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TRUMP announces Muslim majority Sudan to open ties with Israel


President Donald Trump’s decision to remove Sudan from the US terrorism blacklist initiated the momentum for this African country to become the third Arab state to reach a deal on normalization with Israel within mere weeks.



US President Donald Trump on Friday spoke with the leaders of Israel and Sudan as the two countries announced their plan to normalize relations, adding that he expected the Palestinians and other nations to also agree to closer ties in coming months.

In a telephone call with Trump held in front of reporters at the White House, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also welcomed what he called a rapidly expanding circle of peace. Continue Reading »

Sudan agrees to normalize ties with Israel for removal from US terror list


The Sudanese Sovereignty Council has decided to move ahead and accept the US demand to normalize diplomatic ties with the Jewish State in exchange for their removal from the US blacklist of terrorism supporters.

By i24NEWS


The Sudanese Sovereignty Council decided to go ahead with normalizing the country’s ties with Israel, sources close to the Sudanese leadership told i24NEWS.

A source close to the council told the Arabic-language edition of i24NEWS that after a heated discussion late on Wednesday, the council decided to yield to US pressure and forge formal ties with Israel.

According to reports in Sudanese and Arab media outlets, Washington gave Sudan 24 hours to respond to an ultimatum demanding that Sudan recognizes Israel and normalizes its ties with the Jewish state in exchange for being removed from the US blacklist of terrorism supporters. Continue Reading »

Historic: Israeli plane uses Sudan airspace in non-stop to Israel for first time

As a result of the surprising Benjamin Netanyahu-Abd al-Fattah al-Burhan meeting earlier this month, an Israeli based aircraft flew non-stop from Kinshasa, DRC to Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport by flying over Sudan for the first time.
– Other planes have used route but were never registered as “Israeli.”

By Itay Blumenthal


An Israeli plane made history this weekend by becoming the country’s first-ever aircraft to fly through Sudanese airspace, as it traveled to Tel Aviv from Kinshasa.

The plane took off from Israel early last week for the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo and made its return to Ben-Gurion Airport in the skies over Sudan. Continue Reading »

Despite Sudanese uproar, Sudan PM welcomes meeting with Netanyahu

Dismissing the gov’t spokesperson’s comment that Sudanese General al-Burhan’s meeting with PM Netanyahu was a “violation of the Sudanese constitution,” Sudan’s PM Abdalla Hamdok tweeted his support of the historic rendezvous in Unganda.

By i24NEWS


Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok applauded Wednesday the meeting that took place between his country’s Military Council chief and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Uganda.

“We welcome General [Abdel Fattah al-]Burhan’s statement about his meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel,” Hamdok said in a tweet.

Continue Reading »

Sudanese leader travels to Uganda to sit with Israel’s PM Netanyahu

Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the Chief of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, traveled to Uganda for a 2-hour meeting in which African leaders agreed to begin normalization of relations and increase cooperation between their countries and Israel.

By Itamar Eichner, Associated Press


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Chairman of the Sovereignty Council of Sudan Abdel Fattah al-Burhan in Uganda on Monday.

After a two hour meeting, the leaders agreed to begin normalization of relations and increase cooperation between the two countries.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Uganda President Yoweri Museveni in Kampala – Photo: Israel’s GPO

Netanyahu was on an official visit to Uganda where he met with President Yoweri Museveni. Continue Reading »

Kenya Airways request flight path over Sudan to Israel

Following Air India’s lead in securing a flight corridor over Saudi airspace, Kenya Airways seeks permission to begin operating weekly flights between Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport and Nairobi over Sudan, beginning in 2019.

By Itay Blumenthal


A Kenyan airline has submitted a formal request to fly its commercial planes over Sudanese airspace for flights from Kenya to Israel.

The request, submitted by Kenya Airways, comes weeks after Saudi Arabia granted permission for the first time to Air India to use its airspace for a commercial flight route to Israel. The first Air India Boeing 787 touched down at Ben-Gurion Airport on March 22. Continue Reading »