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Unlike El Al, Hareidi Men Disembarked Delta Flight After Refusing to Sit Next to Women

Earlier this week, a group of Jewish Ultra-Orthodox men who refused to sit next to women opted to disembarked from a Delta flight, when the surrounding passengers refused to acquiesce and change seats.

By Haim Lev, Cynthia Blank


A group of hareidi men who were supposed to fly to Israel from the United States on Delta Airlines flight Tuesday night refused to sit next to women, who in turn refused to switch seats, causing them to disembark from the plane.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR - Photo Courtesy:  Adrian Pingstone/Wikipedia

Delta Air Lines Boeing 777-200LR – Photo Courtesy: Adrian Pingstone/Wikipedia

Flight 468 was set to depart from Kennedy Airport in New York. Continue Reading »

1st Hareidi Hesder Yeshiva Combines IDF Cyber-Defense & Torah

Unique ground breaking 4-yr program opened in Jerusalem, integrates 2 years of study with 2 years of service in IDF’s Cyber Defense Unit.

By Ari Yashar


The first hareidi hesder yeshiva has been opened in Jerusalem. The ground-breaking program will combine Torah study with IDF army service.

Last August, the first hareidi mechina, or pre-army preparatory academy, began operating, offering two years of intensive Torah study and preparation for the army, followed by a full three-year service. The hesder program combines military service and Torah study, usually for a period of four to six years. Both options already exist for religious-Zionists, but these two institutions are the first of their kind to cater for hareidi men after they leave high school. Continue Reading »

Israel’s PM Praises Nahal Hareidi Unit for Gallantry

Prime Minister Netanyahu complimented the hareidi infantry unit for its role in the eliminating someone who endangered Israeli citizens.

By Gil Ronen


Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu paid compliments Sunday to the Nahal Hareidi battalion – the infantry unit that was created especially for hareidi soldiers, and which adheres to stricter codes of kashrut and separation of the sexes than other units.

The hareidi infantry unit played a role in the elimination of Hamza Abu Alheja and two other terrorists in Jenin.

“Over the weekend our forces struck at a terrorist who had organized attacks on Israelis and was also planning attacks on innocent civilians,” said Netanyahu at the start of Sunday’s Cabinet session. Continue Reading »

Ultra-Orthodox Man Suing Police for Forced Car Ride on Shabbat

The hareidi resident of Petach Tikvah is suing for NIS 2.5 million after being forced to violate the Sabbath by the police, even though he was prepared to cooperate & walk to the Police Station.

By David Lev


A hareidi resident of Petach Tikvah is suing police for NIS 2.5 million, after police forced him to ride to a police station on Shabbat. The lawsuit is based on the man’s forced violation of the Sabbath at the hand of police, even though he was prepared to cooperate with police and walk to the station, which was a five minute stroll away, the man’s attorney said. Continue Reading »