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‘Gaza Spring’? – Suicide Bombers in Gaza killed 3 Hamas Policemen

Gaza ruling Islamist group declared a state of emergency, mobilizing forces Tuesday night to apprehend suspected son of an Islamic Jihad leader, presumed behind the midnight suicide attacks at separate checkpoints that killed 3 Hamas policemen.

By i24NEWS


The son of a leader of the Islamic Jihad movement is believed to be behind the bombings that killed three Hamas policeman in Gaza City on Tuesday, Palestinian sources told i24NEWS Arabic.

The Gaza Strip’s ruling Islamist group Hamas has declared a state of emergency and mobilized forces on a manhunt to apprehend suspects behind the midnight attack at separate police checkpoints inside the enclave. Continue Reading »

Palestinian propaganda attributes 4 terrorists killed in Gaza explosion to IDF

Four Islamic Jihad terrorists, apparently killed in a ‘work accident,’ try to turn the victims into ‘Shahidim’ [martyrs] by attributing the explosion to the IDF, claiming Israel fired tank shells at a Hamas military post.

By Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun


Four Islamic Jihad terrorists were killed and several other Palestinians were injured Saturday afternoon in an explosion in the southern Gaza Strip, east of Rafah.

The four were likely killed in a work accident, by either an explosive device or a rocket blowing up in their three-wheeled vehicle.

The terrorists’ improvised vehicle – Ynet News (not attributed)

Local residents at the hospital morgue identified the four dead men as members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group. Continue Reading »

Report: Islamic Jihad leader’s massive stroke not assassination attempt

Gaza quickly jumps to deny multiple foreign media reports that Ramadan Shalah, the secretary-general of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who just had to undergo surgery for a massive stroke, was not a victim of poisoning, saying he’s merely suffering from ‘natural illness.’

By Elior Levy


Palestinian Islamic Jihad leader Ramadan Shalah has reportedly suffered a massive stroke and had to undergo surgery in an attempt to save his life, according to Hamas-affiliated media reports Tuesday.

Ramadan Abdullah, the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement visits Iran – Wikimedia

According to the reports, which have not been confirmed, Shalah will not be able to fully return to work. Continue Reading »

IDF Fighter Jets retaliate fiercely after Gaza terrorists launch salvo of mortars on Israel

IDF Spokesperson’s unit reports IAF responding for the 2nd time, after IDF tanks & jets fired on 4 terrorist positions in Gaza earlier in the day, when Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired their first salvo of about 12 mortar shells towards an IDF outpost earlier in the afternoon.



Israel Defense Forces fired on two terrorist positions in the central Gaza Strip with Israel Air Force fighter jets on Thursday in response to mortar fire, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s unit.

Earlier in the day, IDF tanks and aircraft fired towards four positions in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired about 12 mortar shells towards an army outpost earlier in the afternoon. Continue Reading »

IDF recovered bodies of 5 Palestinian terrorists killed in ‘terror tunnel’ blast

A senior IDF official commented last week in a statement that there would be no efforts made by Israel to return the terrorists’ bodies to Gaza until there is progress in talks on the return at least 4 Israelis, including the two deceased soldiers held by Hamas.
• Death toll of dead terrorist from IDF’s terror-tunnel demolition now, 12.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli army revealed on Sunday that it is holding the bodies of five militants killed last week when the Israel destroyed a “terror tunnel” that was burrowed into its territory from Gaza.


Twelve militants, most of whom belonged to the Islamic Jihad group, died when the army blew the tunnel up on October 30, however several more men were unaccounted for. Continue Reading »

World of the absurd: PA accused Israel of killing terrorist in attack-tunnel with poison gas

Praising the terrorists killed by the IDF in a controlled detonation of the discovered attack-tunnel as ‘martyrs’, the Palestinians go on to deflect their violation of Israel’s sovereignty by accusing Israel of using “an internationally forbidden weapon.”

By Gary Willig


Palestinian Authority (PA) officials accused Israel of using poison gas when the IDF destroyed a terror tunnel leading from Gaza into Israel Monday, Palestinian Media Watchreported.

At least seven terrorists from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror organizations, including a senior Islamic Jihad official, were killed when the IDF destroyed the tunnel from the Israeli side, using recently developed technology. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Education Minister: IDF needn’t apologize for killing terrorists who planned massacre

Following the IDF’s statement denying Monday’s terror-tunnel demolition was an intentional assassination, Minister Bennett repudiates ‘apology’: “We must not apologize for the successful elimination of terrorists….who were digging a tunnel into Israel that was intended to kill Israeli women and children.”

By Moran Azulay


Cabinet member and Education Minister Naftali Bennett expressed disapproval over a statement made by the IDF following the deaths of 7 terrorists in the detonation of the terror tunnel on Monday—which denied any intention to kill senior militants in the operation—suggesting it was made as an apology for the incident. “We must not apologize for the successful elimination of terrorists. Continue Reading »

IDF discovers Gaza terror-tunnel, blows it up, 5 terrorists killed, 9 injured, awaiting reprisal


IDF ON ALERT: Shortly after he IDF discovered, then immediately neutralized a Gaza attack-tunnel inside Israel, a grave violation of Israeli sovereignty, the Palestinians reported 5 Gazans killed by the detonation, and at least 9 others wounded.
 – In anticipation of a possible retaliatory rocket-attack from the Islamic Jihad terror movement, IDF redeploys Iron Dome batteries in the area.

By Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun and Matan Tzuri


Palestinians in the Gaza Strip reported Monday afternoon that five people were killed and nine wounded in an IDF explosion of a recently discovered tunnel located near the border fence which had penetrated into Israeli territory. Continue Reading »

Europe looks to Israel for counter-terror surveillance technology


Knowing increased European terror-attacks by Muslims without connections to organized Islamic terror-groups has Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz urging governments work together against radical Islamic terrorism, allowing Israel share intelligence-gathering technologies.

By i24news


A concerned Europe is turning to Israeli-developed technology in the search for ways to identify dangerous domestic militants based on online activity, Reuters reports, citing a senior EU security official.


The challenge of spotting potential dangers has become increasingly difficult as attacks increase by individuals with no contact to any organizations.

Social media and other internet companies are avoiding having to monitor their platforms for materials that could indicate potential danger, arguing that there was simply too much content to manually inspect and interpret, Reuters quoted EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove as saying.”So Continue Reading »

Report: ISIS-linked terrorists in Sinai threaten to attack Eilat “in the coming days”

According to Egyptian media, Islamist terrorist group uses Facebook to gather volunteers for an attack on Israel’s southern ‘vacation city’ “in the coming days.”



Terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula linked to the radical Islamic State group reportedly threatened Thursday to strike the port in Israel’s southern city of Eilat “in the coming days,” according to Egyptian media.

ISIS militant – Photo: REUTERS

According reports, the Islamist group Sinai Province, formerly knows as Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, “threatened to strike the Eilat Port, following coordination with Islamic State’s wing in the Gaza Strip.”

“ISIS [Islamic State] will begin operations against Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip,” the Egyptian reports added. Continue Reading »

Islamic State sends “A letter to France”: ‘Now the real war begins’

In new video entitled “A letter to France”, Islamic jihadists declare: “The fighters of Islamic State are deployed everywhere and now the real war begins.”

By Erez Linn, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


France is still in the crosshairs of the Islamic State: In a new video titled “A letter to France” the radical Islamist group warns it has an expansive network of operatives inside Europe working diligently to carry out more terrorist attacks, similar to those perpetrated in Paris in January.
Continue Reading »

WATCH Israel’s PM: Radical Islamic Terrorism Trying to Destroy Western Civilization


Unlike world leaders that purposely refrain from connecting the terrorist attack in Paris to radical Islam, Israel’s PM Natanyahu says radical Islamic terror knows no boundaries and must be fought across international borders.


Fighting terrorism means physically battling it, as well as rejecting its false claims and not accepting any justification for it, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday in response to the terrorist attack in Paris.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Screenshot

Netanyahu, after sending condolences to the French government and people, said that Israel stands with France at this difficult time. “Two years ago we saw a great intensification of international terrorism, and the source of that terrorism is radical Islam,” Netanyahu said. Continue Reading »

Update: 2 Gazans killed in airstrike while preparing to fire rockets into Israel


According to an updated Palestinian report, 2 Islamic Jihad members were killed & 2 others wounded in the IAF strike in the Beit Hanoun area in the northern Gaza Strip.




The IAF struck a terror cell attempting to fire rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel on Monday.

Israel Air Force F15 I,’Ra’am’ (‘Thunder’) A multipurpose long-range fighter jet, mainly used for attack and interception strikes. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The air strike targeted a rocket launching cell in the final preparations stage before firing at Israel. The IDF said the target had been accurately struck.

Continue Reading »

Somali militants report: Israeli forces attempted to storm Nairobi mall



Explosions & gunfire heard inside mall as crisis enters 3rd day.



Somali Islamist group al Shabaab said on Monday Israeli and Kenyan forces have tried to enter the besieged Nairobi shopping center but we unsuccessful, Reuters reported, citing the group’s spokesman.

Kenyan policemen gathered for briefing at Westgate Shopping Center, September 23, 2013.

Kenyan policemen gathered for briefing at Westgate Shopping Center, September 23, 2013. – Photo: REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

“Israelis and Kenyan forces have tried to enter Westgate (mall) by force but they could not, the mujahideen (fighters) will kill the hostages if the enemies use force,” Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, al Shabaab’s spokesman said in clip posted on www.somalimemo.net.

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Egyptian helicopter-gunship kills & wounds dozens of Islamic militants in Sinai strike

The Egyptian official said the 2 Air Force  gunships fired 13 rockets after surprising 2 different Islamic militant gatherings near the Gaza border.

An Egyptian security official says helicopters have rocketed militant hideouts in the northern Sinai Peninsula, killing and wounding dozens. 

Egyptian Army soldiers patrol in Sinai.

Egyptian Army soldiers patrol in an armored vehicle backed by a helicopter gunship during a sweep through villages in in Sheikh Zuweyid, northern Sinai, Egypt in May. – Photo: AP

The official said the two helicopter gunships fired 13 rockets after surprising militant gatherings on Tuesday in two locations, al-Muqataa and Touma, south of the town of Sheikh Zuweyid near the border with Gaza. Continue Reading »