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Preemptive arrests nabs 5 Palestinians en route for terrorist-attack near Jerusalem

Israel averts deadly terror attack near Jerusalem Thursday with a joint operation involving the Shin Bet, Israel Police, and the  Border Guard’s special Yamam unit capturing the five Arab terrorist cell.

By David Rosenberg


Israeli authorities captured five terrorists on their way to commit a terror attack east of Jerusalem Thursday afternoon.

The five terrorists, all residents of the Hevron region in Judea, were arrested in al-Eizariya, a Palestinian Authority-controlled city just east of Jerusalem.

Shin Bet & Israel Police – Israel Police

The arrest was carried out by members of the Yamam special police force unit (top photo) of the Border Police in a joint operation with Israel Police. Continue Reading »

Israel Border Police terminate terrorist during shoutout, recover illegal automatic weapons


A YAMAM SWAT team returned fire killing the terror suspect after coming under automatic fire while attempting to detain the 31yr-old Palestinian near Ramallah.
– Subsequent search of the premises revealed two illegal M-16 assault rifles & a submachine gun.

By Yoav Zitun and Elior Levy


A wanted Palestinian terror suspect was killed during a shootout with the Border Police’s elite YAMAM unit after opening fire at officers who were attempting to apprehend him early Monday morning.

The Carl Gustav submachine gun seized at the scene after the shootout.- Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Basel Al-Araj, 31, was killed in Al-Bireh, near Ramallah.

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Released for Publication: Israel’s Yamam Police Bust Arab Weapons Trafficking Ring


The closing of the weapons trafficking began ten days ago when the lead suspect, an Israeli Arab, was arrested carrying 3 pistols, an AK-47 automatic assault rifle, ammunition & various weapon parts.

By Shoshana Miskin


Ten days ago, Police of the Judea and Samaria District arrested a 45-year-old Israeli Arab resident of Shu’fat in Jerusalem, as part of an investigation that dealt with allegations of weapons trafficking.

The suspect was caught in the possession of a bag which contained three handguns, an AK-47 rifle, ammunition and various weapons parts.

The arrest was made following an investigation which was conducted by the Central Unit of the Judea and Samaria District, that dealt with a large scale weapons trafficking. Continue Reading »

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rockets At Israel, Only To Have Them All Explode In Gaza


Still no reports from Hamas of damage or deaths as failed rocket fire towards Israel Tuesday morning falls short, landing in the terrorist enclave, although ‘Color Red’ sirens were activated in Israel’s Hof Ashkelon region.

By Elad Benari


Sirens were heard on Tuesday morning, around 5:20 a.m. local time, in the Hof Ashkelon area of southern Israel.

The IDF said that the sirens were a result of a failed attempt to fire rockets from Gaza. Security forces were combing the area nonetheless to determine whether any rockets were fired, it said.

The failed rocket fire came hours after a fighter from the Yamam counterterrorist unit was moderately wounded during an operation to arrest wanted terrorists in Jenin. Continue Reading »

Israel’s PM Praises Nahal Hareidi Unit for Gallantry

Prime Minister Netanyahu complimented the hareidi infantry unit for its role in the eliminating someone who endangered Israeli citizens.

By Gil Ronen


Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu paid compliments Sunday to the Nahal Hareidi battalion – the infantry unit that was created especially for hareidi soldiers, and which adheres to stricter codes of kashrut and separation of the sexes than other units.

The hareidi infantry unit played a role in the elimination of Hamza Abu Alheja and two other terrorists in Jenin.

“Over the weekend our forces struck at a terrorist who had organized attacks on Israelis and was also planning attacks on innocent civilians,” said Netanyahu at the start of Sunday’s Cabinet session. Continue Reading »

IDF on High Alert After Deadly Jenin Anti-Terrorist Operation

Israel’s Special Forces cornering wanted Hamas leader in Jenin, resulting in his death along with 2 others, may facilitate more Palestinian violence.

By Tommy Mueller


Israeli security forces killed three Palestinian terrorists during gun battles in the northern Samaria town of Jenin early Saturday morning. Among the dead was the objective of the raid, Hamza Abu al-Hija (22), one of the most wanted terrorist leaders in the so-called “West Bank.”

High Alert After Deadly Anti-Terror Raid

Another ‘Pallywood Photo’ where a clean undamaged prop is placed on top of the rubble for convenient photo opportunity.

Around 15,000 people attended the weekend funeral for the three young men. Continue Reading »

Israel Counter-terrorism helmet-cam shows soldiers in Jenin kill Hamas terrorist


Watch: Helmet-cam video documenting the raid, shows the YAMAM forces storm the building where 22 yr-old Hamza Abu Al-Haija was hiding, & the fire exchange he initiated that led to his death.

By Yoav Zitun


Police counter-terrorism (Yamam) fighters killed three Palestinians in Jenin overnight, among them 22-year-old Hamza Abu Al-Haija, the son of a senior Hamas official in the West Bank. The Yamam found an M-16 assault-rifle on Al-Haija, a Hamas man himself. Mahmoud Abu Zina, from the Islamic Jihad’s military wing, was also among the dead. During the overnight raid, two Yamam fighters were lightly injured.

Bodies of three Palestinians killed in the operation (Photo: AFP)

Bodies of three Palestinians killed in the operation – Photo: AFP

The video, filmed with a Go-Pro camera, shows the incident unfolding. Continue Reading »

Terrorist Killed by ‘Pressure Cooker’ Tactic

A tactic used by the YAMAM SWAT team, dubbed ‘pressure cooker’ failed to persuade an armed suspect to come out of his hideout. Instead, he went down shooting.

By Gil Ronen


A special Yamam SWAT police force raided a large structure at Bir Zeit, not far from Beit El, on Thursday, and wound up killing a terror suspect.

The force is of the type known as ‘mistaaravim’ – which disguises itself as a group of Arabs in order to avoid detection. Its mission was to arrest three wanted suspects.

The Yamam force arrested two of the suspects, but a third refused to leave the structure and holed up inside for several hours. Continue Reading »

Palestinian shot dead, 7 injured in Jenin from clashes with Police special forces


Palestinian reports say 1 died from gunshot wound and 7 injured as result of clashes with  MAGAV unit that arrived in refugee camp in search of terror suspect.

By Elior Levy


A Palestinian was killed on Wednesday as a result of clashes with an Israeli security force in a refugee camp in the West Bank town of Jenin, Palestinian sources reported.

The Palestinian who was killed, identified as Nafa Jamil Saadi, 22, has reportedly died of his wounds while being evacuated to a hospital.

The Israeli security force, with the Border Guard’s counterterrorism unit, has entered the Jenin refugee camp dressed as technicians to arrest an Islamic Jihad operative, who, in light of the exchange of fire, was not detained. Continue Reading »

Video: Israel’s elite Yamam unit perform rooftop rescue


Mentally disturbed man takes niece hostage, and locks himself in his apartment. After 2 hours of failed negotiations to secure niece’s release, Magav’s elite counter-terrorism unit members rappels down side of building and performs dramatic rescue operation.

By Matan Tzuri

A 25-year-old Ashkelon resident, who according to initial estimates suffers from mental issues, kidnapped his niece and locked himself in an apartment.

Israel's elite SWAT team performs rooftop rescue - Screenshot

Israel’s elite SWAT team performs rooftop rescue – Screenshot

After two hours of negotiations failed to secure the little girl’s release, Israel‘s Special Central Unit (Yamam) – an elite counter-terrorism unit – rappelled down the side of the building and performed a daring rescue. Continue Reading »

Dramatic Terror Arrest by Yamam in Tel Aviv

Special Border Police & Shin Bet units rappelled from rooftop to snatch a terror suspect.

By Gil Ronen


Maariv reported Friday about a dramatic arrest operation in central Tel Aviv that netted a terror activist.

Special Yamam police and Shin Bet forces cooperated in the operation.

Intelligence regarding the presence in Tel Aviv of a terror activist reached the Shin Bet in the late evening hours Thursday. Large police forces sealed off central Tel Aviv.

The forces closed in on an apartment on the corner of Tchernichovsky and Rashi streets, near Dizengoff Center. At around midnight, Yamam forces rappelled from the building’s roof with drawn weapons and burst into one of the apartments, arresting the suspect.

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