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Israel Security Neutralizes Palestinian Terrorists Day by Day


IDF soldiers thwarted a terrorist attack by shooting dead 2 Palestinians who approached them brandishing long kitchen knives, in an attempted dawn stabbing attack at the Nablus checkpoint, Beqoat, in the West Bank.

By Yoav Zitun & Elior Levy


An attempted stabbing attack was foiled early Saturday morning when IDF soldiers shot and killed two Palestinians who tried to attack them with knives at the Beqaot checkpoint in the northern West Bank.

The scene of an attempted stabbing attack in the Nablus area of the West Bank

The two soldiers, part of the new “Lions of Jordan” co-ed battalion, were at the Nablus-area checkpoint as part of routine security operations. Continue Reading »

IDF soldier shoots Palestinian driver dead for attempting to run over soldiers

A Kfir soldier opened fire on vehicle at the Eyal checkpoint near Kalkilya after driver refused to stop, leaving 1 Palestinian dead, the 2nd Palestinian & an Israeli with light injuries.



A Palestinian driver attempted to run down soldiers at the Eyal checkpoint, north of Kalkilya on Tuesday afternoon, army sources said.

car terror

Vehicle which attempted to run down Israeli soldiers. – Photo: MAGEN DAVID ADOM

A soldier from the Kfir brigade who was at a checkpoint felt his life to be in danger and opened fire, critically injuring the driver, an army spokeswoman added. A passenger who attempted to flee the scene was shot in the leg and lightly injured. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Arabs Vandalize IDF Security Checkpoint

Graffiti at the security checkpoint notes that the vandalism was ‘retaliation’ for Israeli security personnel killing wanted Arab terrorist as incitement after funeral continues.

By Dalit Halevi, Tova Dvorin


Masked Palestinian Arabs broke into a IDF checkpoint near the Palestinian Authority (PA) settlement of Beit Furik, northeast of Shechem, after they cut through barbed wire fence surrounding the post.

A video surfaced on YouTube over the weekend showing masked men, who were armed with a chainsaw and hammers, sawing through checkpoint gate, smashing the windows of the armored guard position, and vandalizing the checkpoint. Graffiti at the site read, “Boycott Israel, in memory of the martyr Motazz Washaha.” Continue Reading »

IDF’s Nachal Soldiers Prevent Terror Attack, Arrest 2 Arabs with 6 Bombs

Alert IDF soldiers intercept two Palestinian Arabs at security checkpoint in possession of six pipe bombs near the Arab village of Huwara.

By Elad Benari


Alert IDF soldiers foiled a terror attack on Sunday, when they caught six pipe bombs in the possession of two Palestinian Arabs.

The incident took place next to the Arab village of Huwara in the Shomron (Samaria). The head of the 931 Infantry Battalion of the Nahal Brigade, Guy Shadmi, told Arutz Sheva that soldiers identified two Arabs who were coming from the direction of Shechem and driving suspiciously.

“When they approached Har Bracha, the Palestinians threw a bag with a number of objects out of the car, at which point the soldiers stopped them,” Shadmi said, adding that after the Arabs were arrested and questioned, they admitted to having thrown six pipe bombs from their vehicle. Continue Reading »