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Stan Lee’s final essay, ‘Comic Books and the Holocaust’

Jewish cartoonist, Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee, laureate of the 2008 National Medal of Arts, saw the comic book medium as an educational tool that can promote an effective channel in combating anti-Semitism.


Note: Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee, who passed away this week, took a strong interest in the Holocaust in recent years. His final published essay appeared as the introduction to the recent book We Spoke Out: Comic Books and the Holocaust, by Neal Adams, Rafael Medoff, and Craig Yoe (IDW / Yoe Books, 2018). 

We Spoke Out features Holocaust-related comic book stories, including superheroes from Stan Lee’s Marvel Universe such as Captain America, the X-Men, and Captain Marvel. Continue Reading »

March of Life: German Nazi descendants meet Holocaust survivors


The German organization ‘March of Life’ encourages young Germans to meet with Holocaust survivors and express their strong support for the State of Israel.
– WATCH: Nazis’ descendants sing ‘Hatikva’ to Holocaust survivors.

By Itay Ilnai


It was an emotionally charged moment: A young German woman, the granddaughter of a Nazi officer, sitting next to a Holocaust survivor and specifying what her grandfather had done to Jews during World War II. There was no anger there, just a lot of sadness.“Both sides of my family, my paternal side and my maternal side, were devout Nazis,” Anna Reiner confesses with a serious look on her angel face. Continue Reading »

Scanning technology locate Jewish escape tunnel at Nazi massacre site


In Lithuania’s Ponar forest, an int’l research team using ground scanning equipment locate the tunnel which Jewish prisoners secretly dug out with spoons to escape their Nazi captors.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


In a Lithuanian forest, an international research team has pinpointed the location of a legendary tunnel that Jewish prisoners secretly dug out with spoons to try to escape their Nazi captors during World War II, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.

Preparation for electrical resistivity tomography scan of the pit used to hold the victims before their execution at Ponar massacre site near the town of Vilnius, Lithuania – Photo: Ezra Wolfinger

The tunnel in the Ponar forest, known today as Paneriai, outside the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, is the site where some 100,000 people, including 70,000 Jews, were killed and thrown into pits during Nazi occupation. Continue Reading »

FBI chief announces Holocaust education mandatory for new agents

FBI Director James Comey, “I believe it [the Holocaust] was also the most horrific display in world history of our humanity, of our capacity for evil and for moral surrender.”



WASHINGTON — FBI director James Comey called the Holocaust the most significant event in history and said that’s why a US Holocaust Memorial Museum program on its lessons is mandatory for new agents.

FBI Director James Comey discusses race & law enforcement at Georgetown University in Washington. – Photo: AP/Cliff Owen

Speaking Wednesday at the museum’s National Tribute dinner in Washington, Comey made a point of noting that new special agents and intelligence analysts must attend the Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust program. Continue Reading »

Australia judge sentences anti-Semitic youth to visit Holocaust Museum & a Shabbat dinner

A youth who terrorized a school bus full of young Jewish children in Sydney was ordered by a New South Wales Judge to learn about Judaism and the Holocaust.

By Cynthia Blank


One of the five youths arrested for terrorizing Jewish children on a school bus in Australia earlier this year consented to visit the Sydney Jewish Museum as well as attend a tolerance program as part of his agreed punishment.

Holocaust museum (illustrative)

Holocaust museum (illustrative) – Reuters

The offender was with a gang of eight drunken youths when they boarded a bus in Sydney carrying Jewish students from Moriah College, Mount Sinai College, and Emanual School on August 6.

Continue Reading »

Treblinka gas chambers & mass graves discovered by high-tech archaeologists

Since Treblinka was bulldozed over in 1943 under Hitler’s orders, excavation of the Nazi death camp was barred after WWII out of respect for the victims – but research team using largely ‘non-invasive’ technology received Polish permission to examine site & discovered evidence.


The Nazis left no evidence behind at the Treblinka. After gassing an estimated 900,000 Jews and an unknown number of Roma in the eastern Polish camp (Treblinka was a NAZI CAMP in eastern Poland…not an “eastern Polish camp” as written… *Israel and Stuff) , Germany bulldozed it in 1943 and even planted crops and built a farmhouse on the leveled site. Continue Reading »

Auschwitz starts educational program in Farsi & Arabic

The new historical & cultural program targets countries in which Holocaust denial is prevalent, in an attempt to cultivate awareness & realization.



The Auschwitz museum at the site of the former Nazi death camp in Poland launched an online Holocaust awareness program in Arabic and Farsi on Monday.

Traintracks to Auschwitz - Photo REUTERS

Train-tracks to Auschwitz – Photo: REUTERS

The expanded educational program designed as an attempt to target countries in which Holocaust denial is commonplace.

“We want to address groups of people who often have little knowledge of this subject or who even advocate revisionist views,” museum spokesman Pawel Sawicki was quoted as saying by AFP. Continue Reading »

Which studio gets Hollywood stars to work for free?

Kevin Costner, Elizabeth Taylor, Sandra Bullock to Whoopi Goldberg, Moria Films enlists stars for a Jewish cause.



One Hollywood film studio has commanded only A-list talent since its inception — Elizabeth Taylor, Morgan Freeman, Sandra Bullock, Michael Douglas, Nicole Kidman — and they all worked for free. What kind of studio head has such pull? It’s Rabbi Marvin Hier, the mini-mogul of Moriah Films, the movie division of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Actress Sandra Bullock, Oct. 10, 2013.

Actress Sandra Bullock, Oct. 10, 2013.- Photo: Reuters

Founded by Hier in 1981, Moriah Films has won two Academy Awards for its historical documentaries. Continue Reading »

eBay removes Holocaust memorabilia found listed on its site


Britain’s Mail reports: Internet auction site eBay, removes 30 items, then offers to donate 25,000 pounds to charity over the inappropriate listing.

By Reuters



EBay has removed from its listings around 30 items of memorabilia purportedly from the Nazi Holocaust, including what was described as clothes worn by concentration camp victims, after a newspaper investigation discovered they were on sale on the e-commerce website, Britain’s Mail reported on Sunday.


Nazi-era Jewish identification badge. – Photo: AP

The newspaper said its reporters found a range of items on the site over the past week, including what was presented by the vendor as a complete Auschwitz uniform worn by a Polish baker who perished in the Nazi death camp. Continue Reading »

2 Turkish students arrested for Nazi salute in concentration camp

The Turkish students, who saluted Israeli youths, could face up to 3 years in Polish prison for ‘promoting fascist propaganda’.




Two students from Turkey were arrested in Poland for using a Nazi salute on a group of Israeli students visiting the Majdanek concentration camp.


A joint Israeli-Arab youth delegation visits the Majdanek concentration camp, Poland, January 23, 2012. – Photo Courtesy of Amal

The Turkish students were taken into custody in Poland. The incident last week was reported in the Turkish media on Friday, according to Today’s Zaman.

The students reportedly made the Nazi salute and said “Heil Hitler” when they met a group of students from Israel. Continue Reading »

Spain’s Parliament vote on Holocaust Studies being obligatory

According to Wednesday’s report in Spain’s El Pais daily, the country’s ruling People’s Party submitted a proposed amendment to the education law for approval by Spain’s lower House.



Spain’s parliament is set to vote on an amendment that would make Holocaust studies obligatory for Spanish students.

A session of the Spanish Parliament, Madrid, Spain, August 2013.

A session of the Spanish Parliament, Madrid, Spain, August 2013. – Photo: AP

Spain’s ruling People’s Party recently submitted the proposed amendment to the education law for approval by Spain’s lower house, according to a report Wednesday in the El Pais daily.

If passed, the proposed amendment would introduce the genocide of Jews by Nazi Germany into the curriculum “at various stages of basic education,” the Spanish news agency Europa Press reported Thursday. Continue Reading »