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Israelis stunned to find Nazi paraphernalia sold in Bulgarian tourist shops


An Israeli traveling in a Bulgarian town was shocked to find gift shop mugs with swastikas and Hitler’s picture.

By Michal Margalit

An Israeli traveling in Bulgaria was shocked to find mugs carrying the picture of Adolf Hitler and decorated with swastikas in a souvenir shop in a ski resort. She later realized the shop was not only one carrying the Nazi paraphernalia, and found similar trinkets in other shops on the same street.

Mugs on sale in Bulgarian store (Photo: Janna Kushnir)

Mugs on sale in Bulgarian store – Photo: Janna Kushnir

On the final day of their five-day trip, the mother and son entered a gift shop in the town’s main street and were surprised to find the mugs with swastikas and Hitler’s picture offered for sale, stacked near cosmetic items and various trinkets. Continue Reading »

Spielberg addresses UN: We must act on what was learned from the Holocaust

Israeli envoy Ron Prosor tells the UN, “State of Israel is the only guarantee to ensure the future of the Jewish people.”




Oscar-winning film director, writer and producer Steven Spielberg stressed on Monday the importance of gathering testimony to horrors such as the Holocaust in order to create awareness and preventative measures for the future.

Spielberg speaks at the General Assembly hall of the United Nations headquarters in New York, January 27, 2014. - Photo: Reuters

Spielberg speaks at the General Assembly hall of the United Nations headquarters in New York, January 27, 2014. – Photo: Reuters

“Mass graves don’t have to open up before we act,” Spielberg said in the keynotes address of a special UN General Assembly session marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Continue Reading »

New legislation seeks to bar all use of Nazi slurs & symbols


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Jerusalem asks Berlin to return stolen Nazi loot to Jewish hands


Deputy FM Zeev Elkin urges Germany to donate all Jewish-owned art from a trove discovered in Munich in 2012 to Jewish or Israeli museums if owners or heirs can’t be found.

Jerusalem asks to join German investigation into the discovery of 1,400 works of art seized by the Nazis.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin has urged Germany to give any Jewish-owned art from a trove discovered in Munich to Jewish or Israeli museums if heirs are not found.

Otto Griebel’s “Kind am Tisch” (“Child at a table”), which was among the more than 1,400 works of art seized by German authorities in a Munich apartment in February 2012 – Photo: AP

He said Israel has requested to join the German investigation into the roughly 1,400 artworks found in the apartment of a reclusive Munich collector last year. Continue Reading »

Victim of Looted Nazi Art: Authority’s Handling is ‘Scandalous’

Interview reveals Germany refuses to return all the looted works, publicize what was found or maintain transparency.

By AFP and Arutz Sheva Staff


A granddaughter of German painter Otto Dix, a few of whose works were discovered in the vast trove of Nazi-looted art stashed in a Munich flat, has called Germany’s approach to the Third Reich’s spoils “scandalous,” AFP reports.

Stolen artwork seized by Nazis – Photo: Reuters

“Germany, generally speaking, has never really addressed the issue of works of art seized by the Nazis. It should have done that much earlier, soon after the war,” Nana Dix told AFP in a telephone interview from her Munich home.  Continue Reading »

Nazi-looted art found in Munich had Goebbels as past owner


Newly reported document reveals pieces from the discovered collection in Munich was sold by Hitler’s propaganda minister for a symbolic price. Goebbels reportedly received 4,000 Swiss Francs for some 200 pieces of art.

By Ynet

More details are emerging in the affair of the 1,406 pieces of stolen art found last week in a Munich apartment.

Contract for sale of Jewish-owned artwork by Joseph Goebbels from Bild's report (Photo: Bild)

Contract for sale of Jewish-owned artwork by Joseph Goebbels from Bild’s report – Photo: Bild

A document published Sunday by the German paper Bild proved that more than 200 of the pieces in the collection, that are worth nearly a billion dollars, were sold in 1940 to an art dealer named Hildebrand Gurlitt by Joseph Goebbels – Hitler‘s propaganda minister – for only 4,000 Swiss Francs. Continue Reading »

Again: Palestinian Hoist Nazi Flag

Palestinians hoisted the flag high above the highway between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc for the Jewish travelers to see.

By Arutz Sheva


For at least the second time in five months, Arab residents of Beit Umar in the Palestinian Authority (PA) have placed a Nazi flag over a major thoroughfare where Jews pass in their vehicles.

Beit Umar is located between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc, not far from Hevron.

Soldiers from the Haruv battalion in Kfir Regiment tried to take down the flag Saturday, but encountered difficulty because it was placed very high up.

A similar event took place at Beit Umar in May, when hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion who drove down Highway 60 were astounded to see an oversized Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Arab town.

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Former PA intel officer ‘sentenced to death for selling home to a Jew’

Capital crime in what is to become Palestine: Former Palestinian Authority intelligence officer Muhammad Abu Shahala was sentenced to death for selling his home in Hebron to a Jew.

By Daily Mail Reporter


A former Palestinian intelligence officer has reportedly been sentenced to death after it was revealed he had sold his home to Jews.

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas - Photo Mark Israel Sellem

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas – Photo: Mark Israel Sellem

Muhammad Abu Shahala, who worked for the Palestinian Authority reportedly confessed under torture to selling his home in Hebron on the West Bank to a Jewish man.

Jewish officials are now calling for the international community to get involved to save Mr Abu Shahala’s life. Continue Reading »

Nazi flag hanging over Arab village’s Mosque outside Jerusalem

The Tazpit News Agency posted a photo of a Swastika flag flying high over the Arab village of Beit Ummar, just south of Jerusalem.

by The Commentator


Israel’s Tazpit News Agency this morning reported that hundreds of residents of the Gush Etzion area were “astounded” to find a Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Palestinian town of Beit Ummar. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were notified immediately, claims the report.

Nazi flag flying right near the mosque in the Palestinian town of Beit Omar. - Photo Tazpit News Agency

Nazi flag flying right near the mosque in the Palestinian town of Beit Omar. – Photo: Tazpit News Agency

The flag, as can be seen from the image provided, was found by residents who were driving to Jerusalem on Monday morning. Continue Reading »

Protestant org that protected Jews from Nazis snubs Shoah ceremony

The French Protestant group established in 1939 has since become a staunch supporter of ‘Palestinian Rights’ and distances themselves from their honorable past.



A French organization that saved Jews during the Holocaust has declined to attend a commemoration because it was organized by pro-Israel Jews.

The Marseille branch of CIMADE, a French Protestant group established in 1939, declined to attend the region’s main memorial ceremony for Jewish Holocaust victims because of the pro-Israel attitude of CRIF, the umbrella group representing French Jewish communities, which organized the event together with the municipality.

Certificate of Honor

Certificate of Honor

The values that led CIMADE to save Jews make the group “equally committed to oppose the colonial, discriminatory and bellicose policy of Israel with regards to the Palestinians,” CIMADE regional deputies Françoise Rocheteau and Jean-Pierre Cavalie wrote in a letter to the local CRIF branch on Dec. Continue Reading »

Dutch city workers brave thin ice to remove Nazi symbols

Traversing dangerously thin ice, the lightest worker from the municipal cleaning team ventured onto the ice attached to a rope held by his colleagues on the bank.



THE HAGUE, the Netherlands (JTA) — Workers in a Dutch town braved thin ice to remove Nazi symbols etched into the surface of a frozen lake.

Frozen Lake (illustration)The workers first attempted to walk to the area where unidentified persons had carved the Nazi salutation “Sieg Heil!” and swastika into the ice, according to a Jan. 23 report in the AD/Rotterdams Dagblad, a local daily.

The workers quickly left the ice when it began to crack under their weight. Continue Reading »

Poland Investigates Artist’s Claims of Holocaust Victims’ Ashes in Paint

Polish prosecutors have launched a probe into a Swedish artist’s claims that he used ashes of Holocaust victims mixed into the paint in his artwork.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


Polish prosecutors have launched an investigation into a Swedish artist’s claims that he used the ashes of Holocaust victims in his artwork, an official said Tuesday.

The artist, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, claims he stole ashes from a crematorium at Nazi Germany’s Majdanek concentration camp in Poland in 1989 then used them in one of his paintings by mixing them with water.

“The prosecution opened an investigation into this matter Monday,” Beata Syk-Jankowska, a spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office in Lublin, told AFP. Continue Reading »

Revealing a sordid Nazi plan

Could Hitler have actually been alive & well and living in Argentina? A new documentary film says that’s exactly what happened.


Hitler’s last days were not spent in his Berlin bunker, but in tranquil luxury in an Argentine hotel – at least, that’s the story that director/ producer Noam Shalev and researcher Pablo Weschler are trying to prove in their upcoming documentary, Revealed: Hitler in Argentina, set for release next year.


“We will never know the truth,” Shalev cautions, sitting in the offices of Highlight Films, the video production company he and Weschler run in Bnei Brak.

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Rare Holocaust images from newly found Nazi albums

Here are the pictures of daily Jewish life during the Holocaust that were hidden in private albums of the Nazi Wehrmacht soldiers for years.

Dariusz Dekiert, a devout Christian from Poland, locates and hands them over to the Jewish, Shem Olam Institute. ‘I see it as rectification,’ he tells Yedioth Ahronoth, a Hebrew language Israeli newspaper

By Yehuda Shohat


Like children their age all over the world in recent decades, these children too stood in front of a photographer, followed his orders and smiled. The result appeared almost routine, but there is nothing routine about this photo.

It is a picture of Jewish children during the Holocaust. Continue Reading »

Perfectly preserved German bunker uncovered by IDF

Massive weapons’ reservoir believed to belong to German imperial army from WWI discovered in Dead Sea due to receding waterline; preserved in near perfect condition thanks to high salt content

By Yoav Zitun



The IDF‘s Combat Engineering Corps will soon uncover another layer of the ‘ancient German bunker’ which was concealed in the northern Dead Searegion.

The Dead Sea’s receding waterline led to the exposure of a massive weapons’ reservoir with thousands of artillery shells, bullets, rifles, guns, mines, explosives and even ancient walkie-talkies which were preserved in near perfect condition thanks to the high salt content in the water. Continue Reading »