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Supported by UAE, Bahrain, Israeli envoy asks Biden not to return to Iran Nuke Deal

In a joint statement with the UAE & Bahrain ambassadors, the Israeli envoy to the United States urged Joe Biden to investigate & examine anew ‘the reality in the Middle East’ before making any decisions about returning to the Iran nuclear deal.

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Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer insisted on Monday that it would be a mistake for the incoming Biden administration to return to the Iran nuclear deal.

Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer – Screenshot: YouTube

In a joint statement released in tandem with the ambassadors of the UAE and Bahrain, Dermer urged the president-elect to examine “the reality in the Middle East” before making any decisions about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Continue Reading »

US Envoy: Netanyahu will allow Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib enter Israel

“Out of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any member of Congress into Israel,” declared Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States.

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This is a developing story.

US Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) will not be denied entry into Israel “out of respect for congress,” Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer told Haaretz on Friday.

“[Out] of respect for the U.S. Congress and the great alliance between Israel and America, we would not deny entry to any member of Congress into Israel,” Dermer told the Israeli daily. Continue Reading »

Israel puts White House on notice: If necessary, Israel will attack Syria again

Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, warns gathering of senior US officials, Israel has, and will continue unencumbered to respond with force in Syria whenever PM Netanyahu’s 2 ‘red-lines’ are crossed.

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Israel sent a clear message to the Trump Administration that it will not hesitate to again attack neighboring Syria if forces embroiled in a bloody civil war there cross two red lines.

Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer condemns Obama’s backstabbing. – Screenshot: YouTube

Speaking at a pre-Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) gathering that included a large number of senior US officials, Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, stated:

“Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been very clear about Israeli red lines in Syria, and Israel has acted to enforce those red lines.” Continue Reading »

Knesset and U.S. Congress to jointly celebrate 50 years of Jerusalem’s reunification


Being hosted by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the reunification of Jerusalem celebration was organized by Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer, with all the Members of Knesset, Congress, Senate invited.



The Knesset and the Congress will jointly mark 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem in an event scheduled to be broadcast on live video link between the two legislatures next Tuesday. The move could be viewed as tacit recognition by the White House of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and spark controversy.

VP Pence with President Trump. – Screen Shot: White House/YouTube

Sources told The Jerusalem Post that either President Donald Trump or Vice President Mike Pence will participate in the event on Capitol Hill, alongside Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, its host. Continue Reading »

WATCH: U.S. Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley says ‘Days of Israel-bashing are over’


Full interview: Addressing the 2017 AIPAC conference, Amb. Nikki Haley said the December anti-Israel resolution passed at the UN Security Council was ‘not only embarrassing it was hurtful,’ vowing ‘it will never happen again.’

By AFP, Ynetnews


The US ambassador to the United Nations received a rapturous welcome Monday at Washington’s biggest pro-Israel forum, where she vowed never to allow “Israel-bashing” at the world body.

Nikki Haley was addressing the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) policy conference for the first time since President Donald Trump named her Washington’s UN envoy.

And she drew a clear line under the record of her predecessor, who in December abstained from a UN Security Council vote, thus allowing a resolution criticizing Israeli settlements to pass. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israeli Ambassador: Obama orchestrated “ganging up on Israel” at U.N.


WATCH: Israeli Ambassador to US tells CNN that Israel will present unquestionable evidence to President-elect Trump identifying the White House as driving force behind anti-Israel resolution at UN Security Council.

Mordechai Sones


Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer spoke with CNN Monday, stating that Israel has proof that US President Obama’s administration is behind Friday’s UN Security Council resolution on Judea, Samaria, and east Jerusalem.

“We will present this evidence to the new administration through the appropriate channels. If they want to share it with the American people they are welcome to do it,” said Dermer.

According to Dermer, not only did the U.S. Continue Reading »

PM Netanyahu : Iran using Hezbollah to open new front against Israel on Golan Heights

During a visit to IDF bases on Lebanon’s & Syrian borders, Netanyahu vows to oppose any potential nuclear deal between West and Iran.
• Israel’s envoy to the US, Ron Dermer, meets with 7 House Democrats regarding PM’s upcoming speech to Congress.

By Danny Brenner, Shlomo Cesana, Yoni Hersch, Israel Hayom Staff & News Agencies


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon on Wednesday visited the Hermon Brigade and IDF bases overlooking the Syrian and Lebanese borders in the Shebaa farms region and the Golan Heights, assessing from up close the army’s readiness in sectors that have seen increased tension recently.
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Ron Dermer, Israel’s New Ambassador to U.S. presents credentials to Obama


Ron Dermer officially becomes Israel’s 18th ambassador to the U.S. 

Amb. Dermer jots a few words to Obama in White House guest book: “I look forward to working with you and your administration to make the bonds between Israel and America stronger than ever.”

Shlomo Cesana, Yoni Hirsch and Israel Hayom Staff


Ron Dermer presented his credentials to U.S. President Barack Obama at the White House on Tuesday, officially becoming Israel’s 18th ambassador to the U.S.

U.S. President Barack Obama and new Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer – Photo: Courtesy of the White House

Dermer, a former top aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is a 42-year-old Florida native who studied at the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University before immigrating to Israel in 1997. Continue Reading »