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Israelis launch undercover mission into Syria: Supplying winter coats to suffering civilians


Israeli Jewish, Druze, & Arab youth groups and aid organizations are covertly sending truck loads of winter supplies to anguishing Syrian civilians.

Israel Today Staff


The harsh winter has been made all the more unbearable for millions of Syrians as a devastating civil war enters its seventh year.

Across the border, Israel is doing all it can without getting too mired in a neighboring state that still officially considers the Jewish state its sworn enemy.

Bags of donated winter gear to be sent to Syrian refugees from Israeli citizens Photo- Youth Federation for Working and Studying

Enemies or not, a growing number of Israelis are determined to engage in private aid missions to augment the medical care being provided by the government and the Israeli army to those Syrians who can reach the border. Continue Reading »

Israelis donate winter cloths & blankets to Syrian refugees


Numerous Israeli youth movements opened 15 collection centers around the country where Israelis can donate winter clothes. The centers, that began their second winter clothes drive this season to assist Syrian refugees struggling to survive the winter, are in Druze, Arab, and Jewish communities.

By Reut Rimmerman


The crisis in Syria hasn’t been ignored by Israel. Various Israeli youth movements, including the Youth Federation for Working and Studying, The Dror Movement, and the committed for the fight against genocide are leading a wide scale operation to collect winter clothes for Syrian refugees.

Israeli youth movements collecting winter clothes for Syrian refugees – Photo: Youth Federation for Working and Studying

The operation, codenamed “Human Warmth,” has opened up 15 collection centers around the country where Israelis can go and donate winter clothes. Continue Reading »

Ignoring all others in Syria, UN organization appeals for donations to assist Palestinians


Unique to only Palestinians, who have their very own UN refugee relief organization, UNRWA seeks $411 million to support only the Syrian ‘Palestinian’ refugees.

By i24news – AFP


The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees on Monday appealed for emergency funds to provide aid to nearly half a million Palestinians affected by the war in Syria.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, said almost all the estimated 450,000 Palestinian refugees still inside Syria are in “critical need” of humanitarian aid in order to survive.

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp - Photo: UNRWA.ORG

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp – Photo: UNRWA.ORG

It said it needed $411 million to support the Palestinians inside Syria as well as 47,000 others who have fled to neighboring Jordan and Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Pro-Arab Israelis to meet ‘Flotilla of Women’ in Med to suggest sailing to Syria with aid


A group of sailors from southern Israel are planning their own flotilla to meet the pro-Hamas flotilla of women as it arrives, “If they want to talk about humanitarianism, they should sail to Syria and not Gaza. Gaza is not lacking for anything.”

By Hezki Baruch


A group of sailors from the South, including some who had been expelled from Gush Katif, are planning a flotilla in reaction to the “Women’s Flotilla” of left-wing activists to depart this week from Barcelona, Spain for Gaza.

The pro-Arab flotilla includes two boats on which hundreds of kilograms of humanitarian aid are packed. Continue Reading »