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Palestinians threaten UNESCO not to oppose upcoming Jerusalem vote


view videoAhead of Wednesday’s vote on another controversial anti-Jewish, Jerusalem resolution, Israel’s Ambassador to UNESCO said such threats & ultimatums only serve to reveal the true face of the Palestinians as “thugs” & “liars.”



The Palestinian Authority and the Jordanians have warned the 21-member states of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee not to oppose or abstain from a Jerusalem resolution on Wednesday in Paris.

The resolution, which refers to the Temple Mount solely by its Muslim name of Al-Haram Al Sharif, is expected to be approved by the committee at its 40th session.

But in light of public statements on such resolutions made last week by Italy, Mexico and Brazil, the Palestinians want the resolution to pass by consensus, with the full support of all 21 member states of the World Heritage Committee (WHC). Continue Reading »

FIFA Chief Tells Netanyahu He Opposes Palestinian Bid to Oust Israel From Football Association

FIFA president Blatter meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem saying, “Football has the power to construct bridges. Football shall unite people & not divide people.”
Palestinian official responded, claiming Israel ‘leading world by nose because of Holocaust.’

By David Ben Shimol


During a visit to Israel on Tuesday, FIFA President Sepp Blatter voiced his objections to an upcoming vote initiated by the Palestinian Football Association to suspend the Israeli FA from participation in international soccer competitions.

Eini, Netanyahu, Blatter, and Regev (Photo: GPO)
Eini, Netanyahu, Blatter, and Regev (Photo: GPO)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warmly welcomed Blatter to Israel when the two met in Jerusalem. “I want to praise you for opposing the politicizing of sport.
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Palestinians refuse to drop petition to suspend Israel from FIFA

FIFA President to meet with PM Netanyahu over Palestinian bid to eject Israel from football association.

By i24news


FIFA President Sepp Blatter will travel to the Middle East to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and top Palestinian officials in a bid to head off a Palestinian bid to expel Israel from the sport’s governing body, FIFA said in a statement Sunday.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter is targeting a fifth term in office – Photo: Michael Buholzer/AFP

However, the Palestine FA (PFA) will not drop its proposal for a vote at the FIFA Congress to suspend Israel from international football although it will continue to pursue dialogue, its president Jibril Rajoub told Reuters on Sunday. Continue Reading »

FIFA chief asks Palestinians to withdraw Israel complaint

Speaking to CAF Congress in Cairo, FIFA head Blatter calls on Palestine Football Association to cancel its attempt to get Israel suspended from world soccer’s governing body, saying, “A suspension of any member affects badly the whole organization.”

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


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Palestinians seek to replace US as peace broker with the UN


Bloomberg News reports senior Palestinian official Nabil Shaath saying: We will ask U.N. Security Council to take control of peace efforts. “We will confront Israel politically all over the universe” if it doesn’t pull back to the 1967 borders, Shaath said.

By Daniel Siryoti & Israel Hayom Staff


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas wants the U.N. to take over from the U.S. as the main peace broker between Israel and the Palestinians, senior Abbas adviser Nabil Shaath told Bloomberg News in an interview published on Tuesday.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas and senior adviser Nabil Shaath – Photo: AP

“We are telling the U.S.,

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Abbas: Borders outline, Jewish homes freeze & release prisoners or talks ended


‘If Israel believes in the 2-state solution, then let’s talk borders,’ PA head says in 1st public comments regarding possibility of extending peace talks.

By Elior Levy


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for the first time spoke about the Palestinian demands for extending peace talks: A three months freeze in settlement construction during which time talks would focus on delineating the border of the future Palestinian state.

“If Israel believes in the two state solution… let us define the borders – where Israel will be and where Palestine will be,” he said in a special press conference to Israel journalists covering peace talks Tuesday. Continue Reading »

E. Jerusalem residents petition High Court over lack of water, demanding it free


After years of water theft/piracy, illegal building with unauthorized connections to state water main, and the residents refusal to pay water bills, tens of thousands go dry for 3 weeks, with Water Ministry, Water Authority, Jerusalem municipality & the Hagihon utility passing blame.



The Association for Civil Rights in Israel and east Jerusalem residents appealed to the High Court of Justice on Tuesday, petitioning against the lack of running water in several neighborhoods east of the security barrier for the past three weeks.

Palestinian woman carrying water

Palestinian woman carrying water – Photo: Nayef Haslamoun / Reuters

Most homes in the neighborhoods of Ras Hamis, Ras Shahada, Dahyat a-Salam and the Shuafat refugee camp have either had no water or very low water pressure, ACRI attorney Keren Tzafrir wrote in the petition. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Chairman Abbas’ Newest Demand: Change Israeli Coalition Gov’t

Palestinian Authority advisor to Abbas insists that negotiations cannot continue unless Israel changes its current democratically elected coalition gov’t – and demands that it does.

By Tova Dvorin


Nimer Hamed, the political advisor to Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, has expressed optimism in the success of peace talks – but only in the event that the PA and Israel can agree on matters related to security, including the crucial Jordan Valley region.

According to Reshet Bet, Hamed also claims that the PA cannot move forward with negotiations unless Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu changes the current coalition government.

Hamed added that the PA expects “concrete steps” from Israel following meetings with US Secretary of State John Kerry – but the PA refuses to give any details about what those steps may entail. Continue Reading »