Vandalism at Haohel synagogue, Bat Yam – Photo: Moetza Datit Bat Yam

This time, vandals spray-painted two large crosses on the building, one on either side of the main entrance.

The gabbai, who is tasked with helping to run the synagogue, was one of the first on the scene. Continue Reading »

Arabs Injure 11 Jews, Damaging Vineyards at Esh Kodesh

250 Arabs attacked Jews at Esh Kodesh, near Shilo. Jews defend themselves with rocks as their security team fire in the air.

By Gil Ronen


About 250 Arabs rioted Saturday afternoon near Esh Kodesh, close to Shilo in the Binyamin region, injuring 11 Jews.

Border Police at Aish Kodesh

Border Police at Aish Kodesh
Israel news photo courtesy of Tazpit

According to the Tatzpit news agency, the rioters tore down the fences surrounding the Jewish residents’ vineyards, causing them serious damage.

About 30 Jewish residents from the Shilo area rushed to the location and at first had to use rocks to get the Arabs to back off. Continue Reading »

Vandal arrested for smashing tiles in King David’s Tomb

Suspect says another man who fled the scene, told him his prayers would only be answered if he prayed directly to the stones, which were under the ceramic tiles.

Police arrested a 30-year-old haredi man in Jerusalem late on Wednesday night after police on patrol caught the man smashing ceramic tiles in King David’s Tomb near the Zion Gate.

 Rabbi of Western Wall, Rabbi Rabinowitz - Photo: Courtesy of Western Wall Heritage Fund

Rabbi of Western Wall, Rabbi Rabinowitz – Photo: Courtesy of Western Wall Heritage Fund

He was caught after police on patrol heard loud smashing noises coming from the tomb. They burst into the building and found the man holding an ax, hammer, and a screw driver.

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Israeli leaders disgusted by latest vandalism in Jerusalem

The Jewish values on which we were reared, and according to which we educate our children, forbid us from any such behavior. We’ll prosecute to the fullest extent of the law the lowlifes who perpetrated this crime.

By Israel Today Staff

Israeli leaders on Wednesday expressed revulsion over the latest act of vandalism against Christian symbols. Hours earlier, presumably Jewish assailants spray-painted anti-Christian graffiti on the walls of a monastery in central Jerusalem.

Father Claudio next to vandalized car - Photo: MELANIE LIDMAN

Father Claudio next to vandalized car – Photo: MELANIE LIDMAN

The Monastery of the Cross at the southern end of Jerusalem’s Sakker Park was defaced with the slogans “Jesus – son of a whore”, “Happy Hannukah” and “Price Tag.” Continue Reading »

Protect the Mount of Olives!

To allow unrestrained lawlessness at so sacred a site is what’s fundamentally unthinkable.


Last Tuesday, several hours before he was to wed, a young bridegroom wished to say a short prayer at his mother’s grave on Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives. He lost his mother last year and a visit to the cemetery constituted for him her inclusion in his special day. He was driven up by his friend Dror Klein.
Vandalism at the Mount of Olives
As they neared their destination, a bucket of white paint crashed into the front windshield, obscuring Dror’s view. A hail of stones followed.
In minutes some 30 to 40 young Arabs surrounded the vehicle, rocking it menacingly and hurling large rocks, cement blocks and broken pavement fragments at the two.The
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