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Bodies of 15 African Migrants Discovered Near Israel’s Border By Egyptian Police


In attempting to come to the Jewish State through Egypt’s Sinai desert, 15 African migrants were shot dead near Israel’s border by unknown assailants.

By i24news


The bodies of 15 African migrants were found Sunday by Egyptian police near the country’s border with Israel, according to security sources. Another eight migrants were reportedly found injured.

The border fence along Israel’s border with Egypt near the Red Sea resort town of Eilat – Photo: AFP

“Fifteen bodies of Africans shot dead were found at dawn on Sunday south of (the town of) Rafah,” said Tariq Khatir, a representative of the health ministry in North Sinai. Continue Reading »

Karma: Hamas Henchmen Snatched in Sinai

Photo: EPA





Hamas in a frenzy after 4 armed members abducted in Egypt’s Sinai by unknown gunmen, heightening tension between the Strip’s leadership and its powerful neighbor.

By Reuters


Four members of Hamas’ armed wing were abducted in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday after the bus they were on was stopped by unidentified gunmen, sources close to the Palestinian group and Egyptian security officials said.

The Egypt Gaza border, not far from the abduction site – Photo: AP

Egypt accuses Hamas of supporting militant groups seeking to topple the Cairo government, an allegation the movement denies.

Hamas warned in a statement that the abductions could strain ties with Egypt, which faces a serious security challenge from Islamist militants. 

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Obama considers US Army retreat from Sinai as Islamic State becomes more active

Concerned about the safety of lightly armed US forces, the White House considers retreating (instead of securing their soldiers), allowing Islamic State-inspired groups in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula to become even more active.

Associated Press


The Obama administration is quietly reviewing the future of America’s three-decade deployment to Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, fearful the lightly equipped peacekeepers could be targets of escalating Islamic State-inspired violence.

Islamic State weapons in Sinai found by Egypt

Options range from beefing up their protection or even pulling them out altogether, officials told The Associated Press.

The American forces have helped marshal peace in the peninsula since Egypt’s 1979 historic peace treaty with Israel. Continue Reading »

IDF Intel Officer: Hamas Aided ISIS Assault on Egyptians In Exchange of Weapons

IDF colonel said Hamas is so desperate for replacement weapons, that they aided the ISIS assault last week that killed Egyptian military in Sinai, with the goal of accessing new routes to renew their smuggling.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


Israel accused Hamas on Tuesday of supporting last week’s assaults by Islamic State affiliates on Egyptian forces in the Sinai in the hope of freeing up arms smuggling to the Gaza Strip.

Islamic State-affiliated militants in Sinai – Photo: Reuters

The remarks followed Israeli allegations that Hamas members provided training and medical treatment for the Sinai insurgents, charges dismissed by Hamas as a bid to further fray its troubled ties with Cairo. Continue Reading »

Report: ISIS-linked terrorists in Sinai threaten to attack Eilat “in the coming days”

According to Egyptian media, Islamist terrorist group uses Facebook to gather volunteers for an attack on Israel’s southern ‘vacation city’ “in the coming days.”



Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula linked to the radical Islamic State group reportedly threatened Thursday to strike the port in Israel’s southern city of Eilat “in the coming days,” according to Egyptian media.

ISIS militant – Photo: REUTERS

According reports, the Islamist group Sinai Province, formerly knows as Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, “threatened to strike the Eilat Port, following coordination with Islamic State’s wing in the Gaza Strip.”

“ISIS [Islamic State] will begin operations against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip,” the Egyptian reports added. Continue Reading »

Downing of Egyptian Chopper by Terrorists Corroborates Bennett’s Warning

Video shows Sinai terrorist firing shoulder-launched missile at army helicopter. This scenario is what Israeli airliners may encounter if Judea & Samaria fall into Palestinian hands.

By Gil Ronen


Five Egyptian soldiers were killed when a military helicopter crashed to the ground in the northern Sinai peninsula, near Gaza, on Saturday. While the military said that the soldiers were killed in a helicopter “accident” as they pursued terrorists, the Al Qaeda-inspired Ansar Beit al Maqdis group said its fighters brought down the helicopter with a missile – and have posted a video corroborating the claim.

Helicopter brought down – Screenshot

The video showed a terrorist, whose face was blurred, firing a rocket at the helicopter. Continue Reading »