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HRW: Facebook judges Hamas and PFLP unfairly, censors Palestinian posts

Human Rights Watch claims Facebook wrongly censors Palestinian posts on ‘Israeli human rights abuses’ and its unfair designation of Hamas and PFLP as “dangerous organizations”, is a serious threat to free expression.



Human Rights Watch (HRW) claimed on Friday that Facebook wrongfully removed content by Palestinian activists about Palestine and Israeli human rights violations during Operation Guardians of the Wall in May.

HRW, the New York-based NGO, also claimed that Facebook’s reliance on the United States’ Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) list for designating organizations as “dangerous” is a threat to free expression as it prohibits Palestinian leaders from using Facebook. Continue Reading »

Human Rights Watch levels ultimatum to Israel over Gaza war-crimes investigation


HRW, known for its anti-Israel bias, accuses Israel of preventing its researchers for accessing Gaza and Egypt of preventing HRW representatives entry since 2008.



Human Rights Watch demanded on Monday that Israel allow its investigators into Gaza if it wants the International Criminal Court “to take seriously” Israel’s own war crimes investigations.

The ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda (photographed above/Wikimedia) started a preliminary examination of 2014 Gaza war crimes allegations in January 2015.

HRW accuses Israel in a 47-page report of preventing its researchers for accessing Gaza. It has also accused Egypt of preventing HRW visits to the coastal territory since 2008. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Golan Druze leader laughs at UN claim of ‘hardship of occupation’


“I don’t understand what they’re talking about, it’s laughable,” the mayor of Majdal Shams said. Druze in the Golan “don’t serve in the IDF, and so far are only receiving from the state. Why don’t they condemn the horrors in Syria, where dozens of children are killed daily? (Israel’s) Golan residents have a good life.”



A leader of the Druze population of the Golan Heights disputed the assertion of a United Nations committee that accused Israel of imposing economic and social hardships on his community.

Golan Heights, Druze village square in Majdal Shams – Photo: Avihu Shapira

Dulan abu-Saleh, the mayor of Majdal Shams, the largest Druze town in the Golan, told Makor Rishon that the U.N. Continue Reading »

HRW: Palestanian Authority Arresting University Students For Supporting Hamas

After Birzeit University annual student council vote was won by Hamas, Abbas’ Palestinian Authority security arrests & beat 25 students.

By i24news


Human Rights Watch on Thursday accused the Palestinian security forces of arresting or questioning West Bank students over their political opinions, saying several had been mistreated.

A Palestinian policeman attaches a picture of President Mahmoud Abbas to a police car during a parade in the West Bank town of Hebron, 2009 – Photo: AFP

“It is deeply worrying that students are being held by Palestinian forces for no apparent reason other than their connection to Hamas or their opinions,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW’s Middle East and North Africa director. Continue Reading »

NGO accuses Israel of war crime in Palestinian teens’ deaths, but evidence yells ‘staged’


Despite all evidence to the contrary, Human Rights Watch says IDF assurances that its soldiers didn’t use live ammunition on May 15, does not stand up to critical perusal. 

By Reuters



The killing last month of two Palestinian teenagers during a protest in the West Bank might constitute a war crime by Israel, Human Rights Watch said in a report published Monday.

An image from the video that purportedly shows the shooting deaths of two Palestinians in Beitunia on May 15 – Photo: Defense for Children International Palestine website

Palestinian medics said Muhammad Abu Thahr, 16, and Nadim Nuwara, 17, were shot dead by IDF troops using live ammunition on May 15 as they took part in the demonstration. Continue Reading »

Human Rights Watch tells Israel: Stop displacing Bedouins


Human rights organization calls on Israel to stop its attempts at displacing West Bank Bedouin families, citing last week’s confrontation of IDF soldiers clashing with diplomats on an aid mission.


Human Rights Watch on Thursday urged Israel to stop trying to displace Bedouin families in the West Bank, where the army last week manhandled European diplomats on an aid mission.  

Bedouin village (Archives) – Photo: Elior Levy

“The Israeli military should end its unjustified attempts to forcibly remove a decades-old community,” the New York-based watchdog’s Middle East director Joe Stork said in a statement.

“Israeli forces didn’t just rough up diplomats, they demolished every single building in Makhul and ordered the residents to leave and never come back,” he said. Continue Reading »

HRW: Hamas didn’t probe executions of suspected spies

Human Rights Watch says Hamas neglected to investigate executions of 7 Palestinians accused of spying for Israel during November’s Gaza operation.




GAZA – Human Rights Watch accused the Islamist Hamas government in Gaza on Thursday of failing to investigate the summary executions of seven Palestinians alleged to have spied for Israel during Operation Pillar of Defense last November.

Gunmen ride motorcycles dragging body of alleged collaborator

Gunmen ride motorcycles dragging body of alleged collaborator Photo: REUTERS/Suhaib Salem

Ihab al-Ghusain, head of the Hamas government media office, denied the allegation and said an inquiry headed by the prosecutor general was set up shortly after the incidents and had made recommendations to the cabinet.

Continue Reading »

Human Rights Watch: Israel committed war crimes during offensive on Gaza

New HRW report says Israel mounted multiple airstrikes on civilian targets & used disproportionate force during Operation Pillar of Defense against Gaza’s rocket attacks, which claimed the lives of over 40 non-combatant Gazans.


A U.S.-based rights group said Israel violated laws of war in a series of airstrikes it conducted during an eight-day military operation last November against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian girl stands next to a relative's house after it was destroyed

A Palestinian girl stands next to a relative’s house after it was destroyed in what witnesses said was an Israeli air strike in Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip, Nov.

Continue Reading »

Human Rights Watch: Gaza Committed Numerous War Crimes

FINALLY: Human Rights Watch says Gaza “armed groups” commit war crimes by targeting Israeli civilians. HRW also blamed Gaza terrorists for firing rockets & missiles from densely populated areas.

HRW also blamed Iran for provided technical information to Gaza terrorists for building their own  Fajr 5 missiles that were fired on Tel Aviv & Jerusalem.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


The Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a rare condemnation of Gaza terrorists on Monday for war crimes – without the usual “balancing act” of blaming Israel.

Terrorist groups boast by publishing their rocket fire emanating from civilian areas within Gaza. - Screenshot

Terrorist groups boast by publishing their rocket fire emanating from civilian areas within Gaza. – Screenshot

HRW did not go so far as to describe “Palestinian armed groups” as terrorists, but the categorical censure of rocket launchers marks a drastic change in the attitude towards Israel and Hamas. Continue Reading »

Richard Falk finally removed from Human RIghts Watch committee

GREAT NEWS: Human Rights Watch has just expelled antisemitic U.N. official Richard Falk, thanks to campaign by UN Watch.



Human Rights Watch has removed Richard Falk, United Nations special rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, from one of its local committees.

OVERVIEW OF the Human Rights Council at the UNHRC - Photo by Reuters

OVERVIEW OF the Human Rights Council at the UNHRC – Photo by Reuters

Falk, who has compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to the actions of the Nazis and suggested that the U.S. government may have had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, was removed Tuesday from the international nongovernmental organization’s local committee in Santa Barbara, Calif.

U.N. Watch said in a letter to its supporters that Falk’s removal from the committee came after U.N. Continue Reading »

UN Human Right Watch: Iran’s statements on Israel not incitement to genocide

Human Right Watch leader refuses to label Ahmadinejad’s calls to ‘erase Israel from the map’ as an incitement to genocide.

HRW compares mullah’s remarks to those of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.



WASHINGTON – The head of the powerful New York-based Human Rights Watch refused to label as genocide Iranian calls to obliterate the Jewish state and compared Iran’s mullah leadership to the Shas party.

Kenneth Roth

Kenneth Roth – Photo: Bloomberg

The Wall Street Journal’s David Feith, as assistant editorial features editor with the paper, obtained internal HRW emails and published last week a report, headlined “Dancing around genocide,” about alleged HRW bias against Israel and an internecine conflict within HRW’s top leadership about the group’s head, Ken Roth, and his failure to take Iran’s calls to destroy Israel seriously. Continue Reading »